Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Spiral Mission: Protector of the Lore [Chapter 5]

Chapter 5
The Legend of Essence

“Thank you for summoning me. I will not keep you here for long as I see my presence has irritated you, and you have somewhere else to be.” I looked at Gurmadli innocently but I knew he was right.            

                “Here-“ Gurmadli, with his wooden claw like hand, reach for his leaf head and pulls one leaf out and puts it in my hand “-I’m sure this is what Ol’Ceren is looking for if he sent you to find me.” I examine the leaf Gurmaldi gave me and it just looks like a regular leaf; nothing special about it. I look back to Gurmaldi and answer with confusion “Thank you but what’s-“

                “Good luck young wizard” then Gurmadli’s leaves started coming off and swirled around him and he shrinked back into the book with a mess of leaves scattered across the floor with some fallen books. I heard foosteps coming from the stairs. It was Boris, he looked at the mess on the floor and then at me then back at the mess. 

                “Are you ok, Jeremy?”

“Yea, I’m fine. This tree guy just gave me this leaf to give to Ceren”

                “Hmm, I think you should head back to Ceren then, Morning Life Studies is almost over.” I nodded and jogged back to the Life school. As I was crossing the commons, I noticed that the guy with the weird white and blue straw hat wasn’t there anymore. I didn’t think twice about it and went through the tunnel back into Ravenwood. When I came out of the tunnel, I saw some volunteers putting up decorations and setting up tables. I opened the door to the Life school and it was completely empty except for professor Nightchant writing at his desk. He looked up and he did a half-smile sort of thing. “Um, where did everyone go?” I asked.

                “I dismissed the class early today so they can get ready for the celebration.” He took off his glasses, looked at me, and put his glasses back on. “Do you have the book I sent you to get?”

                “No… but Gurmadli said to give you this” I pull out the leaf that Gurmadli gave me and showed it to Nightchant. He stood up from his desk and walked somewhat fast at me like he was ready to tackle and took the leaf from my hand. He took off his glasses and inspected the leaf very carefully and then looked back at me. “This is very interesting” He said while walking back and shuffling through many books. “Uh, professor is something wrong?”
 “You say Gurmaldi gave you this?”

“Yea, he said you would need it”
 “Oh this is very interesting” He got more books and shuffled through those. I walked to his desk to see what he was doing.
  “Professor who is Gurmaldi?” He looked at me with a puzzled face, almost like he was spaced out for a moment. Then, almost like he came back to reality “Legend says that Gurmaldi was the son of Floresca. Some say Floresca was the essence of life magic, similar to what the giants are for the school of Ice. One day, as Gurmaldi was searching Grizzlehiem for a lead on the Wolf tribe rebellion a Grendel Witch doctor tricked him and sealed Gurmadli’s spirit in a book in the form of a Treant and the book was lost. Floresca, thinking that her son had passed away died of a broken heart leaving a poem to her husband. “

One fifth of the world unspoken
Tend to the minds that have stayed broken
From a leaf hope will shine
While battles are in the distant times
Help those who’s eyes remain at half
but give to the one that needs a staff
The shadows are rising that much is sure
Protect the seals, we must endure.

“That is what we Life wizards call ‘The Legend of Essence’ Jeremy.” I looked at him in confusion and was about to ask something when he interrupted and said 

“Are you going to the celebration in the commons today?”
  “I was thinking about it. I don’ think it’s going to be worth it though”

“What else would you do, Jeremy? Sleep in my class?” He chuckled and gathered his books and escorted me back out of the Life school where all the volunteers were still getting the decorations ready for today’s celebration.

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