Friday, September 23, 2011

My Spiral Mission: Protector of the Lore [Chapter 9]

New Home

“The what!?” He yelled wide-eyed staring disbelievingly at Angel while the older man just chuckled and patted Jeremy’s shoulder.
  “You heard right, I don’t think I need to repeat myself,” Angel said, walking out of the room and signaled Jeremy to follow him.

                “Hey Gramps,” Matt shouted “I’m going to be in the lunch room with the rest, okay?” Angel looked at his grandson before giving a nod and a slight smirk.

                Jeremy and Angel just stood there in silence with the occasional sound of shooting stars and machine work.  Jeremy, still looking around the space like building around him before his focus went back to the silver haired man standing right next to him. “Why am I here?” he finally blurted out. Angel casually turned his head to look at Jeremy, he noticed the anxiety and worry in his eyes. Angel closed his eyes and took a deep breath and when he exhaled a few snowflakes and some glowing sparkles flew out. He looked back at Jeremy before running a hand through his silver hair trying to think of where to start. Although Angel is 168 years old he still looks and acts like young adult.  

“Well,” Angel started “Central City was attacked…” he looked at Jeremy with a serious face waiting for his reaction. No, no, my friends, my teachers…. my home was all that rang through his head. Jeremy stepped a few feet backwards as he gaped at Angel, his legs threatening to give from shock. He backed into the wall with a small gasp and slid down it and sat pulling his legs towards his chest. He could feel his whole body shaking while memories with his friends and his home were flashing before his eyes and thinking how all that could be taken away from him.

                “Jeremy?” …. “Jeremy!”  … “It’s ok Jeremy, your friends are safe.” He crouched down beside Jeremy.

“How do you know!” Jeremy growled and shot him glare.

“Trust me,”  He gave a warm smile that a father would give to his loving son and put a hand on his shoulder.

“W-what about t-the others?” Jeremy asked looking away.

“We’ve gotten the report that the Union Army has rescued most of their citizens from harm’s way.”

“So,” he started “who or what attacked Central City?”

“We don’t really know, they were covered with some sort of shadow cloak. They gave the appearance of black smoke clouds or something.”


“Yea, it was weir- oh hey Piggly, hey Chico!” Angel yelled as two people approached them. One was a very short man wearing a white lab coat and silver mop top haircut. What was weird about him is he had orange knee socks. The other was a little taller and he had a gray human suit thing with a red shirt on the inside. The one with the gray suit a pig snout- WHAT?- Jeremy stared at the pig snout for what seemed like 10 minutes.

“Uh, why is he staring at me Angel?” Jeremy snapped out of his daze and looked at Angel. “Nevermind- you called?”

“Thanks for coming guys,” Angel grinned “I need one of you to be his partner in the P.E.T. program.”

“What’s the P.E.T. program?” Jeremy asked.

“It’s the Psyche Extension Terminal program. Basically, you will be like a partner and you can speak telepathically and stuff.” Angel explained.

“Oh, I get it… sort of” Angel sighed and took out something that looked like a muffin. “Where did you get the muffin?”

“Muffin? What are you talking about this is an ‘ugly cupcake’. Anyways,” Angel took a bite out of it ,”Piggly, can you be his PET?”

“Ok, Angel!” Piggly snorted and snapped his fingers. He flashed and turned into a little Piggle. Jeremy went wide-eyed before uttering “awesomeness!”  and Piggly landed on his shoulder. Jeremy, can ya hear me now? Jeremy nodded a little freaked out by having a flying piece of ham talk to him telepathically but it was cool.

“Now that we’ve got that settled let’s go to the lunch room I’m starving!” Angel yelled and they all dashed towards the giant building. Once they opened the giant doors they were filled with a very mouthwatering aroma.

“Mmmm, what’s cooking.” Jeremy asked while Angel just simply answered, “popcorn.”

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