Monday, May 2, 2011

Random Thoughts.

When you stop and think for a bit, sometimes some questions and ideas rush into your head and most are random but some are those questions that make you think for quite sometime on what's happening and what can you do to make the situation better. You feel some sort of sympathy for a friend or another person, or just the guy walking down the street. Rage might accumulate inside you on just the thought about what others have said. It's true, the world might never be a peaceful wonderland of sugar plums and candy canes, and everyone won't have a bright smile and their face and say "Hey there, how was your day today?" But does that give us the right to humiliate, downgrade, tease, laugh at, make fun of, or any other demeaning action? No it does not. I'm sure some troll might come along and say "yea, that's real life get used to it." Um, no thanks. I'd rather live in my fantasy world tyvm, it has bunnies. Why do people need to be just plain out rude and harass others on a FAMILY-FRIENDLY game. Don't even get my started with their foul language. Some might say "Why don't you just use the Ignore button? It's there for a reason." First of all, I shouldn't need to use the Ignore button in the first place! Second of all, you shouldn't harass others in a Family-friendly game. That's it for now since I can't think anymore lol because I procrastinated. Also, one last note: I LOVE the Grizzlehiem music!

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