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My Spiral Mission: Protector of the Lore [Chapter 20]

The Truth


“Angel, you’ve got to learn to let them handle things. How are they going to learn about what it takes to be a Hatake if you keep babying them and holding their hand through everything?” Cassandra Dragonheart chimed in. Angel slowly put down his bag and stared at the ground thinking how he has treated them about the whole thing. Heck, even Jeremy doesn’t know that he is the Life Hatake. How will he explain that to him?

“I guess you’re right…” Angel sighed.

“Good. Now let’s get you some popcorn and maybe some ugly muffins?” Hexythorn suggested.

“Yeah, I’d like that,” Angel nodded and grinned.

“Ok. Now let’s head to the council room. We have a meeting with RettSej,” Autumn informed him. Angel nodded and they walked towards the council room. Once they entered the council room they saw that all the other council members were there. They sat down in their respected seats and looked at each other. Kevin cleared his throat and entered the key code to start the conversation with RettSej. The hologram flickered and RettSej’s image appeared in the middle of the table.

“I was waiting for your call,” RettSej stated clearly not pleased by the wait.

“Sorry, I just got here,” Angel apologized.
RettSej grunted and continued, “Angel already told me what happened at the Arena. Is there any information that could help us figure out how to capture the ones who hired the generals?”

“If I may,” Angel began, “I would like the files on the current Hatakes and their locations that Central city has.”

“Absolutely not,”RettSej denied.

“But, with that information we could possibly inform them on the situation that has happened and maybe whatever is happening with the shadows could also be linked to whoever is after the Hatakes,” Angel argued.

“That information is confidential. The identity and location of the current Hatakes is very sensitive information.”

“Fine. I only wanted to know about one,” Angel replied.

“Which one would that be?” RettSej asked.

“The only one strong enough to summon several minions like Malistaire, and is strong enough to control Astral Magic like Morganthe,” Angel answered, “the Death Hatake.”

“You can’t possible think that a Hatake is behind this. Why would they come after their own?” RettSej questioned.

“I know it doesn’t make much sense, but the Death Hatake is the only one capable of doing all this when you think about it.”

“Angel, are you sure?” Kevin asked. The others quickly looked at Angel. Angel sighed and answered ‘yes’. RettSej cleared his throat and ordered Aivil to fetch him the Death Hatake’s file. Aivil came back almost a minute later and handed a silver and black file to RettSej. He opened it and started reading it.

“His name is Blaze Titanthorn. It says he excels in strategizing, and team work. However, according to our files it doesn’t look like he is the leadership type for large scale missions,” RettSej summarized from the file, “which makes it even less likely that he is behind this.”

“Does it say anything else?” Angel asked.

“Only that he trained in Colossal before Astral magic was banned,”RettSej answered. Angel looked towards the rest of the council showing worry all over his face. “Is there something wrong?” RettSej questioned.

“Yes, there is… During our investigations we found that the Life Hatake was attacked with a poison spell that was enchanted with Colossal…” Autumn answered There was a long pause until Angel stood up and made his way towards the exit.

“Where are you going?” Katherine asked. Angel looked back while a freezing chill was being released through every cell of his body.

“They’re in trouble. I can sense it,” with that he left the room. The others looked at one another.

“I’m going too. If Matt and Jeremy are in trouble that means so is Alric,” Alura stood up and made her way to the exit but stopped and turned towards Katherine. “Kat, can you join us? We might need a healer.”

“Sure,” Katherine Light answered, and followed Alura and Angel to where Matt and Jeremy’s “mission” was located.

He felt pain all over his body. He opened his eyes and was staring at a ceiling. The same ceiling from the first time he woke up here. He knew he was in the infirmary. He looked towards the left and he could see a wizard working on some medicine. He tried to sit only to find that his whole body was sore and he hissed loud enough that only the other wizard heard.

“No, no. Jeremy, you need to rest.” Diana Wildheart gently pushed Jeremy so he was lying down again.

“What happened?” He asked in a soft voice.

“Um… Nothing you need to worry about,” Diana smiled, but he knew that she was faking it so he didn’t press the issue any further. He just looked back at the ceiling before he fell asleep again.

When he woke up again the room was quiet and he didn’t feel any pain. Jeremy sat up without feeling sore and noticed that no one was there anymore. He let out a sigh of relief, and ran a hand through his hair but he felt something hard when he did. He quickly found there were two strange objects, but when he tried to pull it out he couldn’t. He ran to the mirror and tried to separate his hair to get a good look at the things. His eyes widened, and let out a yell when he saw that he had horns growing out of his head. He kept trying to pull the horns out but they wouldn’t budge when Diana walked in and looked directly at him.

“Jeremy you should be resting,” She told him.

“What?... Did you know that I had horns growing out of my head!?” He asked her looking back at the mirror.

“Yes,” She answered.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“The Council told me not to say anything about what happened in Zafaria..”

“Zafaria?” Jeremy questioned. Then, all of the events that happened flashed before his eyes. The flower, the boat ride, being attacked by weird looking creatures, Lord Raidon’s tomb, Matt and Blaze… and Alric. “Is professor Ravensinger ok?” He asked her.

“Alric? Yes, he’s fine. Angel, Katherine, and Alura brought both of you here, but his injuries weren’t as severe.” Jeremy thought it over and sighed.

“Guess I’ll just go back to sleep…” He went to his bed to lie down on his side facing away from Diana and he waited. It must have been an hour or so before Diana finally left. He quickly got up and searched the wardrobe for something to cover him up so no one recognized him. He found a dark green cloak and put it on. He opened the door and peeked out making sure no one was outside, and then Jeremy walked towards the main building at the Twi-star observatory as normal as possible. He needed some questions answered and he knew that the council could give him the answers he wanted. He entered the building and noticed something he hadn’t before. There were four hallways all going in a different directions and he didn’t even know which one the council room was in. He just tried his luck with one of them and started walking.

It must have felt like forever before he spotted Angel talking with Diana a few yards away. He didn’t look happy as Diana was telling him something. He heard Angel give a thank you and he started walking away. Jeremy decided to follow Angel since he knew he was in the council. Finally Angel entered a room and Jeremy almost jogged to the two big doors in which Angel just entered. He opened the door just a crack only enough to see the back of Angel’s chair and the face of a wizard that looked familiar sitting on the opposite side of Angel.

“What did Diana say?” He heard a voice say that sounded like Professor Autumn Fireblade.

“She said that Jeremy woke up twice. The second time he noticed the horns,” Angel informed them.

“So, what do we do now?” Alric asked.

“We should tell him the truth,” Fallon said.

“No, not yet,” Angel said to her.

“Angel, he needs to know now more than ever. He needs to know that he is the Life Hatake,” Kevin agreed with the others. Jeremy’s eyes almost popped out of his head, and he was frozen stiff. Me? Life Hatake? That’s… That’s not possible. His mind flashed every event where people were whispering, looking at him, and how some were keeping secrets from him.

“Ok, and how will I explain to him how Lord Raidon’s spirit entered his body?” Angel questioned his friends. WHAT!?! Jeremy went to feel the horns growing out of his head while he remembered the huge bust of a Forest Lord in Lord Raidon’s tomb. Now his heart was racing and his hands were shaking a little trying to keep as quiet as possible.

“We don’t need to tell him that until we know how that happened,” Cassandra Dragonheart answered.

“I’ll look into it. What about Matt…?” Alric asked Angel. Angel looked at him then sighed and answered him.

“I’ll take care of it. In the meantime, we need to be on our guard.  Since I’m no longer a Hatake I can’t be of any use to you all.”

“Angel, don’t say that,” Hexythorn began. “You don’t need to be a Hatake to be of help.” Angel smiled and thanked all of them. Jeremy heard some mumbling from the council about current problems with the popcorn shortage and he turned to the side thinking. It finally made sense to him. That dream that he had about his mother… it wasn’t a dream then.

“Jeremy? Is that you?” He looked up to see Diana walking towards him a few yards away and he heard commotion from inside the room and saw them looking at him. Before he knew it he ran. He ran until he found himself in front of the Spiral door. He looked back only once and saw Angel running towards him before he opened the Spiral door as quick as he could and slammed it shut.

“Do you think he heard?” Fallon asked.

“If he did then we’re in big trouble…” Angel answered her.

He chuckled menacingly and folded his hands behind his head “All is going according to plan…” He looked up to Matt, “Go get him.” Matt nodded and vanished in a puff of smoke and snowflakes.

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