Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Spiral Mission: Protector of the Lore [Chapter 14]


“Hello Jeremy,” she began and waited until the rest of the kids left the classroom, “according to the note Angel has asked me to get you a better wand, and to inform you of your mission.”

“Mission? What mission?”

“It’s best that you follow me.” Autumn got up and headed to a small bookshelf in the corner of the class and was inspecting each book looking for the right one.

“Don’t tell me you’re going to pull one out, and then the bookshelf will become a secret door?”

“What? Don’t be silly,” She pulled one out and opened it and kept flipping through the pages.

“So… what about this mission?”



“I heard you,” she stopped, scanned a page, and then smiled. “Your mission is a simple one. You are to go to remote location in Zafaria to retrieve a medicinal herb that only grows once every hundred years,” She handed the book to Jeremy with the page to the certain plant.

“Fortuniana rose?” The flower was a beautiful white that glowed and its petals exploded into an extravagant design, almost as it was handcrafted from the best artists in the world.

“Yes, and you’ll be accompanied by Matthew Winterbreeze and Professor Ravensinger. Your main objective is to find this herb and bring back as much as possible. You might encounter some bandits but you shouldn’t have any trouble.” She handed him a light silver wand with some sort of vine engraving from top to bottom.

“What does the rose do?”

“It is commonly used for a time traveling spell. However, when used in a potion correctly it can heal any wound and cure any poison.”

“Can’t a theurgist do that?”

“Not many can, only a special few.”

“Oh. By the way, why isn’t Angel coming?” He questioned.

“…He has a mission of his own and he can’t get out of it even if he wanted to.”

“You think leading them on a wild goose chase was the best decision?” He asked.

“Kevin’s right. We could have just left and they wouldn’t have noticed.”

“The fact that RettSej specifically for a Hatake to take part in this mission gave me a bad feeling about his intentions,” Angel stated. “Plus, this way they will be safe while we’re at The Arena.”

“I haven’t been to The Arena in the longest time! You excited bro?” Kevin asked.

“Heck ya I am!” Ronan answered.

They opened the Spiral door to Ravenwood only to see that nothing in the Spiral chamber has changed.

“I’m surprised there’s not a giant sign saying Central city,” Angel joked quietly so no one but them three could hear.

“Come on, the rendezvous point is in front of Bartleby.” Kevin instructed. They walked to the entrance of the Spiral chamber trying to not draw any attention to themselves as the Spiral chamber was filled with young wizards and their parent’s as a makeshift shelter. Some were looking at them as if they were a Chimera.

“Excuse me, mister,” a young boy who was about six years old called to them. They stopped and looked at the kid. The boy had red hair and sapphire eyes. He was eating out of a fruit cup and had a teddy bear with a wizard’s hat. Ronan stepped forward, walked to the young boy and knelt down to be at eye level with the kid.

“Yes?” He asked.

“Are you here to help us get rid of the bad shadows?” The young boy asked.

“Shadows?” Ronan questioned, stood up and looked at Kevin, and Angel.

“Yes, we will help in any way we can,” Kevin assured the young boy and smiled. The boy smiled back and skipped back to his mother, but not before giving a thumbs up at the three of them.

“Shadows?” Ronan questioned quietly again. Kevin and Angel shrugged as they reached the entrance. Once they stepped outside they instantly knew how bad it was. The skies above were grey, and ominous. You could hear thunder in the distance and the wind would occasionally pick up and whistle randomly. However, this did not stop Central city from making a safe haven inside of Ravenwood. You could see that there were wizards patrolling the area.

“Why are you here?”

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