Thursday, May 26, 2011


Now, I know I'm touching on a very delicate subject today I just needed to say something. There has been some ranting going on on Twitter about Kingsisle rejecting some bloggers from becoming official. Now, I want to say that not EVERY blogger will become official. That would kind of be too much, don't you think? Now don't start yelling at me that you bought a domain to become official. The main purpose for a blog is state your opinion and help others in that same community group, not to get free gifts. I'm not saying that getting free gift's was your main purpose for becoming official, but if it is then I don't think you should.

 In my opinion, becoming an official community blog means that you're part of the higher group of bloggers that contribute highly to the Wizard101 community and write some interesting posts and your readers remember. Also, buying a domain name will not guarantee that they will slap on the official stamp on you. Buying a domain will only put you on the "Blog review list" in other words to be considered. It also says something along the lines of "We can reject you for any reason" on their site. I might be shooting myself in the foot, but getting rejected shouldn't stop you from writing blog posts or having fun in-game. Maybe, you're just not what they're looking for or they're having a massive amount of entries from bloggers and they can't add anymore to the "review" list. You can still contribute to the community and have fun. It shouldn't be the end of the world and buying a domain means you contributed to the community and isn't that why we all made a blog? To contribute to the community? Don't get me wrong, becoming official and all the perks are wonderful, but we need to live up to their standards and show them what you've got because they're not just going to give you the official stamp on a silver platter.

Now for those sites that are trying to become official being helpful, informative, and contribute to the community is all you need. Plus a site of course! Kingsisle has the right to reject or accept your site. It's their game, their decision. All we can do is help and hope to be recognize as a helpful wizard in a great community that Wizard101 has a reputation for. My ranting is done hope you all have a great weekend. :)


  1. I would keep blogging even if I were rejected (am not sending in a request/buying a domain yet), so I agree on a bit of that. Just think its weird that so many good bloggers are being turned down and they have the requirements, so think that could be fixed. Nice post :)

  2. I liked the post a lot, but like Arlen said, there are some great bloggers out there, and just because their blogs are hosted by Blogger, that shouldn't mean they can't be accepted. While I understand that they want good bloggers and that they want people to purchase their own sites, I feel that a domain name is enough. But that's just me. I also don't like the fact that they've made exceptions to other blogs that sometimes don't even have their own Domain Name. It's just frustrating when KingsIsle compares Grapes with Grapes and decides one is better than the other even though they're both equal.