Friday, October 21, 2011

New Stuff in the Spiral! Has want!

It's been an exciting Hallowe'enfest this month! They've introduced the customize-able housing signs that you can put almost anywhere in your house. There was supposed to be the Panther mount, but I guess that wasn't ready for us just yet. Plus those interactive game maps! By interactive I mean when you hover over a portrait of a character their name pops up and makes it easier for us to see the actual map. Thanks KI!

 On to the BIG news! Earlier this week a new bundle was released, oh yes, I'm talking about the Super Bundle! It comes with the following items: Massive Sun Palace, Giraffe pet, Cheftain attire, Great Hornocerous, Dancing Blade, Additional Castle Space Exlixer, and your choice of either a one month subscription or 5,000 crowns. I have to say the house looks AWESOME! This is, by far, the greatest house. Why? It's beautiful of course! That and it has a Giant Gorilla ;) I took some pictures of the house just to show.

In other news... Kingsisle leaked some pictures to Massively about new content coming soon to Wizard101! AH! I can't wait! Judging from the picture it looks like a world inspired by African culture and scary looking elephant dudes. In the picture there was a secret message which was deciphered by Kathrine Light and Kevin Battleblood. The message was "Down in the Depths". Depths of what I wonder... This might be the homeworld of the Helephants. Do you remember in Grizzlehiem that the Coven used a Helephant as their guard and when you set him free he says that he could return to his home finally? No? Well I remember, I think. How about in the Tower of the Helephant, when the helephant talks about his homeworld of Yago? This world could also be called Empyrea, Weirwood, might be Mirage? So many questions, but I have one answer to all of them. I can't wait to continue the Morganthe storyline and see what Kingsisle has up their sleeve! 


  1. How do you put 2 people on the mount?

  2. You must be in a group with the wizard with a 2 person mount then you must be close enough to press X to get on.