Sunday, January 22, 2012

Level 78 Spell Ideas!

Was just having some fun thinking about what our new spells should be. I think they're ok, but some might be overpowered but you are using 10 pips to use them so shouldn't they be powerful?

For Fire I want them to get a single hit DoT similar to Basilisk without the stun, but adding two smokecreens.

For Myth I think it's time they get a strong AoE. This spell is basically an Orthrus but on everyone plus a stun!

For Life I think they should another heal spell but this time one similar to the Life Bat spell.

I don't know about you but Death really needs a stronger AoE, and throw in a plague!

Since Kingsisle introduced the Spirit version of Hydra, Chimera, I think Balance should get a something along the lines of Spectral Blast a la Spirit! 1050 heal, 890 drain, or 970 myth damage plus stun! Finally Balance gets a stun, and 2 ways to heal themselves!

For Ice I think just a stronger Wooly Mammoth is needed, but this time it steals 2 positive wards (shields) from the opponent!

Since Storm got an AoE at 68 now they need get a single hit at 78. Volt Cannon is a combination of Thunder Bird and a single hit Storm Lord. 1180 damage? Ouch.

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  1. The ideas are good, but death needs an attack all enemies spell in my opinoin. Also I think that life should get an attack spell that hurts an enemy ( or all) and then five some kind of healing to everyone. Last but not least there already are two salamander spells, that might want to be reconsidered. Again they are good ideas, but it takes the right amount of damage and the right style idea to make a pleasing spell.