Monday, March 7, 2011

March... Spring... Finally!?!

Sorry I've been kind of procrastinating on the blog posts lol, I can tell you that Piggly is forcing me to do this. So I'll just go through the pictures :)

I think this was at Fallon's Inaugural(I hope I spelled that right). It was a blast as you can see we were all getting warmed up.

We were all lined up for some dance lessons, again. Sadly I have two left feet so :\.

After the first few lessons we headed to the commons  to show off our skills I was kind of nervous and in the corner they were giving out mounts for cards so I had to look and check it out, while Allan was jumping on Piggly.

More dancing while I was smacking myself in the face with my wand.

After the party we transformed into gobblers and did some 4v4 rank Team Perfect Catch (TPC) and FrostFlame (FF) seperated into their own groups but eventually we ended up facing each other, again! Lol Congratz on Commander Fallon! :)
You can see the video from KBB's channel here.

My baby death which is now Ice hehe, planning to do some low level PvP. It's more challenging than Legendary pvp so I'm looking foward to it.

Cass, Kelsey, Diana, Jasmine and I believe Dee, were harassing Egor aka baby Cass lol.

Piggly getting in Icywiz's cannon for some reason he didn't feel safe in the house O_o guess it was that torture room..

I finally made it to that Central party! All hail the Jello lord!

Pretty wild and mad if you ask me, everyone was stalking the Moderators that were there.

Got to hang out with Paige, being her body guard! oh yea! And yet, people were calling her name left and right, even I was getting annoyed lol.

Thanks for the awesome week everyone had a blast!


  1. ^_^ I find it funny that I am in almost everyone picture before the party ones XD

  2. Yes that was me on Bri staring at the imposter Cass.