Friday, August 12, 2011

Chapter 8 preview

“What? Are you crazy?” I whispered to Matt.  I shrugged off his hand and glared up at him. Why did he need me to get out of there?
                “Look, it’s not safe here. It’s dangerous.”  He answered. I looked around the commons and nothing seemed dangerous, everything looked normal. I looked back at Matt to his sea-foam green eyes and they were locked onto my eyes. His face looked irritated and annoyed. I directed my gaze in another direction and sighed.
“Look. I don’t know what’s gotten into you but I’m going to enjoy the festival.” I declared and turned around as I took a step forward back to my table Matt grabbed my shoulder and whispered in a low voice “I’m sorry, Jeremy. This is for your own safety.” Afterwards, a chill went through my body and couldn’t finish my step almost like I was paralyzed. Matt stepped in front of me and I tried to growl something out but there was nothing. Not even a grunt. Gah, what’s going on! Then, I heard an explosion on some sorts and screaming. I saw black smoke and flames at the corner of my eyes. I heard Matt mumble something under his breath and then put his hand on my forehead. Suddenly there was a white flash and my vision became fuzzy, and as if someone gave my some fun house mirrors for glasses. Then everything went dark.

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