Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Globe PvP Party!

If you can read this sentence then you are invited to The Globe PvP Party!

When: January 14th 2012!

Where: The Globe

Port bus info and time: 
Look for Angel Fireheart in the Life tower on Phoenix realm, area 1.
Port bus will be there from 5:45pm - 6:00pm.
Please contact me through Twitter or in-game if you need a pick up after the time posted.
Times above are in EST.

IMPORTANT! Before you go to The Globe there are some little details and rules that you might want to know.

1.) When you arrive at The Globe (once you teleport in) please wait until you have loaded everything in it so you do not accidentally get stuck in something.

2.) In addition to Rule 1, please dismount(unequip your mount) once you arrive at The Globe. This reduces lag for all of us, plus it might block the view of others.

3.) Please refrain from staying inside the battle circle once a battle has started. If you happen to teleport to your friend while he/she is in a battle please use the teleporter that is there to go to the viewing area.

4.) No foul/inappropriate language and no harassing other players is EVER allowed in this party, much less in Wizard101.

Must know:
- This teleporter will take you to the Lobby. It can be accessed from both outside and inside The Globe. After a battle is finished use this teleporter if you want to join the next battle.The port bus on most occasions will drop you off outside The Globe by the Spiral Door. Once inside The Globe there is no way to get to the Spiral door.

- This is the Lobby section of The Globe. Here all wizards will be transported to when you go through the entrance. The Blue portal will take you to the viewing area to watch matches. The Yellow portal will immediately take you into the duel. When a match is being played the portal to the arena will be closed so we do not have random people in the arena section. When a match ends you must wait in the Lobby for a 30-50 second "recharge" period. During this time you can check your treasure cards, gear, pets, and be ready to fight! After the "recharge" period is over I will unlock the portal to the arena. This ensures that the teams are set at random.

-This is the interior of The Globe. The Blue teleporter in the Lobby will teleport you to the second floor balcony of the viewing area. From the balcony you can use the rugs on either side to view the matches in first person by using the walls of The Globe has headboards. If you wish to view at ground level you can just hop off the rugs. Under the balcony is where the entrance teleporter is if you want to go to the Lobby. Word of caution: When Bartleby comes out you will have a "Tree in Face" moment.

That's all! I hope to see you there!


  1. That looks very fun! I especially like the viewing area. I'm definitely going to try and go!