Monday, August 15, 2011

My Spiral Mission: Protector of the Lore [Chapter 8]

Where am I?

“What? Are you crazy?” I whispered to Matt.  I shrugged off his hand and glared up at him. Why did he need me to get out of there?
“Look, it’s not safe here. It’s dangerous.”  He answered. I looked around the commons and nothing seemed dangerous, everything looked normal. I looked back at Matt to his sea-foam green eyes and they were locked onto my eyes. His face looked irritated and annoyed. I directed my gaze in another direction and sighed.

“Look. I don’t know what’s gotten into you but I’m going to enjoy the festival.” I declared and turned around as I took a step forward back to my table Matt grabbed my shoulder and whispered in a low voice “I’m sorry, Jeremy. This is for your own safety.” Afterwards, a chill went through my body and couldn’t finish my step almost like I was paralyzed. Matt stepped in front of me and I tried to growl something out but there was nothing. Not even a grunt. Gah, what’s going on! Then, I heard an explosion on some sorts and screaming. I saw black smoke and flames at the corner of my eyes. I heard Matt mumble something under his breath and then put his hand on my forehead. Suddenly there was a white flash and my vision became fuzzy, and as if someone gave my some fun house mirrors for glasses. Then everything went dark.

                This bed feels so warm.  I brought the blanket up towards my face and kept my head on its side. This felt like Heaven.  I heard some faint rustling and pried my eyes up a little to see what it was. When I opened my eyes just enough to see where the sound was coming from I saw the face of a woman staring down at me and brushing my dark brown hair off my face. This woman had almost the same color hair as me only it was lighter, almost blonde. She has emerald eyes and she was wearing some sort of outfit with wings that matches her eyes. “Hey Matt, he’s awake,” she’s said while grabbing a book and walking to the side.

                “Heya, Jeremy!,” I heard Matt say but I couldn’t see and I really didn’t want to get out bed. I shifted a little closed my eyes again to try and go back to sleep. “I thought you said he was awake, Kath?” I heard him say.  I heard a giggle in the background and soft footsteps.

                “Maybe he doesn’t want to get up?” Kath said almost in a whisper but I could still hear her. Then I heard a ‘Hmm’ that sounded like it came from Matt and then there was silence. Maybe they left I thought as I was ready to drift back into dreamland. I felt a small breeze and shivered a bit, nothing serious. Then a larger gust afterwards like I was in Antarctica I yelled and jumped off the bed and my back hit floor. “I’m up! I’m up!” I yelled while Kath and Matt both laughed. I gave them a scowl while getting up brushing myself off.

                “It’s good to see you again, Jeremy.” We all turned around at the voice that was standing in the doorway.

                “Hey, gramps, didn’t expect you to get here so soon,” Matt gaped.

“Angel!” I yelled while both Matt and I were pulled into a bear hug. Angel had on a white robe with a light blue trim that glowed slightly. His hair was as white as fresh fallen snow and sea-foam green eyes just like Matt. However, had not aged since the last time I saw him. Angel looked like he was in his 20s or 30s, but I guess that’s the effect of Morganthe’s Immortality spell. I pulled my self away and for the first time I looked around at the room I was in. The walls were made of some sort of material that glowed somewhat and it was a cream-reddish color. The walls went up and formed a sort of dome and it was almost space-like. “Where the heck am I,” I asked “and what happened at the festival?” They all looked at me. I looked at all three of them switching my glance to each person.

                “Um, Katherine, can you call Chico and Piggly,” Angel finally ordered “Oh, and tell the others that Jeremy is awake.”

“Ok, Angel. I’ll be back.” She waved at us before leaving the room. The footsteps faded a short time afterwards. I eyed Angel as he sat down on the chair beside a wardrobe. 

Matt cleared his throat before explaining, “Well, I had to get you out of their before they took you. Since you didn’t want to go willingly, I had to use the freeze spell on you, and then cast the sleep incantation.” Matt took a deep breath before he continued, “Sorry, I had no idea you were so sensitive to those type of spells,” He chuckled and smirked. I grunted and glared at Matt.

                “Ok, that explains how I got here, but where exactly is here?” I asked. Angel let out a sigh and got up off the chair and walked to the door and waved his hand signaling me to follow.  I walked towards him and he opened the door to what I thought would be a hallway. I gaped at where we were. 

“How the heck are we in space,” I shouted “this is not even possible!” I looked out to see a bridge going down to what appeared to be a large city square while large structures that looked like buildings surrounding it. In the middle of the city square was a sort of arena that was in the middle of a training session by the looks of it. To the left of us was a bridge leading to a platform that had a spiral door. The largest building was to our right it was HUGE.  I noticed small pieces or rubble and building floating around us. Am I going insane? I thought to myself.

                “Welcome to the Twi-star Observatory” Angel finally spoke as I was still at awe over my current location.
“Wait, The who-What?”

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