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Three Years of Wizardry

I'll warn you now that this will be a long post. If you don't want to read all of this you can look through the pictures. In this post I will try to summarize everything that has happened in the three years since I have joined the wonderful game of Wizard101. 

It was December 19th 2008, when I was surfing the internet for a fun MMORPG. Me being a fan of the weird, strange, and magical, I stood no chance in resisting Wizard101. I signed up for an account and downloaded the game. I was blown away by the spells, and graphics. The only MMO that I have played before Wizard101 was Runescape, so I went "wow" and "Cool" a lot during the tutorial for all new wizards. This is when I made my first character, Angel Winterbreeze, a novice Thaumaturge. Some people might not know that the first time I took the wizard test I got Fire, but when I took it again I got Ice. I thought it was fitting since it was winter after all. My favorite spell from that tutorial would be the Minotaur spell or maybe Centaur. They are both so cool! Oh, and I remember after the tutorial waiting forever for Ambrose to bring me to his office. I jumping everywhere and saying "are you ready now?". When I first landed in Merle's office I was surprised with how many wizards were there, and in the Commons too. It's not as much as today but it was still a lot. I spent my days as a novice wizard beating up The Kraken on a daily basis. Oh, and those 101 crowns we got for signing up back then, I spent them on a wand that cost 50 crowns and gave the same attack as a dropped novice wand... Yeah, I know, how foolish of me. On the bright side I learned how to manage crowns better... somewhat. 

After I got tired of farming the Kraken, which lasted for about 2 months, crazy right... I took a break, didn't last long though. I think it was in April or May, or some time in the spring of 2009 that I saw this commercial: 

After watching this same commercial a couple times I decided to hop back over onto the game. This is when I got addicted to housing, and PvP. This is also the first time I bought crowns. I bought just enough to have half of Krokotopia, which brought me to level 18. "But Angel, that's not really an important level..." Blasphemy! I say. Every level is important, and this one was very important to me. I went in with a level 18 into the arena and came out victorious against a team full of Grandmasters. I got called "treasure noob" a lot because of my treasure Blizzards, but oh well! That and my other team mates were Masters and Grandmasters I think. It was still a fun match though, and from then on I PvP'ed almost everyday! So, yes, I was once again addicted to Wizard101.

After a few months of questing through Krokotopia and PvPing on my Ice I made my second wizard. Bet you can't guess who it is! My Balance? Nope. I created a Myth wizard named Mark Giantcaller. Strange isn't it? Let me tell you that Myth is very hard to quest with. I got stuck at getting the the Cyclops Minion (Darn you dark fairies!). I got back on my Ice with my first Subscription I think around the summer time of 2009.

In July, I had my first Grandmaster. I think this was one of the top moments of  my gaming. I was excited about being one of the highest levels in the game finally. I got my level 48 spell, Frost Giant, and I was in love with it! This is also the time I first became a Commander in PvP. After a few weeks of doing the same thing I heard of guides to getting Grandmaster gear. Like any other wizard I wanted the best and strongest gear out there so I checked it out. This lead me to the Wizard101 fan site that is Wizard101Central. I signed up for an account for Wizard101Central on August 4th 2009.

the church of fireWizard101Central was a new experience for me. It made me connect and interact with thousands of other wizards across the country at the time. It had many guides and strategies that I was overwhelmed with information about Wizard101. This is also the time I found out about taking screen shots of Wizard101. I started taking tons of pictures of my houses, and of my friends. 
 I was pretty amazed on how much information I tapped into with Wizard101Central. I also met some pretty amazing people, and attended some parties that led me to some pretty amazing friends that I have today. I think when I first started posting about random stuff, and reading through the Ice PVP guides that were there. Back then the best dueling was Grandmaster dueling, and trust me, those. were. LONG.

After some Tournaments there on Wizard101Central I started attending 
PvP parties. However, there were no houses with dueling circles in them. We had to use the "Old Arena". The Old Arena was where wizards originally dueled each other before the current PvP system. Back then, after the Ranked system was introduced and before the PvP houses we had to port to the middle of The Arena. The only way to get to the Old Arena was that you needed to have marked there before they introduced the Rank system or you had to have a friend there. I always got excited when someone was having a party in the Old Arena because it was the only chance I got to see spells up close in 3rd person. I also got to test my skills against many other wizards that showed up to these parties.

After I got tired of doing PvP I decided to do other things around the Spiral and on Wizard101Central. I started to 'dabble' with graphics. When I say dabble, I do mean dabble. I was not very good at them. AT ALL. I was confused at first of how to blur something or how to cut something out. It was a very rough time but eventually I learned some tricks and some Photoshop classes in school came in handy too. Eventually I started making mutations of spells like the Fire Wyvern. It took me about 3 days to make that picture with the help of other Central members and their feedback. This inspired my Mutation Creation Contests. These contests you had to get a Wizard101 spell and mutate it like I did with the Ice Wyvern but the mutation can not be already in game and I got some pretty interesting entries. From a Plasma Collosus to an Frost Centaur.

Angel WinterbreezeI'm going to time skip a little ahead because I spent about a year on Central doing the same thing over and over again. It was late 2009 or early 2010 when I found something that lead me to some pretty amazing friends. I was searching through the homepage of Wizard101Central, my name at the time was Arctic Wolf, and I found a link to Ravenwood Radio. I didn't know that there were other Wizard101 fan sites so I couldn't wait to hop on over and find out other things about Wizard101. It was also when I first hear of following Ravenwood Radio on Twitter and The Friendly Necromancer. I started reading Friendly's blog and looking through the blogs on his bloglist and came upon Ditto Wizard. It was during the summmer of 2010 when Ditto tweeted or posted somethingx that said he will give a shoutout to his 100th follower so.. guess what I did?

This was when I first became a Twizard and also when I signed up for Diary of a Wizard Connect X a short time after! At first I just followed the standard Wizard101 staff members, and the very well-known wizards. It took me a while for me to be accustomed to the Twitter Sphere. Especially since I came from a forum where you must know everything. In time I started following Kevin Battleblood, and Cassandra Dragonheart on Twitter along with Fallon, Paige Moonshade and Stephen Spiritcaller. I also created my first blog, which didn't turn out so popular. So, I eventually gave up on blogging soon after that. However, eventually I saw a tweet from Mr. Battleblood about a PvP party that he was holding and I was a regular participant in those. I should of gotten some frequent flyer miles...  


In I think the 3rd PvP party I went on 
a team with Fallon, SorceressMiklai, and some wizard's name that escapes me right now where I introduced Piggly and my excessive Unicorn spamming. Fallon and I were whispering each other on what should we do and I remember she discarded her Reshuffle and was worried that she'd run out of cards so I gave her mine. That match lasted I think 3-4 hours I'm not entirely sure. I added Fallon I think by the end of the match, and I think we took up the entire party with that match and we were all yawning by the end of it. It was a load of fun and that's when I got addicted to PvP Parties that I even hosted my own!

 I eventually befriended Kevin and Cass, and we did a couple practice matches together and they were pretty fun even though I was in a wind tunnel.  Eventually I added Ronan Dawn and I was introduced to Team Perfect Catch. I was the one in the background hiding like a Ninja pig because people wanted to eat my bacon! It was hilarious when TPC transformed into Treants and started dancing around in them. I remember Panglou and some other Twizards were chasing me around like crazy. BACON!

I kind of skipped ahead a little. My first Test Realm was the Grizzleheim Test Realm where they introduced crafting and the Bazaar. At first it took me a while to grasp the concept that the crowns on Test Realm do not go into the Live realm too.. Yes I was very smart ;). Someone had to explain to me and they showed me where it says that "Anything that happens in Test Realm does not affect the realm game." Then came the Crown Shop Test Realm. Oh.. I went crazy in this one. The first time mounts were introduced we could dye them any color we want. I remember I had a white lion, it was awesome. They changed that soon afterwards, and no more rainbow mounts. More and more updates came including the Celestia Test Realm which was one of the most exciting updates ever! That might be because it was very hyped up.

By the end of 2010 is when I changed my name to SirWinterbreeze on Twitter and on Wizard101Central. That's when all the craziness started. It was a random day on the random month of January, I think, that I got a random Skype call from who else but the group that is now known as 'KT'. I was about to decline too... Imagine if I did decline? When I first stepped into that chatroom I knew I wasn't in Kansas anymore. That's when I first met Alric Ravensinger, and Autumn Fireblade.  It was later that the group was named KT, it was kind of weird because everyone had a previous connection with each other and I was just, there, you know? Eventually we all became something similar to a family and I was deemed as the little brother. 

More randomness happened when I was invited to PvP with Diana Wildheart, Alan Rubymancer, Natalie Emeraldblade, and Kelsey Fireheart. At first it was just random 4v4 matches but eventually we became a team known as FrostFlame. We all eventually got to Warlord, and it was a bunch of fun to actually have a team going and working together! We also got to test our skills versus Team Perfect Catch and even though we lost in the end it was a pretty good match. 

We did about a few dozen matches together I think. I'm always grateful that I got to be a part of a team, and to actually have won many matches.

I was extra excited on the new area of Wintertusk and Waterworks. We got new gear, new spells, and new pets. It was loads of awesomeness even though I haven't done Nastrond on Live yet but I'll get to it... Eventually.  Waterworks gear? I have MOST of them, heh. However, I can still get by without it. I think I've done the Waterworks maybe 50 times or more. Yes, lots of megas saved up. Now that they don't drop as much megas anymore I don't go through it was often but I will go if someone asks.

Oh we can't forget when Ravenwood Radio hosted a Hide and Seek game for the Sunshine Pony. Everywhere I went I saw familiar wizards running left and right it was awesome! I didn't win from the Hide and Seek though I think I won from either a trivia contest or to write something in an email. I'll admit that I squeeled like a baby Piggle when I found out that I won. It was the first time I actually won something in a contest before so heck yea I was hyped! I started entering in every contest Ravenwood Radio has had in hopes of getting the same luck. Self-centered right? Not really, I gave some of the prizes to my little sister who also plays the game sometimes. 

When I finally got a Sultan's palace from a very generous person I had no idea what to do with it. It was very beautiful already and had no idea how to make it even more breathtaking. That's when I challenged my self to take a very beautiful house and make it into something horrible and ugly. That's where the Dragon Palace came into my mind. I wanted it to be a story where the Princess tried to summon a Dragon Spirit but she summons an Evil one that corrupts that Castle within. It was a very big housing project that took me about 2 months to make everything just right. The Bone Dragon mount was the star of it all and making it a scavenger hunt/PvP party was a bonus. I also tried to introduce how the landscape can be used as headboards and tried to make 360° 1st person view which was not accomplished with the Dragon Palace but it is achieved in The Globe.

The Ravenwood Ball was also one of the highlights of 2011 where I got to be a guest host along with Cassandra Dragonheart and Paige Moonshade with Kevin Battleblood commentating LIVE on his Livestream channel. It was my first time broadcasting something live and I was very nervous even though I didn't talk much but we had loads of fun! People were crowding Ravenwood 5 hours before the Ball even started! It was crazy! We also tried to make a dance line around Bartleby but we ended up turning into Krokomummies and having a giant race around him instead. All you could hear is all four of laughing in the beginning. Later in the evening we were joined by a bunch of other wizards including Christina Icedreamer, Fallon, Stephen Spiritcaller, Ronan Dawn, and Cassandra Hexthorn. I might be missing a few wizards. 

In the Twitter Sphere we had something called the WAC. Eventually we had something called WAC_alerts where other wizards can call for help if they needed it. However, some wizards misused this and that eventually led to the birth of W101Moments! W101Moments is basically funny quotes and moments that happen everyday on the family online game of Wizard101. It was a very good idea and it kept some wizards sane with a chuckle here and there. I always love seeing when other people come up with #Wizard101Moments and I like getting a chuckle out of them. I'll soon be updating the W101Moments blog with pictures and videos of Wizard101 so look out for those! One day I'd like to pass on W101Moments to someone who can come up with better moments because right now.. I've got nothing. I hope it's just writers block but when the day comes that I have to pass it on I'll just have to. 

Now it's time for Zafaria! This is, without a doubt, my favorite world. It's exotic, it's strange, and it's magical. With continuing the story of Morganthe as she tries to receive her Deck of Shadows! I have completed Zafaria on both Balance and Ice and have gotten Chimera and Wolly Mammoth. I was helped by the many helpful wizards of KT even though they kept making fun of poor Chico. You can see Paige's ostrich laying an egg. Zafaria was a fun experience and very challenging and can't wait to see what Kingsisle has in store for us in the next few years!

It's been three long years since I have joined this great game and I'm hoping for three more years. I've met a lot of great people and I'm grateful to each and every wizard I have come in contact with in the past three years and I want to thank all of you for putting up with me for this long. If you've read this far then I think you deserve something special:

Dashing through Mooshu,
On a clanking Chrismoose mount.
O'er the village we go,
Look how big it's snout!

Bells on it's antlers right,
Making wizards laugh.
What fun it is to ride and sing
on a ChrisMoose mount tonight!

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The Globe

Port Bus information and Time: TBA
*Sorry about that lol it's supposed to say 2012.

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My Spiral Mission: Protector of the Lore [Chapter 15]

Fire & Ice

“You should rest up Jeremy. Matt and Alric will pick you up in the morning.” Autumn informed.

“Uh, I don’t know where my room is.”

“Oh that’s right! You were in the infirmary for 3 days-”

“3 DAYS!?” He yelled.

“It’s not my fault you’re so sensitive.” Matt appeared with a smug look.

“It’s good that you’re here Matt you can show Jeremy to his room.” Autumn suggested before the two boys killed each other.

“Room? Why can’t he sleep in one of the dorms you have here?” Matt questioned.

Autumn leaned in and whispered in Matt’s ear, “You know exactly why he can’t.” She stood straight and smiled at both before she left the room to help the kitchen-staff start making dinner.

“What was that about?” Jeremy asked while going through the hallways with Matt.

“Nothing, really. She just wants to make sure you’re comfortable and safe.” Matt answered.

“I can take care of myself.”

“Sure you can…” Matt taunted. Jeremy smacked the backside of Matt’s head, laughed triumphantly and ran. “You’re such a kid!” Matt yelled, chasing him.

“We’re the same age, smart one! Haha ooof.” He collided with something that could pass as a brick wall. “Sorry, I wasn’t really looking to where I was going.” He saw that the collision didn’t affect the person with the hooded cloak. He wanted to see the person’s face but he couldn’t see anything just the person’s jaw. The figure nooded, grinned, and disappeared in a black puff of smoke.

“Jeremy, who was that?” Matt asked.

“No idea, looked kind of creepy.”

“Anyways, we’re here.” Matt gestured towards two doors. “The right one is mine and the left one is yours.” Matt took out his wand, chanted a few words under his breath, and both doors unlocked with a flash. “By the way, are you going to the talent show tonight?”

“No one told me about any talent show.”

“Cassandra Hexthorn is hosting one to lighten some spirits or something. Alyssa, Isaac, and Blake are going to be preforming.”

“What are they doing?”

“Alyssa is going to sing, Isaac will play the drums, and Blake the piano. They’re going to be preforming some song from a singer on Earth.”

“Cool, I’ll definitely be there!” Matt nodded and retreated into his room while Jeremy placed down the wand he got from Autumn and told Piggly, who had been quiet the whole time, to stay. “You don’t talk much do you?” He asked, but all he got in return was a snort and a flap of the wings. He was putting away his things when he heard a knock at his door. He grabbed a pillow from his bed because he assumed it would be Matt again. He slowly walked towards the door and slowly opened it ready to launch the pillow at his face. Before he knew who was at the door he threw the pillow and laughed “Got ya!” He looked up to see two girls standing in the hallway and neither looked amused. One was Sierra who was carrying a tray of Gobbler Munchies, and the other he did not recognize. “Oops, heh, sorry I thought you were Matt.”

“How nice,” Sierra commented. She walked into the room and placed the tray of Gobbler Munchies on the night stand next to the bed. The other one walked in and starting inspecting the room.

“Uh, hi. Who are you?” Jeremy asked. The other girl looked at him, smiled, and pulled out a bag with the life symbol on it.

“My name is Diana Wildheart. I am the one in charge of healing the students and making sure the rooms stay nice and clean.”

“Oh, so why are you here?” He asked.

“Didn’t I just say it?”


“I am here to make sure you are healing properly, and to make sure your room is nice and clean.”

“Healing properly? It was only a Freeze spell!”

“Yes, but it appears that while traveling here you got hit with Poison.”

“What! When was this?” He asked.

“Does he only hear every other word I say?” Diana whispered in Sierra’s ear.

“Most of the time, yea,” She giggled. Diana sighed and continued.

“You got hit with Poison after Matthew used Freeze. It was enchanted with Colossal, and since it is a Death spell it did more damage than it should,” She answered.

“Wait, I thought Astral magic was banned?” Jeremy questioned.

“It is. That’s what is making The Council worry. They haven’t told Central city yet but I’m sure they will. Whoever used poison must have done it to severely weaken you.” Jeremy stayed quiet, and thought back to the Festival of Peace. However, all he remembered was Matt pulling him aside and using Freeze. 
“Anyways,” Diana continued, “it looks like this room isn’t destroyed yet, and you seem to be fine since you are throwing pillows at people. I’ll see you later then!”

“Bye Diana!” He said. He looked at Sierra wondering why she was still here. She sat down on a chair, grabbed the wand that Autumn gave him, and started twirling it around.

“Hey,” She started, “have you seen, Angel?”
“Why are you here?”

The trio looked where the voice was coming from and found three other wizards staring at them. The one on the right was a guy who had an armored robe, boots, and a blue and yellow feathered hat. The one on the left was also a guy wearing a Black and red suit of armor, boots, and a hood with a top hat. The one in the middle was a girl who was wearing red colored clothes with fire symbols everywhere, she had red hair that looked like flames, and she had hazel eyes.

“I will ask again. Why are you here?” The one on the right asked, directed at Angel.

“We are from the Knights of the Twi-stars.” Kevin answered.

“I know that, but we both agreed to send a Hatake under lord RettSej’s orders.”

“I’ll have you know that I am still a Hatake.” Angel said.

“Not for long-“

“Exactly, I am still a Hatake until my grandson turns 16.”

“Which is in a few days.” The girl in the middle interjected.

“And who are you, miss?” Kevin asked.

“I am Sophia Firetalon, Fire Hatake.” She greeted.

“I am Angel Winterbreeze, Ice Hatake.”

“My escorts are Nicholas Sun and Alexander Jade; they are the head of the Dueling department here in Central city.” She gestured towards the two guys at her side from left to right.

“I’m Kevin Battleblood, and this is Ronan Dawn. We run the tournaments and host dueling parties at our base,” Kevin greeted.

“It’s nice meeting you Kevin, Ronan, and Angel,” She curtsied. “We should get moving.” They all nodded and teleported out to the commons. The Commons was empty, bare, and bleak. The sky was dark and cloudy and there was rubble everywhere.

“What happened here?” Angel asked.

“We don’t know, but we call them Shadows.” Nicholas said.

“What are they?” Ronan asked.

“They are dark figures with glowing red eyes. They are copies of creatures of the Spiral. Basically, an Animate spell gone wrong.” Alexander answered.

“Do you think a Death wizard could be behind this?” Angel said.

“We don’t know yet, too many variables to know for sure. However, we do know that some of our wizards have been captured. It’s a good thing that we could make a shelter out of the Spiral chamber or more people would be captured.” Sophia said.

“If they are just copies then why not just defeat them like when Malistaire attacked?” Angel asked

“We thought that too,” Nicholas said, “we thought that they would be easy like their copies. However, these are enhanced versions. They’re stronger and we just can’t continue taking them down without risks. These Shadows have been seen all over the Spiral.”

“Any idea what they want?” Kevin questioned.

“We don’t know that either.” Sophia answered. They crossed the torn up commons and entered Unicorn Way.

“What the heck are those!?”

Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Spiral Mission: Protector of the Lore [Chapter 14]


“Hello Jeremy,” she began and waited until the rest of the kids left the classroom, “according to the note Angel has asked me to get you a better wand, and to inform you of your mission.”

“Mission? What mission?”

“It’s best that you follow me.” Autumn got up and headed to a small bookshelf in the corner of the class and was inspecting each book looking for the right one.

“Don’t tell me you’re going to pull one out, and then the bookshelf will become a secret door?”

“What? Don’t be silly,” She pulled one out and opened it and kept flipping through the pages.

“So… what about this mission?”



“I heard you,” she stopped, scanned a page, and then smiled. “Your mission is a simple one. You are to go to remote location in Zafaria to retrieve a medicinal herb that only grows once every hundred years,” She handed the book to Jeremy with the page to the certain plant.

“Fortuniana rose?” The flower was a beautiful white that glowed and its petals exploded into an extravagant design, almost as it was handcrafted from the best artists in the world.

“Yes, and you’ll be accompanied by Matthew Winterbreeze and Professor Ravensinger. Your main objective is to find this herb and bring back as much as possible. You might encounter some bandits but you shouldn’t have any trouble.” She handed him a light silver wand with some sort of vine engraving from top to bottom.

“What does the rose do?”

“It is commonly used for a time traveling spell. However, when used in a potion correctly it can heal any wound and cure any poison.”

“Can’t a theurgist do that?”

“Not many can, only a special few.”

“Oh. By the way, why isn’t Angel coming?” He questioned.

“…He has a mission of his own and he can’t get out of it even if he wanted to.”

“You think leading them on a wild goose chase was the best decision?” He asked.

“Kevin’s right. We could have just left and they wouldn’t have noticed.”

“The fact that RettSej specifically for a Hatake to take part in this mission gave me a bad feeling about his intentions,” Angel stated. “Plus, this way they will be safe while we’re at The Arena.”

“I haven’t been to The Arena in the longest time! You excited bro?” Kevin asked.

“Heck ya I am!” Ronan answered.

They opened the Spiral door to Ravenwood only to see that nothing in the Spiral chamber has changed.

“I’m surprised there’s not a giant sign saying Central city,” Angel joked quietly so no one but them three could hear.

“Come on, the rendezvous point is in front of Bartleby.” Kevin instructed. They walked to the entrance of the Spiral chamber trying to not draw any attention to themselves as the Spiral chamber was filled with young wizards and their parent’s as a makeshift shelter. Some were looking at them as if they were a Chimera.

“Excuse me, mister,” a young boy who was about six years old called to them. They stopped and looked at the kid. The boy had red hair and sapphire eyes. He was eating out of a fruit cup and had a teddy bear with a wizard’s hat. Ronan stepped forward, walked to the young boy and knelt down to be at eye level with the kid.

“Yes?” He asked.

“Are you here to help us get rid of the bad shadows?” The young boy asked.

“Shadows?” Ronan questioned, stood up and looked at Kevin, and Angel.

“Yes, we will help in any way we can,” Kevin assured the young boy and smiled. The boy smiled back and skipped back to his mother, but not before giving a thumbs up at the three of them.

“Shadows?” Ronan questioned quietly again. Kevin and Angel shrugged as they reached the entrance. Once they stepped outside they instantly knew how bad it was. The skies above were grey, and ominous. You could hear thunder in the distance and the wind would occasionally pick up and whistle randomly. However, this did not stop Central city from making a safe haven inside of Ravenwood. You could see that there were wizards patrolling the area.

“Why are you here?”

Friday, November 11, 2011

My Spiral Mission: Protector of the Lore [Chapter 13]

The Note

“What class is next?” Alyssa asked.

The group stopped abruptly causing the other wizards walking behind them to grumble as they passed by them. Caroline, Mary, and Sierra mischievously giggled and gave each other a high five.

“It says ‘Weapons Mastery’ with Professor FireBlade.” Aaron shrugged.

“What are you all doing here?”

They all turned around to find Angel walking towards them with another person beside him.

“Hey Angel!” Jeremy greeted, “we’re just going to class.”

“Class?” Angel questioned while glancing at his grandson, Matt. The person beside Angel whispered something into his ear that the kids couldn’t 
understand much less hear, Angel nodded, and looked back at Matt.

“Well, haha,” Matt laughed nervously, “I think I forgot my wand in my room. I’ll see you guys later!” He was about the speed walk away when Angel spoke.

“Oh, and Matthew.” Angel called to him.

“Y-yes grandpa?” He hated when Angel called him that.

“I’d like to have a word with you after you’re done with your class.” He put emphasis on the last word.

“Ok.” He answered and walked away. Angel mumbled something under his breath and directed his attention at the group of young adults staring at him. 
He gave a warm smile, and reached into the pockets of his robe to pull out a note wrapped in a blue ribbon.

“Hey, Jeremy can you give this to Professor FireBlade? It’s kind of important.” He handed Jeremy the note, and Jeremy put it in his pocket.

“Sure. Angel can I ask-” by the time he looked back up Angel was gone. “Ugh I hate when he disappears like that.”

“Who was that guy that he was talking to?” Alexis asked.

“I don’t know. He looked kinda weird.” Sierra answered.

“You think everyone is weird, Hermana.” Blake scoffed.

“Hush you!” Sierra smacked his arm.

“Woman!” Blake yelled.

“Uh guys, I think rather than beating each other to a pulp we should get to class before Ms. FireBlade slices us,” Aaron interjected. Most of them nodded while Blake huffed a “fine”. They kept walking through the hall trying to remember the numbers above the doors. After a few minutes of searching they finally came up to the door of classroom 16E. They opened the door to find that there was someone sitting at the teacher’s desk reading a book. They entered the class which was adorned with swords, wands, shields, hammers, and any weapon you can think of. The supposed teacher looked up from her reading with a puzzled look.

“May I help you?” The woman asked, closing her book.

“Uh… Ms. FireBlade?” One of them asked.

“Oh! I didn’t know Autumn had a class this period.” She put the book on the desk, and stood up. “Hi there I’m Christina IceDreamer, but you can call me Icy.” She waved. The group looked at each other, and glanced towards the person at the desk. “Heh, well, I’ll be see ya!” With that she disappeared in a puff of smoke.

“Man! I can’t wait till I can do that too!” Isaac shouted. They all agreed and walked towards the desks that surprisingly were there this time. A few minutes into their side conversations some were getting bored.

“Are all the teachers in this place always late?” Jeremy asked.

“Not all of them.”

They turned their heads and went wide eyed as the teacher was sitting at the desk and looked as if she’s been there for a while. She gave them a knowing smirk and waited for the class to become dreadfully quiet. She sat back in her chair, crossed her arms, and cleared her throat.

“Good afternoon everyone,” she said, “in the past few minutes I have learned more about you than I should know thanks to your conversations…” some students blushed because they were telling some of their friends some really important ‘stuff’. Jeremy knew that he shouldn’t mess with this teacher at all. She was able to walk into a room full of students without any one of them noticing, and she was able to gather information on almost all of them by just observing and listening. “Anyways, I am professor FireBlade. I hope you are all here for Weapons Mastery because if you are not, you are in the wrong class.” Three or four students got up and left the class. The professor smiled, “good. Now let me continue my introduction. I am the Weapon’s master in this facility. I am the one that give wizards wands, swords, hammers, you name it. I mostly collect blades, which is why I am also referred to as Lady of Blades.” Some gears started turning in Sierra’s head and a little light bulb came on.

“You’re our aunt!?” Sierra shouted. Autumn’s eyes went wide with shock.

“You’re one of Cassandra’s daughters?” Sierra nodded and pointed at her two sisters, Mary and Caroline. The other students were watching them interact with each other occasionally giggling when they were telling each other jokes. ‘Oh yea’ Jeremy remembered the note that Angel gave him before class ‘better give this to her’. He walked up to her desk and pulled out the note.

“Um, excuse me Ms. FireBlade.”

“You can call me Autumn,” she insisted.

“Oh, ok. Well, Angel told me to give this to you. He said it was important,” He handed over the note to her. She took the note, undid the ribbon, and began reading through the note carefully occasionally her eyebrows furrowed like she was deep in thought. She looked up the Jeremy and back at the note and carefully put it in her pocket.

“How interesting,” She said distantly. She cleared her throat and addressed the class, “class is over, please gather your things and don’t leave anything behind.” Jeremy was about to head back with his friends until Autumn called him, “except you, I need to have a word with you, Jeremy.”

“Uh, ok.” She knows me name? “I’ll catch up with you guys later!” He called to his friends and they nodded and gave their ‘oks’.

“Hello Jeremy,” she began and waited until the rest of the kids left the classroom, “according to the note Angel has asked me to get you a better wand, and to inform you of your mission.”

“Mission? What mission?”

Monday, October 31, 2011

My Spiral Mission: Protector of the Lore [Chapter 12]

Classroom 14B

“Hey, what class are we going to?” Jeremy questioned his friends while walking down the hallways packed with several other wizards of about the same age as him.

“It says Spiral History 101 with Professor Ravensinger.” Matt answered. They looked at Blake who had the same last name.

“What?” Blake asked, “He’s my uncle Alric.” They all let out an ‘oh’ and searched for Classroom 14B.

They opened the door to a spacious classroom with books and papers flying haphazardly around the room. The strangest thing was that there were no chairs only a desk in front of the chalkboard. There were several students already in the room talking to themselves and always looking up when the door opened to see if their professor would come in. Jeremy and his group of friends filed into the room scanning it to see if they knew anybody here. Jeremy was watching the flying books when he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around to a girl with brown hair and eyes to match. Her appearance gave off a cheerful attitude and her robes were uniquely adorned.

“Yes?” He said to the girl.

“Hiya!” She greeted.

“Hi, um, do I know you?” He asked while trying to pry open his memory.

“Oh! Haha,” she laughed nervously, “Um, the password is rawr?”

Jeremy’s eyes grew wide as he finally remembered this stranger. “Heather!?” He gasped.

“Yup, Heather Raven, the one and only.” She smirked.

“Wow! When was the last time I saw you? 5 years ago?” He chatted.

“I know right?! Did you hear tha-“ She stopped when the door opened and a man with a long robe that reached his ankles, silver hair, and grey eyes strolled to the single desk in the room. The class went silent as they watched the man that they assumed to be their professor. He placed his books down on the desk and took out his wand.

“I’m sorry I’m a little late class. I was held up in a meeting. I’m Professor Ravensinger, and I will be teaching you all about the History and mysteries of the Spiral. You may take your seats.” He waved his wand, making the chairs and desks appear. The students took their seats, and of course next to their friends. “Wonderful. You all know how to sit.” He chuckled then waved his wand again and rearranged the entire class randomly, “These will be your assigned seats.” The whole class looked around and groaned as most of them were away from their friends now. Jeremy sat directly in front of the teacher’s desk. He gulped when the professor looked directly at him, “What an interesting bunch I have this semester,” He remarked,” Let’s see how much you know. Raise your hand and introduce yourself if you know anything about The History of the Spiral.” Several people raised their hands a couple rows back. 

“You there, in the funky purple outfit and the purple hair.” He pointed to Michelle who sat almost in the back left hand corner.

“Hi, I’m Michelle Deathslinger,” She introduced herself, ”Um, what I know is that Bartleby had children, the Titans, they fought each other, and they destroyed the world. Grandmother Raven and Bartleby created the Spiral to save the pieces of the first world.”

“Hmm. Basic history, ok.” He mused. “Let’s delve on that then. Can anybody tell me who the Titans were?” Many people raised their hands as the Titans were common knowledge. “Eerrrm. How about you in the oddly colored straw hat?” He pointed to Isaac.

“Sup!  I’m Isaac Battleblood. The Titans were Bartleby’s children. I think there were three of them. The Frost Giant, who is the Titan of Ice. The Fire Dragon, who is the Titan of Fire, and the Storm Lord, who is the Titan of Storm.” Isaac finished and waited for the professor’s approval.

“Very good Mr. Battleblood.” He assured. “The Titans are powerful beings that were so powerful that they had to be put to rest with the Horn of Tranquility that Grandmother Raven is now personally guarding after Morganthe’s attack ages ago.”

“Um, mister Ravensinger?” Jeremy asked.


“There are the Elemental Titans.” Alric nodded for Jeremy to continue, “Well, are there any Spiritual Titans?”

“Aahh. Very interesting question. Well, technically there are Spiritual Titans,” Alric answered making the whole class look to their teacher as they have never heard of the Spiritual Titans, “you see, the Spiritual Titans are not Titans at all, or should I say they don’t take a physical form. In the beginning, there were such things as Spiritual Titans. You may know some as ‘The Grim Reaper’ or ‘Cronus’. The Grim Reaper was, in fact, the first Necromancer, and Cronus was the first Conjurer. You all must already know about Rutena.” The class gave a blank face on the unfamiliar name. Alric sighed and continued, “Well, I shouldn’t be surprised. She was the first Theurgist. She has many names throughout all cultures, but her most popular name is Mother Nature.” The whole class oh’ed. “It is believed that the Spiritual Titans are reincarnated, and their power is transferred into those that they see fit to handle that power. However, in the case of the Elemental Titans they have physical attributes which means that, that mass of power must follow a bloodline and the youngest of that bloodline is granted their power. This is what some call the 7 Hakates. These 7 are granted enormous power and are revered as the strongest of their respected schools.” Alric finished his answer.

“What about the Balance Hakate?” a random wizard asked from the back.

“The Balance Hakate never dies as that would endanger the harmony of the universe. The Balance Hatake is believed to be a mass of magical energy, thus it never dies. However, it is said that if you release that energy from its space it will gain a physical form.”

“What about the Astral magics?” Blake asked.

“Hmm. The Celestian’s didn’t believe in Astral Titans. According to the Archivist, the Celestian’s believed in the three Deities of Magic. Ayas, the Deity of the Body, Morpheas, the Deity of the Mind, and Zephyrus, the Deity of the Spirit. They believed-“ He was interrupted when a bell like sound rang through the entire building. “Well, I guess that’s the end of class. I’ll see y’all tomorrow!” He hollered and with a wave of his wand he disappeared.
The students got up from their chairs and were baffled on how fast the time flew by.


“I will agree to this alliance that you are proposing. Under one condition, you must send one of your Hatakes on a recruitment mission with one of our Hatakes. The mission is simple: we are venturing into The Arena to recruit the militia that has formed there. Are you familiar with Kathyui?”

Friday, October 21, 2011

New Stuff in the Spiral! Has want!

It's been an exciting Hallowe'enfest this month! They've introduced the customize-able housing signs that you can put almost anywhere in your house. There was supposed to be the Panther mount, but I guess that wasn't ready for us just yet. Plus those interactive game maps! By interactive I mean when you hover over a portrait of a character their name pops up and makes it easier for us to see the actual map. Thanks KI!

 On to the BIG news! Earlier this week a new bundle was released, oh yes, I'm talking about the Super Bundle! It comes with the following items: Massive Sun Palace, Giraffe pet, Cheftain attire, Great Hornocerous, Dancing Blade, Additional Castle Space Exlixer, and your choice of either a one month subscription or 5,000 crowns. I have to say the house looks AWESOME! This is, by far, the greatest house. Why? It's beautiful of course! That and it has a Giant Gorilla ;) I took some pictures of the house just to show.

In other news... Kingsisle leaked some pictures to Massively about new content coming soon to Wizard101! AH! I can't wait! Judging from the picture it looks like a world inspired by African culture and scary looking elephant dudes. In the picture there was a secret message which was deciphered by Kathrine Light and Kevin Battleblood. The message was "Down in the Depths". Depths of what I wonder... This might be the homeworld of the Helephants. Do you remember in Grizzlehiem that the Coven used a Helephant as their guard and when you set him free he says that he could return to his home finally? No? Well I remember, I think. How about in the Tower of the Helephant, when the helephant talks about his homeworld of Yago? This world could also be called Empyrea, Weirwood, might be Mirage? So many questions, but I have one answer to all of them. I can't wait to continue the Morganthe storyline and see what Kingsisle has up their sleeve! 

Friday, October 7, 2011

My Spiral Mission: Protector of the Lore [Chapter 11]

Contact Central City

“Hey guys,” Jeremy called out to his friends. He sat down at an empty chair and watched them wolf down several ‘ugly cupcakes’

“Yo Jeremy!” Aaron Dawn hollered. The others said their greetings as well, but they had their mouth full and they weren’t understandable. They were all wearing sweaters that had a star on the left shoulder and each a different color.

“How did you guys get here?” Jeremy asked after they were all done eating. They looked up at him like he was crazy or delusional.

“Teleporting. How else?” Mary Hexcaster answered. They all chuckled and they eyed the last ugly cupcake in the middle. Jeremy couldn’t care less for the ugly cupcake.

“That’s not what I meant… What happened?” He continued. Some looked back at Jeremy and shrugged others were thinking, trying to remember while a few stayed fixated on the ugly cupcake. Jeremy got up, took the cupcake and took a giant bite of it. The ones who were fixated gaped as their last snack was devoured.

“No one told us anything,” Sierra Blade finally answered while others nodded, “they said we could stay here for the time being and work on our magic.”

“Speaking of working on our magic, we need to get to class guys.” Matt chimed in.

“Class?” Jeremy asked.

“Yes, class. You know, where you learn things?” Matt taunted, “come on! We’re going to be late!”

They agreed and got up dumping their trash. They walked off to their assigned classroom Matt still taunting Jeremy while the others laughed.

“Now that we got that settled,” Fallon chuckled as Cassie threw away the last of the popcorn, “we should contact Central city.”

“Ugh, I hate dealing with Lord RettSej.” Angel put in.

“We know, Angel.” Cassandra answered, “But there’s no denying the fact that we need to join forces if we want to succeed.”

Angel huffed a “fine” and watched as Alric typed in some keys and a projection of a dark haired woman with emerald eyes appeared in the middle of the table.

“Hello Lady Aivil,” Kevin greeted.

“Hello there, Mr. Battleblood,” Lady Aivil answered and she noticed Angel sitting on the other side, “and hello Sir Winterbreeze.”

“Hi,” Angel huffed, and looked away.

“You know, the offer still stands.” She affirmed, her eyes stayed in his direction still with her smile plastered on her face.

“I know, and my answer remains the same,” He replied. With that her smile faltered and returned her attention to Kevin. Kevin cleared his throat and spoke.

“We would like to speak to Lord RettSej,” Kevin asked.

“What for?” She questioned, “You do realize we are in the middle of being under siege. He is busy with other matters.”

“This is also about the siege. It’s just as important.” Stephen insisted. Lady Aivil scoffed and replied “I’ll see what I can do.”

The council waited all looking at each other for about 5 minutes until the projection flickered and up came on image of a man with shoulder length dark hair, and yellow eyes. He was dressed in a long dark robe with a few stars and moons decorated on it.

“This is Lord RettSej, Commander of the Union Army of Central city. What do you want?” Lord RettSej boomed.

“Greetings Lord RettSej,” Katherine started, “we have gathered to ask for the status of the situation and to ask for an alliance. It seems that other worlds of the Spiral have also been attacked and it would be in our best interest to work together.” The room stayed silent as they waited for his answer, but when none came from him they urged on.

“We offer our assistance and our expertise in these matters for an alliance. With both our forces combined we can help rid the Spiral of whatever is attacking it.” Alric proposed.

“And what makes you so sure that we need your help?” Lord RettSej questioned.

“We have gotten reports that a few of your citizens have been captured. It is to our knowledge that those that were captured were one of the seven…” Autumn stated while giving a quick glance over to Angel who wasn’t even paying attention. Lord RettSej looked down and pinched the bridge of his nose as in deep thought.

“So, what is your answer, Lord RettSej?” Christina asked, trying to get to the point and not waste any more time.

More silence filled the room. Lord RettSej looked up, his eyes wandered around the room until they landed on Angel for a brief moment and looked back at Kevin. “I’ll get back to you on that…” was all he said, the call ended, and they all gave out an aggravated sigh.