Monday, April 4, 2011

My Spiral Mission: Protector of the Lore [Chapter 2 part one]

Chapter 2: part one
Over the bridge and through the Commons

As I stepped out of the library I looked up and saw the beauty of the sky and the evergreen trees of the lush Commons.  As I pass the entrance of the Pet Pavilion I can hear Old Mr. Barker up to his old tricks and giving the new players the Worms-in-a-can toy that the Headmaster gave him.  I got off the bridge and I dashed for the Headmaster’s house when I tripped on an old box laying on the road. “What the heck?” I murmured while looking at the box and where it came from. There was an old wheel cart stand thing just off the side of the road. It was completely empty except for a doll and a sign that said “Zeke & Eloise’s Spiral Goodies.” I examined the sign and tried to remember who Zeke or Eloise was. I stood there for 5 minutes and just gave up and walked to the Headmaster’s house, I didn’t want to trip over something again. I finally reached the steps of the Headmaster’s house when a cold wind picked up. The hair on the back of my neck stood up, I shivered as the tingling feeling swept throughout my entire body and for a split second I could see my breath. As I froze there I could hear a faint whisper “Careful… In there…” Then all of sudden it stopped, back to the normal warmth of Central city. I looked around and I didn’t see any Ice wizard at all nearby, they were all helping the Wintertusk Glacier meltings. I took a deep breath, and entered the Headmaster’s house, still with that warning given to me.

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