Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mount Week!

Woo! Oh yea! It's Mount Week! Which means everyone gets  a chance at a shiny new Mount!

Unfortunately they can't be as awesome as this. :(
BUT they come pretty close! With the new Sunshine and Starshine Ponies, Moonlight Ponies and just a whole mess of cool and awesome mounts. With all these contests on mounts I'm thinking that they will finally bring Mount Racing or something that has to do with mounts as something special. If you want a shiny new mount from one of the many contests out there in the community just go look at the Blog Shopping list HERE and it'll take you to all the Mount contests in the Spiral. Good luck and Enjoy!
And yes these contests are rated rawr.
When I found out about the Sunshine pony... Well let's just say I went a little something like Mittens over here.

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