Friday, November 11, 2011

My Spiral Mission: Protector of the Lore [Chapter 13]

The Note

“What class is next?” Alyssa asked.

The group stopped abruptly causing the other wizards walking behind them to grumble as they passed by them. Caroline, Mary, and Sierra mischievously giggled and gave each other a high five.

“It says ‘Weapons Mastery’ with Professor FireBlade.” Aaron shrugged.

“What are you all doing here?”

They all turned around to find Angel walking towards them with another person beside him.

“Hey Angel!” Jeremy greeted, “we’re just going to class.”

“Class?” Angel questioned while glancing at his grandson, Matt. The person beside Angel whispered something into his ear that the kids couldn’t 
understand much less hear, Angel nodded, and looked back at Matt.

“Well, haha,” Matt laughed nervously, “I think I forgot my wand in my room. I’ll see you guys later!” He was about the speed walk away when Angel spoke.

“Oh, and Matthew.” Angel called to him.

“Y-yes grandpa?” He hated when Angel called him that.

“I’d like to have a word with you after you’re done with your class.” He put emphasis on the last word.

“Ok.” He answered and walked away. Angel mumbled something under his breath and directed his attention at the group of young adults staring at him. 
He gave a warm smile, and reached into the pockets of his robe to pull out a note wrapped in a blue ribbon.

“Hey, Jeremy can you give this to Professor FireBlade? It’s kind of important.” He handed Jeremy the note, and Jeremy put it in his pocket.

“Sure. Angel can I ask-” by the time he looked back up Angel was gone. “Ugh I hate when he disappears like that.”

“Who was that guy that he was talking to?” Alexis asked.

“I don’t know. He looked kinda weird.” Sierra answered.

“You think everyone is weird, Hermana.” Blake scoffed.

“Hush you!” Sierra smacked his arm.

“Woman!” Blake yelled.

“Uh guys, I think rather than beating each other to a pulp we should get to class before Ms. FireBlade slices us,” Aaron interjected. Most of them nodded while Blake huffed a “fine”. They kept walking through the hall trying to remember the numbers above the doors. After a few minutes of searching they finally came up to the door of classroom 16E. They opened the door to find that there was someone sitting at the teacher’s desk reading a book. They entered the class which was adorned with swords, wands, shields, hammers, and any weapon you can think of. The supposed teacher looked up from her reading with a puzzled look.

“May I help you?” The woman asked, closing her book.

“Uh… Ms. FireBlade?” One of them asked.

“Oh! I didn’t know Autumn had a class this period.” She put the book on the desk, and stood up. “Hi there I’m Christina IceDreamer, but you can call me Icy.” She waved. The group looked at each other, and glanced towards the person at the desk. “Heh, well, I’ll be see ya!” With that she disappeared in a puff of smoke.

“Man! I can’t wait till I can do that too!” Isaac shouted. They all agreed and walked towards the desks that surprisingly were there this time. A few minutes into their side conversations some were getting bored.

“Are all the teachers in this place always late?” Jeremy asked.

“Not all of them.”

They turned their heads and went wide eyed as the teacher was sitting at the desk and looked as if she’s been there for a while. She gave them a knowing smirk and waited for the class to become dreadfully quiet. She sat back in her chair, crossed her arms, and cleared her throat.

“Good afternoon everyone,” she said, “in the past few minutes I have learned more about you than I should know thanks to your conversations…” some students blushed because they were telling some of their friends some really important ‘stuff’. Jeremy knew that he shouldn’t mess with this teacher at all. She was able to walk into a room full of students without any one of them noticing, and she was able to gather information on almost all of them by just observing and listening. “Anyways, I am professor FireBlade. I hope you are all here for Weapons Mastery because if you are not, you are in the wrong class.” Three or four students got up and left the class. The professor smiled, “good. Now let me continue my introduction. I am the Weapon’s master in this facility. I am the one that give wizards wands, swords, hammers, you name it. I mostly collect blades, which is why I am also referred to as Lady of Blades.” Some gears started turning in Sierra’s head and a little light bulb came on.

“You’re our aunt!?” Sierra shouted. Autumn’s eyes went wide with shock.

“You’re one of Cassandra’s daughters?” Sierra nodded and pointed at her two sisters, Mary and Caroline. The other students were watching them interact with each other occasionally giggling when they were telling each other jokes. ‘Oh yea’ Jeremy remembered the note that Angel gave him before class ‘better give this to her’. He walked up to her desk and pulled out the note.

“Um, excuse me Ms. FireBlade.”

“You can call me Autumn,” she insisted.

“Oh, ok. Well, Angel told me to give this to you. He said it was important,” He handed over the note to her. She took the note, undid the ribbon, and began reading through the note carefully occasionally her eyebrows furrowed like she was deep in thought. She looked up the Jeremy and back at the note and carefully put it in her pocket.

“How interesting,” She said distantly. She cleared her throat and addressed the class, “class is over, please gather your things and don’t leave anything behind.” Jeremy was about to head back with his friends until Autumn called him, “except you, I need to have a word with you, Jeremy.”

“Uh, ok.” She knows me name? “I’ll catch up with you guys later!” He called to his friends and they nodded and gave their ‘oks’.

“Hello Jeremy,” she began and waited until the rest of the kids left the classroom, “according to the note Angel has asked me to get you a better wand, and to inform you of your mission.”

“Mission? What mission?”

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