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My Spiral Mission: Protector of the Lore [Chapter 17]

Hatakes vs Angels

Special guests, like who?” Ronan asked.

“Don’t worry ‘bout it,” was Kathyui’s reply.

“Why the big crowd? Why can’t we-“

“I’m sorry, but I thought you needed MY help. This is the way we’re going to do things. No ifs, ands, or buts,” she said as she stopped in front of Ronan’s face. They all looked at her like she was crazy. Kathyui turned around with a ‘hmph’ and entered the Arena.

“…Guess we have no choice,” Angel concluded as they entered the Arena behind Kathyui.

As they entered they could see people hanging next to walls and trees calmly selling new spells or scamming others out of their treasure cards. As the folks who inhabited The Arena spotted them they started following the group. Kathyui led them into a large arena filled with rouge wizards and normal looking wizards all around. There were many Angel statue guards at every entrance and corner. At the far end of the arena there was a spot that had three thrones. Two of the thrones were occupied so they guessed that the empty one was Kathyui’s seat.

“Go into the arena and wait for further instructions,” she ordered the group. 

She left and walked toward the Thrones and stopped in front of the one in the middle that was occupied by a man with a helmet that covered most of his face except his eyes. The helmet was dark blue that matched his armor but his helmet had spikes coming out of the top of it that resembled a crown.

“Who’s that?” Angel asked.

“That is Kane,” Sophia pointed to the armored man in the Throne then she pointed to the one next to him that was not so heavily armored but in a long elegant robe but he also had a crown, “and that, is Dust. Together with the original creator of these guard statues, Angel, Kathyui, Kane, and Dust are the four Generals of the Arena.”

“Angel? Who is that?”

“Angel had the power to duplicate himself. He would fight a full team of wizards by himself and still win. His eyes and thoughts were connected to each clone he made, so, it made his teamwork one of the best in The Arena.” Alexander Jade answered.

“What? That’s not even fair!” Angel replied.

“Doesn’t have to be, now that Central city has a new arena down by Olde Town,” Nicholas Sun said.

“What happened to Angel? I don’t see a fourth throne,” Kevin questioned.

“Duplicating yourself that many times shortens your life span considerably, even for a wizard; after he decided to take on the entire Polaris army on his own he couldn’t move afterwards. Kathyui and Angel had a ‘thing’ going on and Angel’s only wish was that he could protect Kathyui as long as she lives. Kathyui used magic to use Angel’s DNA on the statues and that’s how these statues were created. So, the fourth general is still here,” Sophia looked towards Kathyui who was obviously flirting with the top General, Kane, “she’s despicable.”

“Wait, I thought you said Kathyui ruled the Arena? Why is Kane sitting on the biggest throne then? Shouldn’t they all be equal?” Angel asked.

“Kathyui is the only one who can control the Angel statues. Kane however, is the strongest of the four Generals.”

The crowd in the arena got quieter has Kathyui stood before the group of wizards ‘’Welcome to the Arena. Today we shall watch a match between the alliance and the Angels!” The crowd cheered and stomped their feet and went silent again as Kathyui raised her hand, “choose the wizards who will fight,” she pointed at the group.

Both Angel and Sophia raised their hands and said “I am” simultaneously.

“Are you both insane? That’s exactly what she wants! For you two to join the battle,” Alexander Jade protested.

“Doesn’t matter, with us participating we can end this faster.” Angel stated.

“I agree with ice guy over here,” Sophia said as Angel glared at her.

“Fine, but me and Ronan will join you,” Kevin didn’t leave room for protest as Alex and Nick went to the sidelines to watch.

Kathyui smirked and looked towards Kane who nodded, “may the battle commence!” Several Angel statues landed in front of them. Each one of them took out the Spell circle card as did the group of wizards. “Initiate Duel circle.” They all said at the same time. They all threw the spell circle cards to the middle and they all merged and expanded to form a Duel circle. All eight participants entered their designated spots and the turn arrow appeared to announce the start of the match.

“At least we go first,” Angel said as he was picking his cards that were floating in front of him. The others were doing the same and waited for Angel to pick his card. Being the last player and seeing what the others picked he just decided on picking a stun block and putting it on himself. Sophia drew a fire symbol and threw the card she picked through it and created a ball of fire that landed in the middle of circle and expanded to create a Wyldfire. Kevin drew an ice symbol and tossed it through it and shields were placed on their team. Ronan drew a balance symbol and blades were placed on their team. It was Angels turn and he drew and ice symbol and two stun shields were placed by his feet.

“Lucky,” they heard Dust say. The first three Angel statues placed storm blades on themselves, but the last one drew a fire symbol and they were surrounded by flames and Kevin, Ronan, and Sophia started choking while a stun shield was taken from Angel.

‘Don’t tell me…’ Angel thought as his cards were once again displayed in front of him. He started discarding cards and pulling out treasure cards as fast as he could, ‘come on! Come on!’ He begged, “Yes! I hope this works,” the arrow skipped Sophia, Kevin, Ronan, and went straight to Angel. He drew a myth symbol and threw the card through the symbol and the myth spark went to the middle and hovered over the middle until an intense bright light covered the entire Arena. Once the light went down again it was the start of another round and all the cards were hovering in front of their respective owners.

“Nice one Angel!” Kevin complimented.

“Tch, treasure noob,” Kathyui commented.

Angel smiled at what they were about to do to stop the Angels from using those blades and ending this battle quickly. Sophia drew a fire symbol and threw the card at it and the ball of fire that shot out of it starting pouring smoke out of it and it surrounded the Angel statues. Kevin drew a death symbol and placed a plague on the Angel statues. Ronan drew a balance symbol and threw the cards through it and the little ball of balance energy flew to the middle and exploded into a Power Nova that hit the Angel statues without fail. Angel put the finishing touches by drawing a death symbol and casting a Virulent Plague on the Angel statues.

“Ugh! Spammers!” Dust yelled while the crowd just stayed silent. Just like they thought the Angel the drew a storm symbol and a wave of water was launched at the group of wizards, same with the rest of the statues who did the same. By the end of it all the group barely lost any health.

“This is ridiculous,” Kathyui said, “Capture these fools!” she ordered the statues and a bunch of them swarmed the arena.

“What! I thought we were doing this to get you on our side?” Alex said.

“Oh please, he will love that I captured the Hatakes!” Kathyui cheered.

“I knew that RettSej was behind this!” Angel yelled.

“You’re just as clueless as always Angel. RettSej has nothing to do with this,” Dust responded. Before Angel had time to question him they were surrounded by hundreds of Angel statues. Just as Angel was about to attack they heard thunder up above. The clouds above were moving in a circular motion and lighting could be seen going crazy in the clouds.

“What the heck is that?” Kathyui cried as Kevin and Ronan smirked at the scene. Angel gave a questioning look to them but they didn’t answer. Then there was an opening being created in the clouds similar to an Insane Bolt.
Kane stood up after sitting idle throughout the entire scene and uttered only one word, “Fallon…”

“What did you sa-” before Kathyui can finish her question a bolt of lightning shot down in front of her and she flew backwards into the stands. Vines started bursting from everywhere entangling all the people in the stands, the Angel statues, and the generals.

“What the heck is going on?” Sophia yelled while she was running towards Alex and Nick.

“Stay still, Sophia,” Kevin ordered, “they won’t hurt you.”

“Who are they?” Sophia asked as she stood like a frozen statue. A swirling tornado went down in front of the group and dispersed to reveal a woman with pink hair and storm symbol robes. A giant flower appeared next to her and opened to reveal another woman with silver hair and a purple and green life symbol robe.

“Nice entrance,” Angel chuckled, “Cass, Fallon, what are you doing here?”

“Well, other than saving you guys we’re just enjoy the scenery,” Cass giggled.

“Man, it’s been awhile since I’ve been in here,” Fallon noted. Kane who was staring coldly at the new comers didn’t move an inch, but the vines that were entangling him started freezing, cracking, and falling off. Fallon heard the frozen vines hit the floor and looked up to see that Kathyui was being helped up by a couple Angel statues and Dust blasted off the vines on him.

“Angel, you and Sophia should get out of here,” Fallon told him.

“Are you crazy? I can take them,” Sophia yelled at Fallon.

“Doesn’t matter, come on,” Angel said while he grabbed Sophia’s hand and started running towards the door.

“What are you doing? We are Hatakes we can take them easily!”

“No, that’s exactly what they want. Right now we need to head back to base. Ronan, Kevin, Cass, and Fallon can handle them.”

“How do you know?” Angel smirked at her question.

“Trust me, they’ve fought them before.” With that he exited the Arena leaving the team, Nick, and Alex there.

“You…” Kane growled.

“Long time no see,” Fallon replied.

“I’m certain this will be the last,” Dust glared.

“We’ll see about that,” Cass retorted. 

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