Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Spiral Mission: Protector of the Lore


I remember sitting on the lawn of my best friend’s grandfather. I remember sitting next to Matt while his grandfather, Angel, was telling his stories to us while his wife Trinity was sowing another scarf for him. His stories always made me wonder what else was there in the Spiral. Although I haven’t been outside of Central city or the Glacial plains where Angel’s fjord is, I can imagine the other worlds of the Spiral like I’ve been there before. 
In Angel’s stories, he would always tell us about his adventures in the Spiral, how he defeated Malistaire and the down fall of Morganthe, 150 years ago. One day I asked him how was he able to survive that long and he calmly said “Morganthe was planning to cast a forbidden spell, the spell of immortality, it is forbidden because you need the maple sap of the grandfather tree, Bartleby. Morganthe cut off a branch from the great tree and thus a thread of the spiral was lost and we lost the home world of the Yousurians. Only few Yousurians are left today, their ancient home world lost forever, the others have joined the Union army or the Knights. The Yousurians leader was never known, only that of the high council knew of her identity, all that we know is that the initials of the Yousurian leader was F.S. Her army of wizards were very powerful and wise.” This was the last I heard from Angel since my mother sent me to Central city, which is the home to the Union army. The Union army is ruthless, and they show no mercy to those who resist their hold on the Spiral. I just hope one day I can travel the Spiral just like Angel but that day is far very far….

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