Sunday, June 19, 2011

Player vs. Player (PvP) Section 3

Do’s and Don’ts 

- Do try and say good game (gg) after every match. I usually say gg after every match unless I'm up against chain stunners or someone who was just down right rude. Good game to me means that you leave the match as equals and that both sides had a fun time dueling.

- Do not flee unless you absolutely have to. Fleeing,  another way of saying "here take my points." It's best to play out a match rather than just give up no matter the odds. If you flee, you will never know how it is like to face that kind of person and whether or not you could of beaten him/her. 

- Do make sure you have enough time to duel. An average 1v1 match can last from 15-45 minutes (depending on the opponent), and sometimes even longer. Plan a head of time. If you need to go somewhere in 20 minutes don't join a queue. Garden or talk to some friends instead.

- Do not use foul/inappropriate language. Using foul language will not grant you access to Warlord rank or the awesome look gear and pets that Diego sells. Also, it's against the rules. If you see anyone using it in The Arena report them!

- Do try and ask your friends if they'd like suggestions on improving their deck build, especially if you're familiar with it.  Maybe they may reinvent something challenging and interesting down the road, and there will be new styles for you to fight. -Kevin Battleblood

If you have any other do's and don'ts please email me at angelwinterbreeze at

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