Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Spiral Mission: Protector of the Lore [Chapter 3]

Chapter 3
Arctuno Aluminus Mundos

“Whooo are you?” said the figure. I stayed silent in fear as the shadow became clearer. I stared at it and rubbed my eyes to confirm what I believed to be a very large owl. I opened my mouth as to say something but the owl interrupted me “You have no business here, go away.”
    “But, I don’t know how. I just fell through that wall and-“

“What is your name, wizard?”

                “Jeremy, uh Jeremiah Wildred” I nervously answered.  “Wildred huh, you’re a Life student correct?” The large owl said while he pondered. I nodded and then the owl spoke while he was gazing into the glowing crystal above “Interesting.”

                “Um, excuse me, but I don’t remember you saying your name”

“My name is Gamma, the owl, I was Merle Ambrose’s pet and longtime friend”

                “Wait Ambrose, as in the legendary Headmaster Ambrose? “

“Correct young wizard. Merle and I would guide other wizards in Wizard City. However, since Merle has passed magic is not as graceful as it used to be. Magic in essence is a gift that we must all cherish, but these are dark times and the meaning and understanding off all life and magic is at stake.”

                “What are you talking about? There hasn’t been any evil going on in the spiral for 150 years! My teacher says that the Spiral has not experienced this type of peace in centuries.”

“That is where you’re wrong young wizard. A very powerful dark force shall gain power, and I fear not even Headmaster Falmea can stop it.”

“Dark force? Gamma, what dark force? Tell me!”  Gamma didn’t answer my question, he was just staring at the glowing crystal up in the ceiling. “Do you see that crystal Jeremy?” He said. “Yes, I can” I answered. “Well this crystal used to show the entire map of the spiral, only one other map of the spiral exists, and that is in the District of the Stars in Celestia, the only thing that could make the crystal show the map is an ancient relic of the Knights, an ancient spell deck that they would bestow upon an apprentice.”

“Wait, this thing?” I took out the box out of bag and showed it to Gamma. He looked in awe at the box and then into my eyes and back at the spell deck. “That is it. How did you get it?” He said still in shock. “My friend’s grandfather, Angel, gave it to me”

“Angel, Angel Winterbreeze?”

“I think that’s his name, yea” I said while Gamma was still looking at the spell deck. 

“Very interesting, in any case we must turn on the map. Jeremy, go use the book behind my, the BIG one.  There should be spell there recite it and concentrate on the spell deck” I nodded and went to the book, one problem is I had no idea what was the name of the spell , and I didn’t want to ask Gamma. Suddenly the pages turned at such a speed that I couldn’t keep track of the page numbers, then it stopped an there on the page was a spell called The Light of Knowledge, I concentrated on the spell deck and spoke the incantation 

“Arctuno Aluminus Mundos” Suddenly the spell deck started shaking and glowing I let it go but it stayed floating vibrating faster and the glow became stronger. Then, streams of light exploded from the spell deck flying around the room as if they were alive and they were lighting the torches and candles one by one after all the torches were lit the streams of light crash into the giant crystal above and it glowed and spun faster. Then, it spit it all kinds of glowing light and orbs and as the crystal spun so did the glowing clumps of lights and orbs forming some sort of spiral shape. “You’ve done it young wizard, or should I say young Knight”

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