Monday, April 18, 2011

Old Ideas

I was just shuffling through my old spell ideas and what not and just decided It would be a fun thing to do on a Monday morning. I hope you like them :).
Some quick Ideas on Level 54 spells meant to be added later on the trainable spells from current main school teachers.


Fortress: Shields all team mates from a -60% tower shield (2 pips)
Valiant Shield: a -80% tower to only one person (2 pips) [Looks like Golden Tower shield]

Re-balance: Gives Balance blades to all friends and weakness to all enemies (4 pips)
Adjust: Switches position of battle for 3 rounds (5 pips) [Switches who goes first in a Duel]

Reincarnation: Takes 450 damage and heals all team mates by 350 (5 pips) 
Instigate: Makes Target attack you and heals you by 600 over 3 rounds (4 pips) [Target cannot attack anybody else even in PVP also applies to AOE's]

Friendly Gift: Removes all Negative Charms and Wards from all friends (4 pips)
Stepping stone: You can view the hand of a Team mate for 2 rounds (3 pips)

Gift of Life: Heals target by Half of current health (4 pips)
Shine of Light: Gives 2 guiding lights ((40%) 2 pips)

Emission: gives -70% accuracy to opponent (2 pips)
Combustion: 450 damage to all and heal 390 over 3 rounds (5 pips) [Stronger Link]

Strength spike: Gives +30% trap on opponent and +35% blade on caster (3 pips)
Flood: Removes 2 Positive wards from all opponents (2 pips)

I think we need new spells that would make the game more interesting when Celestia comes out.....

When we beat Dragonspyre/Briskbreeze:

IceFortress- Gives Tower shield to all friends- 2 pip spell- 90% accuracy

FireInferno- Take 600 Damage to deal 450 to all enemies- 6 pip spell 75% accuracy

StormBombarment- Deals 500 over 3 rounds to all enemies-6 pip spell- 70% accuracy

LifeWildvine- Deals 560 damage to all enemies- 8 pip spell- 90% accuracy

BalanceInvisibility- takes -50% damage for 3 rounds- 4 pip spell- 75% accuracy(This spell would be like adding to your resist 50% for three rounds)

DeathReincarnation- Takes 700 damage and heals all friends 300- 6 pip spell - 85% accuracy(Its like sacrifice but reversed but you heal everyone on your team)

MythFriendly Giant - removes all negative charms and wards - 4 pips spell- 80% accuracy(Reverse Earthquake)

My friends and I always debate on wether or not we should have "Better" Minions. I told him what is so bad with the Minions we have now. He responded. " Most of our minions dont do anything but waste our traps and take out shields". Sadly I had to agree with him. And we also came up of ways to make them better cause at 3-4 We should be able to get better minions.

Ice Minion 3 pips: 450 hp
Spells:Frost beetle, Fire Elf,Ghoul,Ice Blade, Ice trap, Storm Shark, Tower shield(so instead of passing like it always does it would use Tower Shield)

Fire Minion 3 pips: 400 hp
Spells:Fire Cat, Fire elf, Fire Blade, Fire Trap, Link, GHoul

Storm Minion 3 pips: 700 hp
Spells:Elemental Shields, Taunt, Absrob, Ghoul, Spiritual Shields, Blade Storm

Life Minion 4 pips: 400hp
Spells:Imp, Sprite, Fairy, Unicorn, Guiding light, Satyr, Life Blade

Balance Minion 3 pips: 450hp
Spells: Balance Blade, Elemental shield, Donate Power, Weakness, Black Mantel, Fire Elf, SandStorm, Spectral Blast

Spectral Minion 3-4 pips:
Fire: 450hp
Spells: Fire elf, Sun Bird, Fire Blade, Fire shield, Fire Cat, Weakness
Spells: Ice snake, Ice wyvern, Ice blade, Ice shield, Weakness
Spells: Lightning bats, Storm Shark, Storm Blade, Storm Shield, Weakness

Myth Minions: 
Golem Minion 0 pips: 95hp
Spells: All lvl 1 Spells
Troll Minion 1-3 pips: 100-450hp
Spells: Blood bat, Troll, Cyclops, Myth Blade, Absorb
Cyclops Minion 1-4 pips: 120-575hp
Spells: Blood bat, Troll, Cyclops, Pheonix, Humongofrog, Absorb
Minotaur Minion 3 pips: 750hp
Spells: Elemental shield, Taunt, Tower Shield, Humongofrog

Death Minions X pips: 85-1600hp
Spells: Dark sprite, Ghoul, Banshee, Vampire, Poison, Weakness, Plauge, Blizzard, Death Blade

Sword of the Everfrost ( gives 1 power pip and one regular pip )
Gives 3 cards of Over Frost and gives 3% all Defense
Deals 120 and turns same damage to Absorb

Staff of Wild Forest ( gives 1 power pip and one regular pip )
Gives 3 cards of Gift of Life raises healing by 10%
Heals all friends 110

Graveyard Blade ( gives 1 power pip and one regular pip )
Gives 3 cards of Steal Blow raises Death attack by 5%
Deals 120 turns half to Hp

Staff of Judgement ( gives 1 power pip and one regular pip )
Gives 3 cards of Random Crusade raises power pip chance 5%
Deals 120 of Fire/Ice/Storm

Mythical Blade of Orthrus ( gives 1 power pip and one regular pip )
Gives 3 cards of Double Hit raises Myth attack 5%
Deals 20 then 100 again
Click the image to open in full size.
Molten Staff of Fire ( gives 1 power pip and one regular pip )
gives 3 cards of Smolder Burn raises Fire attack 5%
deals 11+ 119 over 3 rounds

Divining Blade ( gives 1 power pip and one regular pip )
gives 3 cards of Super Charge raises Storm attack by 5%
Deals 115 to enemy and removes charm from opponent

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