Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wintertusk BABY!

I'm sure as many of you have already heard that Wintertusk (WT) has arrived in the Test realm. Many of you would of thought that this world would take a while for it to come out on the test realm, like in the summer, BUT KI surprised many of us by releasing it into the test realm when we least expected it.

I love Wintertusk! So far, it is my favorite world in the Spiral. I especially love how they made Grandmother Raven.

You can read more about the updates here: Introducing Wintertusk!

I'm just going to highlight some of the updates that I like--
Roaming mouts! --
Bouncing kitty

Ice Dragon! He was deciding if he should eat me or Piggly O_o. I love questing in Wintertusk!

New pets and new Spells! Loving all of them and their mixes! Although they should of gotten NEW talents, but I guess it's ok :)

At the Final instance in Wintertusk. Ymir, the Ice Titan, was behind me. I was kind of nervous that he would wake up from the flash of the camera and Piggly was getting ready to run. Thanks SorceressMiklai and Alric Ravensinger for letting quest with you through the last instance. Ymir is HUGE! Thank you Kingsisle for making Wintertusk my FAVORITE world so far, keep it up! :)

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