Monday, May 9, 2011

My Spiral Mission: Protector of the Lore [Chapter 4]

Chapter 4
Hello Gurmadli

                I walk towards to glowing clouds of magic forming the Spiral, and stare in awe as I see every world imaginable float by me. “Beautiful isn’t it?” said Gamma and I nodded as my response. Then, I realized I needed to get the book Nightchant wanted. “I’m sorry I need to get something for Professor Nightchant, it was nice meeting you Gamma”
  “Be careful Jeremy, they’ll be looking for you!” I ran out of the door Gamma was pointing to and just darted for it. Next thing I knew I was standing in the commons again and everyone as cheerful as can be. I actually wanted to be back in the Headmaster Falmea’s office. I went around again to the front of her office but I heard Gamma’s voice in my head and he whispered softly “ The book is in the Library, the second floor.” I looked blankly at the crowding commons and started jogging over to the Library. As I walk over the bridge I look to my left and I see a strange person. He was wearing a sturdy suit of armor with a polished look and the cape on his back looked as it was a flowing piece of metal.  He looked directly at me with his hat covering half of his eyes. His hat was made of some sort of strange straw because it was white except for this tips which were blue. We were there in that same position as if we were in slow motion, but as he turned his head everything went to normal and I kept walking towards the Library. I entered the great building and nodded to Boris, and headed upstairs.  Several books were flying back and forth and I could barely read them as they flew by.  I headed to the last book case and looked through the names of books; Fire Traps, Fire Armor Enchanting, Ice defensive strategies, Ice blade usage, but no Life book. I sighed and turned around and leaned on the book case. As I reached to rub my eyes my hands started glowing, and the glow was a light green hue and it sparkled like someone put glitter in the air and it stayed there. I looked at them and turned them around and as I was the bookshelf to the left of me was shaking and I stopped and looked at the book case. Then, I waved my hand to the right and a couple books fell out of their place. “Oh, shoot” I dropped my knees to the floor and started picking books up and while shuffling through the old leather bindings I found what I was looking for, ‘Life Incantations and Charm Volume 8’. I reached for the book when it popped open the pages flipped and the book started shaking while it was glowing brighter and brighter. I crawled backwards and stood up and watched the book. Leaves started to fly out of the book and roots started sprouting out from it and then it soon turned into wood and bark and then a little Imp creature sprang out from the book as well.  Then, the tree like thing sprouted leaves from it’s head and back and then it came into shape like a walking tree.
 “Hello young wizard, my name is Gurmaldi, and I’ve been expecting you Jeremy.” All that was going through my head was.. “Ugh,  not again. I need to get to class!”

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