Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Spiral Mission: Protector of the Lore [Chapter 7]


Something came out of the sky like a swirling cloud and crashed into the ground. Smoke filled the commons and you could barely see two feet in front of you. I took out my guiding light spell and traced the life symbol in the air and smacked the spell through it.  The card began to glow bright just as Nightchant said it would.
  “Jeremy! Where are you?” I heard Caroline yell in the distance. Then another bright light came on in the direction of her voice. I walked towards the light cautiously so I don’t bump into anyone trying to do the same. As I was nearing the light I felt something grab the back of my robe I turned around and saw a figure in the smoke.

                “Aww, look, little Jeremy is scared of a little smokescreen!” He laughed while I pushed away and escaped his grip.

                “Leave him alone!” I heard and then the smokescreen cleared and Michelle came walking towards us along with Aaron and Blake.

                “Thanks for the Cleanse, Michelle.” Aaron said while he and Blake stood beside me.

“What’s the problem? Can’t you guys take a joke?” Blaze said laughing and looking at his two cohorts. “Jordan, Jessica let’s get out of here. These noobs can’t take a joke.” Titanhorn said to Jordan Seadreamer and Jessica Stargem. They were sisters but Jordan was storm and Jessica was fire. Jessica and Jordan’s parents were friends with the Titanhorn family, a well-known Necromancer Clan.

“Just get out of here, Blaze!” Blake growled. Blaze scowled at the two assisting me. I kept looking at the corner of my eye as people started to gather around us. “Did you hear me? I said get lost!” Blake ordered the bully. 

“No one needs a ‘Troll’ here.” He added.

                “Learn your place! You’ll regret talking to us like that!” with that last comment Blaze and his friends vanished.

“Good riddance, that troll,” Michelle said while walking over to us. She inspected me for a moment then looked at Aaron and Blake. “I’m no life wizard, but he seems fine. You shouldn’t mess with people like that, stupid!” I let out an expected “pfft” and she giggled and smacked the side of my head. 

“Don’t be a hero.” I rolled my eyes at her comment.

                “You know you aren’t my mother,” I added while walking back to the table where the rest were.

“Yah, I know, but you’re the youngest in our group. In fact, shouldn’t you be thanking me? I saved you from the trolls!” Aaron did one of those fake ‘ahem’ things you see in movies. Michelle turned her head towards the other boys at the sound of it.

                “We helped too ya know.” Aaron told her. “It’s not like they’d back down with just you there.”

“Ha!” Michelle snorted. “You’d be surprised!”

                “Yeah, yeah, y’all can discuss how wonderful your spells are later.” With that note from Blake we headed for the table.

As I look forward I saw Caroline dash towards me. “Big bro you’re ok!” Caroline said while inspecting me just like Michelle a while ago.

“Thanks to us,” Aaron added.  I rolled my eyes again.

“Oh come on, you can’t blame me for worrying. You’re basically family,” Caroline protested. 

                “I know,” I muttered.

“What was that?”

                “I know,” I said giving one of those smiles when you can’t think of anything else to say. “I.. Just.. I mean. I’m grateful.”

“Now come on silly, let’s play some Wizblox!” Sierra added. I pushed my brown locks away from my eyes and smiled at those around me having fun. Well I’m glad they’re happy after all.

                “Well thanks for inviting me, Jermy!” I whipped my head around at the familiar and saw Matt Winterbreeze right behind me.

                “Hey, Matt!” I yelled and gave him a punch on the shoulder.

“Heya, Jermy, can you come over here. I need to tell you something.”

                “K Matt.” I answered then turned my head back around at the group. “I’ll be right back” they nodded and continued with their business. I got up on my feet and walked towards Matt “Yes?”

Matt grabbed my arm and put his over my shoulder and whispered “I need to get you out of here.”

“What!?” I stepped back and looked at a serious face. All the innocence of child hood suddenly ripped from my one friend who was the most silly and random of them all. I could tell that this wasn’t a joke and just repeated myself “What!?”

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