Sunday, April 10, 2011

About Me

So where do I start? Hmm. Well, I guess I could start on why/when I started playing. I was sitting on my couch during a snow storm on December 19th 2008, and while I was flipping through the channels I happen to come by something about magic and wizards (I'm a big fantasy fan) I was actually one of the first commercials I think..

So I hop on over on my desktop and type away and I see this awesome site I said "This looks fun!" Me being a noob at MMOs, I have only played Runescape before W101, I download the game and I thought it took FOREVER. I didn't realize that other games take close to days to download. Anyways, the day I started playing I just thought the graphics were amazing and it felt awesome to play this. At the time they gave us 101 crowns to spend on what ever we felt like, and me without any know how on what was going on spent it on a crown wand that gave 50 ice damage instead of buying a beetle. So many months went by until I finally had my first grandmaster wizard, Angel Winterbreeze. This was my biggest accomplishment and I was very excited. After I reached grandmaster I got my brother and my mother to play this game as well, they both loved it but my mom didn't want to spend money on the game kind of like she does on Farmville, hehe. After a couple weeks 
I joined as spiritmaster1 then Arctic Wolf and then finally to Sir Winterbreeze. Sir Winterbreeze will be my FINAL name change because it's a contradiction, as some people know I don't act like a SIR I'm more of a sit back, relax, chill kind of person. I sometime think differently and want to go the opposite direction most people are going just to be open minded. I really didn't "fit in" with some of the Central members, most of them liked to bash me because I was lower posting rank. Anyways, one day while I was searching through some central tabs I go to the front page and looked to find other Wizard101 fansites and I see one called Ravenwood Radio. I actually thought this was a real radio station btw. So I click on it and I just see this play button and of course I click it, who wouldn't? Then I start hearing the "Oh no dear it looks like you've been defeated in battle song" and hear Leesha and Stephen talking about Wizard101 and I just thought it was the coolest thing ever! 

Then I hear them talking about Twitter and their Twitter accounts and I start to think "maybe it's like another Central" OH boy was I wrong. Speaking of Twitter, I am so blessed to be part of the Twizard community and part of the Blogsphere. I didn't know anyone on Twitter and just started following people I knew or heard of on RR (Ravenwood Radio) or I was kind of alone at that point and then Ditto said he would give a shout out  to his 100th follower and at this point I was ArcticWolf123 then changed to ArticWolf_ and then to SirWinterbreeze. So,, I was Ditto's 100th follower, and I was EXCITED and very happy to hear my name coming from Ditto. Made my day. The next day my followers jumped to 7 to about 25, I was still just tweeting about random Wizard stuff :).

 Then I heard about some PvP parties.... Me being a PvP person myself since I started exactly 2 years ago. I jump hop on over to my Ice and run to the Ice tower little did I know that I would be meeting some very inspirational people. On Central, if you didn't follow the Arena curriculum in the guides and follow the standards they set you were not a good PvPer, unfortuantly I had to follow those and brought that into one match at these parties. After it failed I tossed that whole deck build out the window, and started making a new deck for surprises and game changing "just in case" cards. I remember because with this deck we were stuck in a 3 hour long match. It was Me, Fallon, Diana, and I think Natalie on one team and Kevin, Cass and 2 others whose name escapes me right now. Correct me if I'm wrong because I don't remember. Then Fallon text chatted me saying that I was doing good and we we're making some strategies/combos and she was saying that she might fall asleep, lol Fallon. The aftermath of the match was being able to meet some very good people who became very good friends and I wouldn't be anywhere without them, not that I'm anywhere now! LOL.

Thank you for reading, and I love this Wizard101 community so much! Although there might be a few dark corners we all truly enjoy each others company, somewhat.  I love all of the #twizards and WAC rocks and just enjoy how much we all can come together and make this a great game for all to have fun. 

And Sarah the Sunshine Pony says HI!

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