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My Spiral Mission: Protector of the Lore [Chapter 15]

Fire & Ice

“You should rest up Jeremy. Matt and Alric will pick you up in the morning.” Autumn informed.

“Uh, I don’t know where my room is.”

“Oh that’s right! You were in the infirmary for 3 days-”

“3 DAYS!?” He yelled.

“It’s not my fault you’re so sensitive.” Matt appeared with a smug look.

“It’s good that you’re here Matt you can show Jeremy to his room.” Autumn suggested before the two boys killed each other.

“Room? Why can’t he sleep in one of the dorms you have here?” Matt questioned.

Autumn leaned in and whispered in Matt’s ear, “You know exactly why he can’t.” She stood straight and smiled at both before she left the room to help the kitchen-staff start making dinner.

“What was that about?” Jeremy asked while going through the hallways with Matt.

“Nothing, really. She just wants to make sure you’re comfortable and safe.” Matt answered.

“I can take care of myself.”

“Sure you can…” Matt taunted. Jeremy smacked the backside of Matt’s head, laughed triumphantly and ran. “You’re such a kid!” Matt yelled, chasing him.

“We’re the same age, smart one! Haha ooof.” He collided with something that could pass as a brick wall. “Sorry, I wasn’t really looking to where I was going.” He saw that the collision didn’t affect the person with the hooded cloak. He wanted to see the person’s face but he couldn’t see anything just the person’s jaw. The figure nooded, grinned, and disappeared in a black puff of smoke.

“Jeremy, who was that?” Matt asked.

“No idea, looked kind of creepy.”

“Anyways, we’re here.” Matt gestured towards two doors. “The right one is mine and the left one is yours.” Matt took out his wand, chanted a few words under his breath, and both doors unlocked with a flash. “By the way, are you going to the talent show tonight?”

“No one told me about any talent show.”

“Cassandra Hexthorn is hosting one to lighten some spirits or something. Alyssa, Isaac, and Blake are going to be preforming.”

“What are they doing?”

“Alyssa is going to sing, Isaac will play the drums, and Blake the piano. They’re going to be preforming some song from a singer on Earth.”

“Cool, I’ll definitely be there!” Matt nodded and retreated into his room while Jeremy placed down the wand he got from Autumn and told Piggly, who had been quiet the whole time, to stay. “You don’t talk much do you?” He asked, but all he got in return was a snort and a flap of the wings. He was putting away his things when he heard a knock at his door. He grabbed a pillow from his bed because he assumed it would be Matt again. He slowly walked towards the door and slowly opened it ready to launch the pillow at his face. Before he knew who was at the door he threw the pillow and laughed “Got ya!” He looked up to see two girls standing in the hallway and neither looked amused. One was Sierra who was carrying a tray of Gobbler Munchies, and the other he did not recognize. “Oops, heh, sorry I thought you were Matt.”

“How nice,” Sierra commented. She walked into the room and placed the tray of Gobbler Munchies on the night stand next to the bed. The other one walked in and starting inspecting the room.

“Uh, hi. Who are you?” Jeremy asked. The other girl looked at him, smiled, and pulled out a bag with the life symbol on it.

“My name is Diana Wildheart. I am the one in charge of healing the students and making sure the rooms stay nice and clean.”

“Oh, so why are you here?” He asked.

“Didn’t I just say it?”


“I am here to make sure you are healing properly, and to make sure your room is nice and clean.”

“Healing properly? It was only a Freeze spell!”

“Yes, but it appears that while traveling here you got hit with Poison.”

“What! When was this?” He asked.

“Does he only hear every other word I say?” Diana whispered in Sierra’s ear.

“Most of the time, yea,” She giggled. Diana sighed and continued.

“You got hit with Poison after Matthew used Freeze. It was enchanted with Colossal, and since it is a Death spell it did more damage than it should,” She answered.

“Wait, I thought Astral magic was banned?” Jeremy questioned.

“It is. That’s what is making The Council worry. They haven’t told Central city yet but I’m sure they will. Whoever used poison must have done it to severely weaken you.” Jeremy stayed quiet, and thought back to the Festival of Peace. However, all he remembered was Matt pulling him aside and using Freeze. 
“Anyways,” Diana continued, “it looks like this room isn’t destroyed yet, and you seem to be fine since you are throwing pillows at people. I’ll see you later then!”

“Bye Diana!” He said. He looked at Sierra wondering why she was still here. She sat down on a chair, grabbed the wand that Autumn gave him, and started twirling it around.

“Hey,” She started, “have you seen, Angel?”
“Why are you here?”

The trio looked where the voice was coming from and found three other wizards staring at them. The one on the right was a guy who had an armored robe, boots, and a blue and yellow feathered hat. The one on the left was also a guy wearing a Black and red suit of armor, boots, and a hood with a top hat. The one in the middle was a girl who was wearing red colored clothes with fire symbols everywhere, she had red hair that looked like flames, and she had hazel eyes.

“I will ask again. Why are you here?” The one on the right asked, directed at Angel.

“We are from the Knights of the Twi-stars.” Kevin answered.

“I know that, but we both agreed to send a Hatake under lord RettSej’s orders.”

“I’ll have you know that I am still a Hatake.” Angel said.

“Not for long-“

“Exactly, I am still a Hatake until my grandson turns 16.”

“Which is in a few days.” The girl in the middle interjected.

“And who are you, miss?” Kevin asked.

“I am Sophia Firetalon, Fire Hatake.” She greeted.

“I am Angel Winterbreeze, Ice Hatake.”

“My escorts are Nicholas Sun and Alexander Jade; they are the head of the Dueling department here in Central city.” She gestured towards the two guys at her side from left to right.

“I’m Kevin Battleblood, and this is Ronan Dawn. We run the tournaments and host dueling parties at our base,” Kevin greeted.

“It’s nice meeting you Kevin, Ronan, and Angel,” She curtsied. “We should get moving.” They all nodded and teleported out to the commons. The Commons was empty, bare, and bleak. The sky was dark and cloudy and there was rubble everywhere.

“What happened here?” Angel asked.

“We don’t know, but we call them Shadows.” Nicholas said.

“What are they?” Ronan asked.

“They are dark figures with glowing red eyes. They are copies of creatures of the Spiral. Basically, an Animate spell gone wrong.” Alexander answered.

“Do you think a Death wizard could be behind this?” Angel said.

“We don’t know yet, too many variables to know for sure. However, we do know that some of our wizards have been captured. It’s a good thing that we could make a shelter out of the Spiral chamber or more people would be captured.” Sophia said.

“If they are just copies then why not just defeat them like when Malistaire attacked?” Angel asked

“We thought that too,” Nicholas said, “we thought that they would be easy like their copies. However, these are enhanced versions. They’re stronger and we just can’t continue taking them down without risks. These Shadows have been seen all over the Spiral.”

“Any idea what they want?” Kevin questioned.

“We don’t know that either.” Sophia answered. They crossed the torn up commons and entered Unicorn Way.

“What the heck are those!?”

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