Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Wizard101 Community

I've noticed that I haven't been posting actual "blog posts" in awhile, just chapters of my story. Well, I want to change that. Starting now I want to do more blog posts instead of just chapters or housing parties. I think it's time I've shared my opinion on things since isn't that what blog posts are about? I think I'll start on the topic of the Wizard101 Community. Pros, cons, and everything in between. If you don't agree with my views leave a comment or if you have something you want to add do that too. I'll try to keep this blog post as brief and short as possible but I make no promises as I'm just typing and as the thoughts appear in my head because I feel that's when people get their true intentions across and they don't have to edit on what they say.

First, what is the wizard101 community? I entered this community August 2009. I had no idea what it was or what I was supposed to do. So, I just did everything that caught my eye. I still do that today. When I first started out many people didn't know who I was and some didn't like me because I was new to the outside world of wizard101 and I was ok with that. I wasn't going to force them to like me or do things my way. I'm just not like that.  Sure, I have bad days when all I want to do is turn off my friends list so housing or PvP. Or when I have a headache, or just plain exhausted when I come out rude but I really don't mean it. Most of the wizards that know me, know that I'm pretty easy going and have an open mind about almost everything. Anyways, back on to the community. This community is one of the best gaming communities I have seen. Why is that? Well, almost everyone is open minded, friendly, respectful, and the fact that everyone is differnt and not mindless followers makes it a fun community. I'm not talking about just Twitter, or Central, or Youtube. I'm talking about the ENTIRE Wizard101 Community outside the actual game as a whole. It's wonderful how you can post that you need help and seconds later another wizards responds saying they would be glad to help you on your quest or to farm for gear. It's a great feeling when you write a guide or a post that helps several people understand the game better. It's awesome when you host a party and you make new friends and PvP all night long! That's what I see the Wizard101 Community as.

However, too much of a good thing is a bad thing. I know this topic isn't one that I should bring up, but I feel as if I have to. It wouldn't be right if I just talked about the good things and not the bad ones. First of all, nobody is perfect, that's true. I've had my arguments with a fair share of wizards who only wanted fame, and free stuff. No, we weren't yelling at each other. It was a reasonable conversation, and no feelings were hurt in the end. Feeling as if you HAVE to receive an item from someone else just because you did a few things here and there is not right. The one's who receive the items either earned them or won in a contest. That's as far as I'm going into that topic of feeling that you deserve an item.

Anyways, the next thing is hating/bullying. I know this is a very sensitive topic, but this needs to be said. I've seen some bullying being done and frankly I do not like it. Sure, you can post whatever you want on a social network but attacking others and swearing at the top of your lungs is not right, and much less "cool". No one should have to be put down by anyone. I don't care who you are, you don't have the right to make other people feel worthless. "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." If you feel that someone is attack or threatening you just block them and continue on your merry way. Trying to find a sense of justice is not the road to take. I know some don't role that way because that's not the way they've been raised but trust me, "if you fight fire with fire both of you are going to get burned". If you feel that you can have a sophisticated conversation with said person then take it to private messages and solve the problem there. No one wants to see two wizards from a good community fight or a whole group of wizards battling it out on a forum/social network. What's worse is when you gang up on someone that they thought was right. If they were just trying to express what they think is right then don't try to change that. Unless it is against the rules of KingsIsle or against the Law then leave them be. However, if you are on another site owned by someone else you have to abide by their rules. If you want to use the resources of another wizard's site then you must follow their rules. Simple as that. They do not have to give you important info or let you enter their contests if you don't follow the rules.

My last and final point of the cons of the Wizard101 Community is when wizards throw up the "I Quit!" flag. Again, I have no intention of offending anyone, just the things that I have noticed. When someone throws up the "I Quit!" flag it sends alarms throughout the entire circle of whatever site you are using. Sure, when time is good and ready people need to quit playing Wizard101 to get back to their real lives, I get that. What I don't get is when wizards are having a hard time and just suddenly quitting because of it. Then, a few days later they are back. They caused a bunch of hullabaloo for nothing. It bothers me to see people cause such ruckus and return back with praises and open arm when all they really wanted is pity and attention. Again, not trying to offend anyone, just speaking in general throughout the community as a whole. But, if I don't say it, who will?

Anyways, enough with the negatives. I think it's time to focus on the future of the Wizard101 community. What I want to see in the future is one big happy wizard family. Where EVERYONE is connected and not separated and hating on other fan sites. Like Abraham Lincoln said: "A house divided against itself cannot stand". That is what we should follow. Competition is healthy, but once it gets to our head that's when you have to step back and think about what you're doing. I recently joined The Petnome Team, but I still am an avid poster on Wizard101 Central, a frequent tweeter on Twitter, and support the Wizard101 videos on Youtube that aren't about hacking or cheating the game. I know most of you do the same. Why not just stop the fighting and join together and form one community? I don't mean go all on one site. No, that won't help at all. What I mean is for us wizards to support each other on whatever we do as long as it goes with the game rules and the rules of the fan sites when we are on them. I guess that it might be awhile for this to come true, but never lose hope right?

Thanks for reading this pretty long post and I hope I didn't waste much of your time. This is a great wizard101 community, and for those who say otherwise have no idea what they are talking about.

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  1. Yes! Playing the "I quit" card is getting very old. There are other more positive ways of getting attention, and getting people talking. Then it really bothers me when the people who are "quitting" say things like: We made this community great, and now look what we've become...

    Excuse me, but when you've been in the community as long as you and I have, you can see that we are all people. We all have communication issues and we all work them out. It's a cycle. You did not create this community so please don't act like you did whilst you are giving me a headache about it. That really bothers me.

    But I think one of the really bad things that can happen when someone throws the "quit" card, is other people (from the outside) pressuring the person to stay, and pressuring a reconciliation. It's like covering up a zit. True you can't see it anymore, but underneath there is still a well of bad feelings and other junk. So I think it's the job of people like you and me, who generally stay impartial in quibbles, to let things take their natural course. I mean, if you see a little kid on the street, and their having a temper tantrum, you may not like it (they can be very disruptive to the point where you think you could handle the situation better than the parents are, that kid is really loud!) but you still let the parents take care of their own kid. It's rude and totally unacceptable to do anything else. EVEN if you just want to help.

    -- Heather