Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dragon Palace Closes Its Gates

 Yesterday evening a bunch of wizards came to the Dragon Palace in search of secrets and treasure. I'm glad to say most made it out alive! Although, I can't say the same for a few wizards (breaking the rules). Your task was to find 5 Batwing jars and 4 bones scattered throughout the Palace. Congratulations to those who found them all and sent in proof of finding the items! Now to reveal where these items were.

Batwing Jars



Now to announce the winners. I will be contacting you shortly with a TFC for your Dragon's Hoard Pack..
Congratulations to Heather Raven for winning Contest 1(Batwing Jars) and to Alexander Lionheart for winning Contest 2! The gates to the Dragon Palace will open again sometime in the future, with new contests, and more secrets to unfold. I hope you all had fun and please stay wizardly!

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