Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Ravenwood Ball!

Let me just tell you it was AWESOME! Thanks to Fallon Shadowblade for hosting this event to celebrate the great Wizard101 community and happy birthday Diary of a Wizard and congratz for gaining over 2,000 members! Whether you're from Central or Youtube or a Twizard or anything in between you were all invited to this humongous party and hope you had loads of fun! I was invited to commentate with Kevin Battleblood on his Livestream channel with the ever-so cheerful Paige Moonshade and the glorious Cassandra Dragonheart. Even though I rarely spoke (first time commentating = nervous me) we had a blast and later in the evening we were joined by Cassandra Hexthorn, Fallon Deathslinger, Stephen Spritcaller, Icywiz, and Ronan Dawn! It was pretty packed in the Ravenwood ball but we all managed to get into Vampire area 1 and just had so much fun! I'll never forget this Ravenwood ball and hope the next Ravenwood ball will be better and hope I'm around for it! Now to share some pictures of the ball I took when no one was looking ;)'

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  1. yay you got the elf parade :D I think That is when I was laughing so hard I forgot to get a screenshot