Monday, September 26, 2011

Advanced "Floating": Introduction

Before we start getting our hands dirty in rug maze making and landscape sculpting we need to cover the basics of "Floating". Basically, we need to answer the following questions: 

  • What is 'Floating'?
  • How does it work?
  • What are the common tools for floating?
  • What can you do with Floating? (Examples)

What is 'Floating'?

'Floating' is a glitch in the game that allows you to move and place objects in places that they aren't normally allowed to be in. Some players have taken this to another level by making rug-bridges and pathways going beyond the limits of the house. 'Floating' is key in making your house unique and adds flavor to the average room. 'Floating' is a tool that housing fanatics should learn as it opens up many, many, MANY doors on decorating.

How does it work?
To "float" you must have basic understanding of the mechanics in your house. Some areas in your house you cannot cross or enter even if you float, making it a waste of your time. Basic floating is taking a large or long platform or rug and attaching it to a shorter/smaller rug and moving the small one so that the larger one is moving with it. This is better explained by Kevin Battleblood. Also, if you have something floating up above, and you place an object directly below it, and move the lower object the thing above will most likely move with it.

What are the common tools for 'Floating'?
There are several housing items that I like to call my "tools" for successfully floating an object without any major problems. I'll just list these tools because anything more will be too complicated:

The Crate: I think this is the second best tool for floating upwards. I like to use crates as measurements of height in Wizard101 in the houses. I'd always say "this thing is 3 crates tall" or something like that so I know how many crates I need to reach the top of it. You can use crates to stack on rugs and create an "elevator" to reach to the top of a waterfall or scale a mountain side. Make sure that you do NOT get a "Reinforced Crate" as this will not stack and go together like the others. Always get something that says Crate of _____, except for the Crate of Chickens of course. A little tip for trying to climb upwards is that the climbing limit is 3 crates high. What I mean by this is that if you create a tower of crates with rugs sticking out so you can climb it there can be a maximum of 3 crates in between the rugs, if not then you will not climb up onto the next rug. A picture is worth a thousand words:

The Platforms and Flowers: I like to use these guys for decorating purposes. Who wouldn't want a floating flower trail or a floor completely covered in flowers? I also have grown (see what I did there? :P) to love the Flat Wooden Platform. Sure, it's a glorified watchtower rug, but I like it! It's the biggest float-able item that you can put other items on (at least in my book). To say that these are helpful is an understatement. They are accessible from almost anywhere, they don't cost that much, and they look pretty awesome! You can use wooden platforms for almost every housing job/design you can think of! They are there to help us and just to make it look pretty ;). I have seen some people use these items to build giant fortresses and buildings from scratch, and I think that's pretty amazing.

The Rugs: Now comes the most important tool of them all. RUGS. They are just awesome. They're the very foundation of floating. You must be able to attach the rug onto something and move the smaller rug. You can do almost ANYTHING with rugs, it's mind blowing. There's not much to say or I would be repeating myself over and over. Also, check out Kevin Battleblood's blog for more info on "shadowing" and how to retrieve stray rugs.

What can you do with 'Floating'?

Here are some examples:

Please comment if you have any questions, or concerns on how to build/float something and I'll try to answer you as fast as possible!


  1. Nice post Angel! Wanna talk about this sometime? I really like your designs. I know how to do really complicated ones but some I have trouble with so maybe you could help :)

  2. i have seen some pretty awesome stuff in my days but i know how to do all those things what i am trying to find out is how to make the flat wooden platforms be on the same lvl in the air my freinds on wizzy have done it but they refuse to tell me how to do it and i really want to know cause that is the only thing i want to know how to do yet. if you could help me with this that would be great. here is my blog i haven't been on it in a long time just leave the comment on their to get to me fastest thx if can help