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Update Notes

The Adventure Continues!

Students who are level 80 and have completed the quest "Lost Lieutenant" from Sergeant Muldoon in Wizard City will be asked to talk to Kirby Longspear about the mysterious keys found at Briskbreeze Tower! Kirby will ask you to speak with Alhazerd for the quest "The Dark Portal" to be able to enter the difficult gauntlet that only the most skilled wizard can hope to complete: The Umbra Rift. The rewards for completing such a dungeon is greater that any young wizard can imagine! Can you stand up to the challenge?

Spells you say?

Students who reach level 70 and have completed the Tower of the Helephant will be asked to return to Wysteria to learn new spells from the professors there! Speak with Belladonna Crisp for your enrollment and to receive one of the new spells! However you can only learn your own school spells (Ice wizards can only learn from the Frost school.)

These new spells from Pigswick Academy are a new type of spell: Halos. 
Halo spells hover above the caster and can only be used on yourself. Much like the star school spells you can only have one halo spell on at a time and if you cast another halo it removes the previous one. Halo spells are not permanent and they last only for five rounds. However, once you do the specific action indicated on the card the halo is removed. For example, the halo Mega Drain will enhance a drain spell so instead of turning 50% of the damage dealt to health it turns 75% of the damage to health for the next drain spell cast. Once you use a drain spell Mega Drain dissipates much like a blade.

These new spells include:
Extinguish, 2 pips, Moon school.
Received from completing the enrollment quest from Belladonna Crisp.
Removes a Halo effect from a target.

Mega Drain, 3 pips, Death school.
Received from completing the quest from Edna Fuligin in the School of Spirit.
Receive 75% of health back from the next drain spell.

Burn, 4 pips, Fire school.
Received from completing the quest from Anhku in the School of Ember.
Adds another round to your next damage over time spell.

Reflection, 5 pips, Ice school.
Received from completing the quest from Quentin Burble in the School of Frost.
Reflects 50% of the damage taken to the attacker.

Double Take, 4 pips, Life school.
Received from completing the quest from Chester Droors in the School of Earth.
40% of the next heal cast will be put as an absorb.

Ricochet, 3 pips, Storm school.
Recieved from completing the quest from Thaddeus Price in the School of Tempest
The next incoming damage will be shared with a random team member. (Half and half)

Split Image, 5 pips, Myth school.
Received from completing the quest from Heironiumus Bunch in the School of Chaos.
Summons another minion with the next minion cast.

Reduction, 4 pips, Balance school.
Received from completing the quest from Velma Pepper in the School of Equilibrium.
Lowers the pips cost of the next spell cast by 3.

Dueling Revised!

We have listened to our players and have changed some aspects in the PvP system.
-Ranks of players and their win-loss ratio have been reset to introduce the new PvP system.
-Your 'Arena Gear' stats will now depend on what level you are, so a Magus will not have the same stats as a Grandmaster wizard.
-A new Rank has been introduced - Will you be the first wizard to achieve the rank of War General?
-New PvP Only Gear have been introduced for all ranks and for all levels.
-The turn system has been changed in the dueling ring as players have requested so there should no longer be a "First turn advantage"
-New vendors outside the Arena in Unicorn way have been placed for all of your dueling needs.
-New "PvP Only" spells have been given to Diego the Duelmaster to teach only skilled wizards.
-Players who have fled or run out of cards will no longer receive tickets from that duel.
-Players who have fled will have to wait 15 minutes instead of the previous 5 minutes.
-When players join a random ranked match they will be paired up with someone who is in their level range.(1-5, 6-10, 11-15, 16-20...) However, the longer the wait the more that level range increases.
-Players who defeat someone is 10 levels greater will now receive bonus rank points.
-A new style of play has been given as an option for duelists in the Ranked Arena: Tournament. 
Tournaments work when the required amount of wizards have signed up and are ready to go. They will then be transported to a room and the matches will randomly be selected. Once the match is over the winner will be transported back into the room while the other will be transported back into the arena lobby. The winner will wait until their next opponent is ready and is back into the tournament room after their match. The winner of a tournament will receive 200 arena tickets and gain 80 rank points. The amount of players needed to start a tournament is 16. At the moment the only tournaments available are only for 1v1.

Rise Minions!

Minions are now updated to their fullest potential with a new mechanic to the game.
-A new minion interface is now available when you obtain a minion spell from training.
With the new minion interface you can personally select which cards your minion can use.
Every 10 levels after you obtain your minion you will receive an ability point which you can spend on minion trainers located in Wysteria and Grizzleheim that will teach your minion new spells. Also with the ability point your minion will gain a rank which adds more health and access to more cards that it can learn. For example, a Pyromancer who just received their Fire Elemental will only need 2 pips to cast their minion while an Archmage Pyromancer will need 6 pips. Death and Myth wizards will have a similar interface but will have options for each of their different minions.
This new interface does not include the treasure card version of minions.

Housing Updates

-The Wysteria Villa is now available in the Crown Shop
-The Avalonian Fortress is now available as a crafting recipe from Padraig in Abbey Road.
-New Furniture items have been added as drops from monsters from the worlds of Wysteria, Zafaria, and Avalon.
-Players who are at a home with a dueling circle and are playing in PvP will no longer be counted a player when a tag game starts.
-Banks can now be moved throughout the inside of the home but cannot be picked up.
-Furniture items for pets are now sold in the Pet Pavilion.
-A new Bazaar Kiosk is now available in the Crown Shop for those who want to shop in the comfort of their home.

Spell Updates

-Guardian Spirit will now be considered a Halo spell and the effect has been raised to 25% and only lasts for 5 rounds.
-Mana Burn has been fixed and players who do not have the pips to cast their spell can no longer cast it after they have been affected by Mana Burn.
-New Polymorphs have been added to the worlds of Zafaria and Avalon.
Quest Updates

-The drop of rates from collect quests have been increased slightly so players no longer have to spend countless battles to obtain them.
-Your Main Storyline quests now have a green star next to them in your Quest Journal so you can keep better track of them.

Gardening Updates

-A new plant, The Zaptorling, is now available in the Crown Shop and has a very high chance of getting Amber, Vine, or Braided Vine at Elder.
-Some plants now respond to some pets that are nearby. 
-Some plant spells have had their price reduced.

Misc Updates

-The Mega Snack Pack now has been reduced to 2,000 crowns
-Wizards now have the option to dance like their pet from the Menu chat.
-The Selfish talents on the 78 School pets have now been removed and replaced with better talents.
-Clones should no longer appear with huge names.
-Some First generation pets can now be sold at the Bazaar and will be converted back to an Egg. More information on First Generation pets can be found on our fansites.

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