Friday, October 26, 2012

Dinosopia Thoughts.

Azteca... My thoughts when I first read the name I thought it would be a side world much like Wysteria. I never imagined that Kingsisle would release almost 3 main worlds in a 14 month period along with another game. In the age before Celestia this was unthinkable because it was almost 2 years before we even saw Celestia. Anyways, back to Azteca. From the pictures itself, it intrigued me just a little. I decided to look up on some information at your regular Central and Twitter and saw many tweets and posts from several players about this new world. Level to 90, new spells, and the rest of the entire packet. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy that KingsIsle is still being active and updating Wizard101, but I just don't feel that dumping more and more content for players to grind through is what makes the game fun. I don't know, I don't want to be the one that says that "This update is horrible! Take it back" because it's not and I have a feeling that some of the hardcore players have been asking for more content, but what about the casual players? Wouldn't it be better to just fix the issues at hand and making the current game funner to the rest of the players? Maybe add extra fun "out of battle" spells so wizards who don't like battling monsters can have some fun. Or just expanding on puzzles for the home or something like that. Personally, I just feel that maybe having players grind through 30 levels in almost a year time with new spells and quests and furniture and other stuff to do might be a little overwhelming. 

Now don't go knocking on my door with a mob of angry wizards who are saying "How dare you! We've been waiting for this amount of content!" I don't know, after the grind of Avalon I did not want to continue with my other characters. I think the farthest I got is my Ice and Balance to the point of the new spells I just wanted to have. I can't imagine what Azetca would be. The only thing that I'm really interested in was the "mysterious helper" Morganthe has. I like the style of the world too from the pictures and from the videos I really like the music they had. The spell animations look nice I just, I don't know, I would of loved that they did something different than just do damage. Maybe new spell effects? Please don't take this as me complaining about this new update. I do like that they're updating the game just, well, I just don't know. Sorry this might not be the "formal blog posts" that you guys might be expecting from me, but I'm just not like that so you'll just have to suffer lol.

I related news I received my P101 map with the clues and puzzle codes... Yeah, I'll leave that to my younger sister to solve and when she does I'll give her the code for whatever it is. I still haven't looked up what it is. I think I'll quest in the Spiral once again when I have time when there are no Pandas running around (Some will know what that is) until then all! 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Spiral Mission: Protector of the Lore [Chapter 22]

Hey guys! Sorry I've been MIA for sometime, but I still log on now and then just to check on things. The test realm stuff sounds interesting and the 5th pet talent is going to drive those pet fanatics crazy! I just can't wait! Now here's the next chapter of PotL (Protector of the Lore) and it's kind of a long one, but I enjoyed writing it! I hope you enjoy it!

Chance Encounter
These past couples of days have made him start thinking about what has happened. Thinking if he was really fit to be what he is. This, this great and powerful wizard that everyone loves. What has he really done so far? Run away? Sneak around? That didn’t sound like a great and powerful wizard to him. Also this beast, creature, thing inside of him that keeps trying to take over his body. He didn’t have horns anymore, or the sharp teeth of an animal, but he can feel that beast inside of him growing stronger. To top it all off his best friend in the entire Spiral went to the side of evil to revive his parents, but then gave up his life to save him. He was just so confused. Why did this have to happen to him? Why can’t he just be normal like everybody else? Maybe it might be better for everyone if he just laid here forever until he was finally gone. That was his plan until he received a soft kick to his shoe.

“Y’all better have a pretty darn good reason why you laying down on my property,” he heard a female voice talk to him. He opened his eyes, they were still a little blurry, but he could only see some distinct bright pink hair from the female figure.

“M-Michelle?” he croaked out. He rubbed his eyes while the figure spoke.

“I don’ know who this Michelle character is, but she must be a looker if you think that she looks like little ol’ me,” he looked back up to see a girl that looked about five years older than him, she had purple eyes that somehow matched her bright pink hair. With what she was wearing she could be a cow girl, and she had a lasso attached to her belt. Her cow girl outfit was purple with white trim, but her boots were some sort of strange design that Jeremy has never seen before.

“I-I’m sorry. Thought you were someone else,” Jeremy apologized.

“Is no problem, kid. Name’s Amy. Amy Dragonstaff,” Amy said.

“Um Jeremy, Jeremy Wildred,” he introduced himself.

“Nice ta meet ya, Jeremy. Whatcha doin’ out here in the Mirage desert all on your lonesome?” She extended her hand to help him up. Jeremy took the help and stood up and dusted himself off.

“Well, I kind of ran away,” he answered her.

“Aww shoot. You too? Why do all these kids keep runnin’ away? Geez, I can’t keep taking care of y’all more,” Amy started complaining and Jeremy just stood there confused. He didn’t ask her to take care of him. “M’sorry. Kinda went all crackly-doo on ya. Com’on I need ta show ya somethin’” She just started walking away a few steps before she noticed Jeremy wasn’t moving. “What are ya, yellowbellied?” Jeremy scoffed and walked with Amy until they reached an oasis that popped out of nowhere. There was a huge lake in the middle of a lush jungle. It seemed so vibrant and beautiful. Jeremy rushed towards the water and drank as much as he could. He didn’t realize he was this thirsty before. Amy just watched him until she got bored and whistled a strange sound. Jeremy stood up from drinking and looked at Amy. Amy just gave him a smirk before he heard a roar and giant stomps coming from the brush.

“What’s that?” Jeremy asked her as he was stepping backward slowly.

“Is nothing’ just the sweetest little darn thing to ever walk this earth,” she answered him. Right after she finished her answer a giant dragon-like thing stepped out of the bushes. Its skin was a grey white color, and when the light hit the scales the skin looked like it was made of silver. The creature looked like it was about 15 feet long and could swallow someone whole! Amy walked up to the dragon and was petting it like it was a puppy. This girl is crazy! 

“What? Don’tcha ever seen a Cloud Wyvern before?” She rested her head on the side of the wyvern’s face and started cooing and making sounds which the wyvern copied. “Well? Don’t just stand there. Com’say hi to Lunette.” Jeremy stepped forward hesitantly while watching the wyvern just in case it made any attempt to eat him.

“N-Nice wyvern… G-Good wyvern,” he said trying to keep his voice from cracking. He was eventually standing only a few inches from the wyvern and reached his hand out to pet him but jumped slightly when the wyvern snorted. Amy giggled and encouraged him to keep going. Jeremy reached his hand out and started petting the giant wyvern. He had to admit, the wyvern was kind of neat and a cool pet to have. “So, why did you call her?” he said as he continued petting her.

“We’re going to ride her,” she said with a hint of mischief in her eyes. Before Jeremy could say anything Amy grabbed him and jumped on the wyvern and in a second they were up in the air flying over the desert. Jeremy was trying not to look down at the ground since he never flew before in his life. He was grabbing onto the saddle that was conveniently placed there. “Geez kid, stop being so yellowbellied.” Amy laughed.

“Haha, just tell me when we’re there wherever we’re going,” Jeremy said with his eyes still closed.

“Well then, it’s not that big of deal. Jus’ goin’ to that Mirage market down there,” Amy said and Jeremy opened his eyes slightly to see where she was pointing. From above it looked like a bustling town and the buildings were made of either stone or clay, but they had a tannish color with stands that were selling fruit and other goods. Amy made another sound that instructed the wyvern to descend at an amazing speed that had Jeremy worried that they were going to crash. Just before they were about to crash the wyvern pulled out its giant wings and flapped them once and they were on the ground without even a thump. Jeremy looked around and saw that instead of seeing the bustling market that he saw from the air the market was deserted and no one in sight.

“What happened to the people?” He turned around the ask Amy as he got off. Amy didn’t answer yet she looked around and gave a smirk. She tipped her hat a little down and stuck a purple tooth pick in her mouth.

“I’ll catch ya later, Jeremy. Gotta round up my girls,” she winked at Jeremy and the wyvern took off and if you were unlucky to have blinked you would have missed it. Jeremy looked around, the town looked more like a ghost town and to add to it a tumble weed rolled across the streets. He took a few steps before he heard whispering behind him. He quickly spun around trying to find where the whispers were coming from, but no luck. He scratched the back of his neck and called out.

“Hello? Is anybody here?” He didn’t get a response. He walked forward to a fountain in the middle of an intersection. Maybe he could find someone there. He arrived at the fountain with still no one in sight. “I swear this town was full of people before we landed,” he mumbled to himself. “Maybe it was just a mirage?” He sat at one of the ledges of the fountain, sighed, and started to think. What was he supposed to do now? Wait until the weird cow girl came back with the rest of her friends?

He was actually thinking of waiting until he felt something poke him in the leg. He opened his eyes and saw a stick and followed the stick until he saw an armadillo wearing a white turban and looked pretty young.

“Yes?” Jeremy asked the armadillo.

“W-who are you?” the armadillo stepped back and held the stick like it was ready to attack.

“My name is Jeremy. I come from Central city,” he said in a monotone voice.

“Why did she not kill you?” the armadillo asked, fear evident in his voice.
She? Jeremy thought until he realized he was talking about the cow girl that dropped him off. “I don’t know, really. Who is she?” Jeremy asked him.

“They say her wrath is worse than the Dragon titan. She decimated many villages from all across the worlds of the Spiral. We call her,” the armadillo gulped, “Cotton Candy.” Jeremy did everything he could to hold in the laugh that was building up. Cotton Candy? Is he serious?

“W-why?” was all Jeremy could say trying to stifle his laugh.

“Just before she arrives to destroy you, the clouds up above turn different shades and colors. My grandpa says she does it so people have something nice to look at before they’re gone,” the armadillo gulped again and looked around obviously anxious.

“I think we’re talking about two completely different people. The girl I met was nice and even gave me some water,” Jeremy told the armadillo. Just as the armadillo was going to say something a booming sound came from the sky. Just as the armadillo said the sky turned different shades of blue and red. It was extremely beautiful, mesmerizing even. There was a flash of light and a crashing sound came from behind them. They turned quickly but saw only a dust cloud of some sort and a silhouette of 3 figures standing in front of something big. Once the cloud was cleared away you could see the cowgirl from before standing in between two new girls. The one on the left was dressed in a white cowgirl outfit with a green tint in the trim, had blond hair, and looked like the youngest of the three. The one on the right was wearing all black with a bright red whip to her side and had black hair with one strand of it dyed red and she seemed like the oldest of the trio. Amy looked directly at Jeremy and smirked which sent a shiver down his spine. She stepped forward towards them and the others to the side followed right behind her. She stopped just a couple steps in front of Jeremy and looked down towards the armadillo.

“Who’s the short kid?” she signaled towards the armadillo with her chin.

“Please don’t hurt me!” The armadillo fell to his knees and begged.

“I ain’t gonna hurt you fool. Just gonna introduce lil’ Jeremy here to my sisters is all.” She looked back at Jeremy with a creepy smile. Jeremy took a deep breath and looked at her with a stoic face.

“I know who you are.” Jeremy said.

“Oh do you now?” Amy started circling around him while the others smirked.

“Yes, I do,” He glared at her.

“Then tell me. Who am I?”

“You’re the one they call ‘Cotton Candy’,” Amy’s eyes widened for just a split second but then she had a smug look on her face.

“Do you really believe these people? Their made up nonsense is nothing but lies,” She lied through her teeth.

“I won’t let you hurt these people.”

“I won’t hurt them. Now that I found what I’m looking for…” She whispered in his ear that made the hair on the back of his neck stand up.

“What?” He asked. The two other girls started chuckling and Amy looked back towards them.

“How rude of me, I forgot the introductions,” Amy walked back to her sisters and signaled to the one on the right. “This is my sister, Briana Ashtail, otherwise known as Licorice.” The last name emanated gasps from the on lookers in their houses. “You know why they call her Licorice, Jeremy?” Amy nodded towards Brianna and she pulled out her red whip. She whipped it towards Jeremy and just barely hit him on the arm. It stung a little bit to him, but luckily he moved so he didn’t get the full impact. “…When someone gets hit by her whip that only she can control, even a little scratch they are incapable of moving. Sort of like they’re paralyzed.” Just as the sentence ended Jeremy felt his legs begin to weaken and he fell on his knees to the sand. The cut started throbbing and he could barely move his arms.

“Pretty cool isn’t it?” Brianna smirked. Jeremy lifted his head which at the moment felt like it weighed a ton.

“Y-you work for the Death Hatake, don’t you?” He questioned the trio. Amy’s eyes became enraged and thunder could be heard coming from the clouds. She grabbed Jeremy’s collar and pulled him up to her face

“How dare you think I work with that horrible, disgusting, sorry excuse of a wizard!” She yelled at him. “I would never in my life associate myself with that low-life!”

“And yet you go around destroying poor villages…” Jeremy countered.

“I was on a mission to find something.”

“Find what?”

“You,” Amy answered. Jeremy reached up and grabbed her wrist.

“Get. Off.” He jumped away, but still felt a little off because of the whip.

“He definitely is the one. No one has ever recovered from the poison that quickly,” Amy said to herself. “How rude! You didn’t even wait until I introduced you to Veronica. Also known as, Mint.” Whispers were heard throughout the town. It seems that the blond one was even more well-known than Brianna. Veronica smirked and disappeared in a cloud of dust and reappeared behind Jeremy.

“It’s nice to finally meet you, Jeremy,” Veronica whispered into Jeremy’s ear. Her breath felt like a chilling breeze that made the hair on the back of Jeremy’s neck stand up. “Now, why don’t you just sit and stay a little.” Jeremy’s body automatically obeyed and Jeremy struggled to get back up but couldn’t. “That’s a good boy,” Veronica smirked and petted his head like a dog. His glare to her could set her on fire if it was possible. “Aww, don’t be mad honey bunch,” Jeremy’s glare turned into a smile, “Much better… I think it’s time for you to have a nice little nap.” His eyes felt heavy as he fell down on his side completely asleep.

“Pick him up and let’s go. We don’t have much time,” Amy told her sisters as she got back on her wyvern.

Jeremy’s eyes fluttered open. He felt a strong gust of wind hit his face and tried to move his arm but he was wrapped in Brianna’s whip. He tried to get out of it when he felt a patting on his shoulder. He looked up to see Brianna looking down at him.

“It’s best not to move when we’re this high up,” he looked down and sure enough they were flying high above a forest of trees of different colors and shapes, mostly trees that were cut in a cube shape.

“Where are we? Where are you taking me?” He questioned the three sisters.

“We’re in Avalon. We’re taking you to someone who can help,” Amy answered.

“Help me? Who can help me in Avalon?” Just as he finished they landed in a forest in the middle of the Weirwood. The whip slithered off of Jeremy like a snake and wrapped itself around the holster on Brianna’s belt. He saw that the three started walking to a bunch of trees and wondering why they would be so stupid to leave him alone.

“Follow,” Veronica ordered and Jeremy’s feet started moving on their own. Well that answers that. They came up into a clearing that looked astonishing and had a little pond to the side that was barely 6 feet in diameter. In the middle of the pond was a very small island that could maybe fit one person. What surprised Jeremy was that there actually was a person sitting or meditating on that small island. It was a very old bald man that had a white beard. He wore a brown clock that only had one sleeve. Jeremy looked at the sisters and they pushed him towards the old man. He was very confused on what to do so he just sat in front of the old man across the small pond. He sat and waited for about five minutes before he released a very deep sigh.

“I’ve been expecting you, young wizard,” this scared Jeremy a little but he recovered before anyone saw.

“Who are you?” Jeremy asked.

“A better question would be who I was.”

“Ok...? Who were you?”


“I’m not following,” he said confused.

“Of course, you are meant to be a leader.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“Then what did you mean?”

“I meant, I’m confused on what you said. How.. how can you used to be me when I’m right here.”

“I am your previous life.” Jeremy thought about this for a minute before he finally figured it out.

“You’re the Life Hatake.”

“I was, yes.”

“But you’re still alive, so that means-“

“No, I’m not.”

“I can see you right in front of me.”

“You can only see me because you’re a Hatake.”

“Then how come they can see you,” Jeremy pointed to the girls sitting on the side.

“Only Amy can see me,” the old man corrected him.

“Then that means..?”

“Yes, she is a Hatake as well,” Jeremy looked at Amy and she smirked back.

“Storm,” Jeremy blurted out.

“Yes, she is a very powerful Diviner,” the old man commented, “and an ego to match.”

“Hey!” Amy yelled.

“Now, the reason I called you here is to train you,” the old man explained.

“Train me for what?”

“I had a vision. A great battle is upon us, Jeremy. One that decides the fate of 
the Spiral. Unfortunately, you are not ready to fight in it. This is why you are here. I will teach you everything I know.”

“Everything you know? That could take months, maybe years! There’s no time.”

“On the contrary, there is always time for those who know how to seize it,” the old man waved his hand and a flower grew and blossomed in front of Jeremy.

“The Fortuniana rose,” he remembered that flower.

“So you’ve heard of this flower?”

“The time flower. This is what we’re using?” the old man nodded and smiled.

“Before we tamper with time however, we must open the gates inside of you so your power can flow through your body.”

“What do you mean?” Jeremy asked confused.

“Your powers have been locked. I can sense a great seal has been placed on it, but the Hatake cannot be suppressed,” Jeremy remembered Angel doing something to keep him from going out of control. Could that be it? “As you have noticed your Hatake power leaks through the gate time and again to help you in certain situations.”

“-But what if when we release the Hatake power we also release Lord Raidon?”

“We will worry about Raidon after we release your Hatake power. You cannot hope to control something if you do not control yourself first. Therefore we’ll need you at your full strength to be able to deal with Raidon,” Jeremy sighed but understood what the old man was saying. “Now, are you ready young Hatake?” Jeremy nodded and took a deep breath. “Relax, breathe in and out slowly, meditate and concentrate on the power. Venture into your inner self. Focus on the power that lies deep inside you,” the old man instructed.

Jeremy kept breathing deeply until he felt relaxed and a few minutes later he felt himself become weightless and there was no sound at all. Not of the pond, not from the birds that were chirping before, just endless silence. He snapped his eyes open and he was in a different endless forest. There was no sound in the forest, nothing.

“Where am I?” Jeremy asked.

“You are inside yourself, young Hatake,” came the voice of the old man that echoed throughout the forest.

“There is a forest inside me?”

“This is your inner self. You are a life wizard of the highest order. Your inner self represents who and what you are.”

“What is that exactly?” Jeremy questioned the old man.

“Life… Endless, beautiful, peaceful. Growing all around us. That is life,” the old man explained. Jeremy thought this over for a moment. Is this really what I am? “Now, you must find the power of the Hatake sealed within.”

“And how am I supposed to do that?” He asked the old man.

“Don’t ask me that question. This is your inner self, not mine.” Jeremy grumbled a few words before he started walking through the quiet forest. After a few minutes of walking aimlessly he was getting very annoyed.

“How the heck do I find this stupid thing?” As he uttered those words he heard a very high pitch noise which he found odd because the forest was silent the whole time. He followed the noise for about five minutes before he came to clearing that has a giant glowing golden cage that looked like a dome. The inside of the dome was filled with a green mist that swirled around inside. He stepped closer to it and he heard whispers coming from the inside. He touched the dome and had a warm, comforting feeling fill him up from the inside. “Is.. is this.. it?” he asked unsure if the old man would respond.

“Yes, this is the power of the Life Hatake. The voices you hear is the voices of all of nature speaking to you.”

“Is that why the forest is empty and quiet? Because everything is locked up in here?” Jeremy asked. He got no answer back. He walked around the dome trying to find a door or opening of some sort. He found a door with a wand for a handle. He inspected the wand for a second before he decided it was safe to use. He grabbed the wand and tried to pull the door open. The high pitch noise got louder and the dome started vibrating before the wand shot out a force that knocked Jeremy backwards into the trees. He sat up quickly until he realized he was back sitting in front of the old man and the three sisters with a worried look on their face. “What just happened?”

“It seems her magic was stronger than I thought…” the old man muttered to himself.

“Who are you talking about?” Jeremy asked.

“Dorothy Mystaga… Your mother.”find wha

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Update Notes

The Adventure Continues!

Students who are level 80 and have completed the quest "Lost Lieutenant" from Sergeant Muldoon in Wizard City will be asked to talk to Kirby Longspear about the mysterious keys found at Briskbreeze Tower! Kirby will ask you to speak with Alhazerd for the quest "The Dark Portal" to be able to enter the difficult gauntlet that only the most skilled wizard can hope to complete: The Umbra Rift. The rewards for completing such a dungeon is greater that any young wizard can imagine! Can you stand up to the challenge?

Spells you say?

Students who reach level 70 and have completed the Tower of the Helephant will be asked to return to Wysteria to learn new spells from the professors there! Speak with Belladonna Crisp for your enrollment and to receive one of the new spells! However you can only learn your own school spells (Ice wizards can only learn from the Frost school.)

These new spells from Pigswick Academy are a new type of spell: Halos. 
Halo spells hover above the caster and can only be used on yourself. Much like the star school spells you can only have one halo spell on at a time and if you cast another halo it removes the previous one. Halo spells are not permanent and they last only for five rounds. However, once you do the specific action indicated on the card the halo is removed. For example, the halo Mega Drain will enhance a drain spell so instead of turning 50% of the damage dealt to health it turns 75% of the damage to health for the next drain spell cast. Once you use a drain spell Mega Drain dissipates much like a blade.

These new spells include:
Extinguish, 2 pips, Moon school.
Received from completing the enrollment quest from Belladonna Crisp.
Removes a Halo effect from a target.

Mega Drain, 3 pips, Death school.
Received from completing the quest from Edna Fuligin in the School of Spirit.
Receive 75% of health back from the next drain spell.

Burn, 4 pips, Fire school.
Received from completing the quest from Anhku in the School of Ember.
Adds another round to your next damage over time spell.

Reflection, 5 pips, Ice school.
Received from completing the quest from Quentin Burble in the School of Frost.
Reflects 50% of the damage taken to the attacker.

Double Take, 4 pips, Life school.
Received from completing the quest from Chester Droors in the School of Earth.
40% of the next heal cast will be put as an absorb.

Ricochet, 3 pips, Storm school.
Recieved from completing the quest from Thaddeus Price in the School of Tempest
The next incoming damage will be shared with a random team member. (Half and half)

Split Image, 5 pips, Myth school.
Received from completing the quest from Heironiumus Bunch in the School of Chaos.
Summons another minion with the next minion cast.

Reduction, 4 pips, Balance school.
Received from completing the quest from Velma Pepper in the School of Equilibrium.
Lowers the pips cost of the next spell cast by 3.

Dueling Revised!

We have listened to our players and have changed some aspects in the PvP system.
-Ranks of players and their win-loss ratio have been reset to introduce the new PvP system.
-Your 'Arena Gear' stats will now depend on what level you are, so a Magus will not have the same stats as a Grandmaster wizard.
-A new Rank has been introduced - Will you be the first wizard to achieve the rank of War General?
-New PvP Only Gear have been introduced for all ranks and for all levels.
-The turn system has been changed in the dueling ring as players have requested so there should no longer be a "First turn advantage"
-New vendors outside the Arena in Unicorn way have been placed for all of your dueling needs.
-New "PvP Only" spells have been given to Diego the Duelmaster to teach only skilled wizards.
-Players who have fled or run out of cards will no longer receive tickets from that duel.
-Players who have fled will have to wait 15 minutes instead of the previous 5 minutes.
-When players join a random ranked match they will be paired up with someone who is in their level range.(1-5, 6-10, 11-15, 16-20...) However, the longer the wait the more that level range increases.
-Players who defeat someone is 10 levels greater will now receive bonus rank points.
-A new style of play has been given as an option for duelists in the Ranked Arena: Tournament. 
Tournaments work when the required amount of wizards have signed up and are ready to go. They will then be transported to a room and the matches will randomly be selected. Once the match is over the winner will be transported back into the room while the other will be transported back into the arena lobby. The winner will wait until their next opponent is ready and is back into the tournament room after their match. The winner of a tournament will receive 200 arena tickets and gain 80 rank points. The amount of players needed to start a tournament is 16. At the moment the only tournaments available are only for 1v1.

Rise Minions!

Minions are now updated to their fullest potential with a new mechanic to the game.
-A new minion interface is now available when you obtain a minion spell from training.
With the new minion interface you can personally select which cards your minion can use.
Every 10 levels after you obtain your minion you will receive an ability point which you can spend on minion trainers located in Wysteria and Grizzleheim that will teach your minion new spells. Also with the ability point your minion will gain a rank which adds more health and access to more cards that it can learn. For example, a Pyromancer who just received their Fire Elemental will only need 2 pips to cast their minion while an Archmage Pyromancer will need 6 pips. Death and Myth wizards will have a similar interface but will have options for each of their different minions.
This new interface does not include the treasure card version of minions.

Housing Updates

-The Wysteria Villa is now available in the Crown Shop
-The Avalonian Fortress is now available as a crafting recipe from Padraig in Abbey Road.
-New Furniture items have been added as drops from monsters from the worlds of Wysteria, Zafaria, and Avalon.
-Players who are at a home with a dueling circle and are playing in PvP will no longer be counted a player when a tag game starts.
-Banks can now be moved throughout the inside of the home but cannot be picked up.
-Furniture items for pets are now sold in the Pet Pavilion.
-A new Bazaar Kiosk is now available in the Crown Shop for those who want to shop in the comfort of their home.

Spell Updates

-Guardian Spirit will now be considered a Halo spell and the effect has been raised to 25% and only lasts for 5 rounds.
-Mana Burn has been fixed and players who do not have the pips to cast their spell can no longer cast it after they have been affected by Mana Burn.
-New Polymorphs have been added to the worlds of Zafaria and Avalon.
Quest Updates

-The drop of rates from collect quests have been increased slightly so players no longer have to spend countless battles to obtain them.
-Your Main Storyline quests now have a green star next to them in your Quest Journal so you can keep better track of them.

Gardening Updates

-A new plant, The Zaptorling, is now available in the Crown Shop and has a very high chance of getting Amber, Vine, or Braided Vine at Elder.
-Some plants now respond to some pets that are nearby. 
-Some plant spells have had their price reduced.

Misc Updates

-The Mega Snack Pack now has been reduced to 2,000 crowns
-Wizards now have the option to dance like their pet from the Menu chat.
-The Selfish talents on the 78 School pets have now been removed and replaced with better talents.
-Clones should no longer appear with huge names.
-Some First generation pets can now be sold at the Bazaar and will be converted back to an Egg. More information on First Generation pets can be found on our fansites.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

PvP Update

I'm not sure if I'm the only one that noticed this, but the PvP system needs a big update! Ever since Celestia the PvP gear has been obsolete. There are people taking advantage of the points system and right now Ranked PvP is a joke to most wizards. How do we fix this? Well, that is no easy task. First, you'll need to reset everyone's rank. Yes, yes, I know you've worked hard to gain your rank but it'll be worth it, trust me! 

There are really great threads over on W101C that discuss the needed PvP update:
Nesogra's "Fix for Puppet Teams"
azoresdog's "Is KI aware of Puppet Teams?"
Ivanna's "Matchmaking 101"

What got me into PvP in the first place is the awesome looking Commander Gear, which is now obsolete. There is no doubt that we need new Arena Gear, but first we need a new Arena rank, Overlord. To achieve the rank of Overlord you must have at least 1100 arena points and must have completed the quest "Diego's Challenge". Once you have at least 1100 points you will receive a notification from Diego the Duelmaster saying: "Young wizard, come meet me at once in front of the The Arena in Unicorn Way. I have a challenge for you!" Once you arrive where he is he will say: "Ah, yes my most promising student of the dueling arts! It is time for you to transcend upwards to achieve new power. Power greater than you have ever had before!" ->Next-> "However, to achieve this power I must know that you are ready to obtain it. I shall test you myself! Meet me inside The Arena and show me your skill!"
*You go inside the Arena*
Diego: "Welcome to your final test! I will not go easy on you just because you are my student."

This is where Diego varies since there are Warlords of every level however I'll go into more detail for some of them:
Levels 1-9
Diego the Duelmaster
Rank 4 Boss
1,500 health
10% resistance to all
Power pip chance: 10%
Spells: Scarab, Scorpion, balance blade, elemental shield, spiritual shield, infection, hex, spectral blast,locust swarm, sprite.
Cheats: He will cast a tower shield on himself and use a fire elf on you first round. If you cast more than two blades he will use Enfeeble and say "No Bladestacking!" then cast a another Fire elf on you that does 120 for each of the three rounds. If you heal he will cast a 100% sanctuary up and say "Good job staying alive!"

Levels 10-19
Diego The Duelmaster
Rank 5 Boss
2,500 health
15% resistance to all
Power pip chance 20%
Spells: Scarab, Scorpion, balance blade, elemental shield, spiritual shield, infection, hex, spectral blast, locust swarm, sprite, helping hands, tower shield.
Cheats: Casts a 60% tower on himself and uses a Storm Shark on you first turn. If you cast more than one blade on yourself he will use Enfeeble on you and say "No Bladestacking!" and casts a Kraken at you. If you attack without a shield he will say "You need more defenses!" then casts a 500 damage Vampire. If you heal he will cast a 100% Sanctuary and say "God job staying alive!"

Levels 20-29
Diego The Duelmaster
Rank 6 Boss
4,000 health
20% resistance to all
Power pip chance 25%
Spells: Scorpion, balance blade, elemental shield, spiritual shield, infection, hex, spectral blast, locust swarm, sprite, helping hands, tower shield, sandstorm, hydra, fortify.
Cheats: Casts a 65% tower on himself and uses a Frostbite on you first turn. If you cast more than one blade on yourself he will cast Enfeeble and say "No Bladestacking!" and use a Stormzilla on you. If you attack without a shield on he will say "You need more defenses!" and uses a Phoenix on you and then places a tower shield on you. If you heal he will use a 100% Sanctuary and say "Good job staying alive!"

Levels 30-39
Diego The Duelmaster
Rank 7 Boss
7,500 health
25% resistance to all
Power pip chance 30%

Levels 40-49
Diego the Duelmaster
Rank 8 Boss
10,000 health
30% resistance to all
Power pip chance 35%

Levels 50-59
Diego the Duelmaster
Rank 9 boss
12,000 health
35% resistance to all
Power pip chance 35%
Critical 100
Block 150

Levels 60-69
Diego the Duelmaster
Rank 10 Boss
13,000 health
40% resistnace to all
Power pip chance 45%
Critical 150
Block 200

Levels 70-79
Diego the Duelmaster 
Rank 11 Boss
14,000 health
45% resistance to all
power pip chance 50%
Critical 200
Block 250

*Level 80*
Diego the Duelmaster
Rank 12 Boss
15,000 health
50% resistance to all
Power pip chance 55%
Critical 250
Block 300
Cheats: He will start the fight by casting a 90% tower on himself and using a Basilisk on you. If you put more than two blades on yourself he will say "No Bladestacking!", use Enfeeble, and put a 70% trap on you. If you attack him with less than 1,000 damage he will say "Let me show you how it's done!" and use an Efreet that will do 1,500 base fire damage. If you attack without a shield he will say "You need more defenses!" and use a Leviathan on you then put a tower shield on you. If you attack without a blade he will say "What? No Blades!?" and use a Deadly Ninja Pig(adds -25% weakness) that does 1000 damage. If you heal he will cast a 100% Sanctuary and say "Good job staying alive!"

Now when all is said and done and you've beaten Diego he will tell you to meet him outside again.
*You go outside*
"My wondrous student! You have surpassed the many that I have taught. You truly deserve to transcend into the next rank of Overlord!" ->Done->
For Completing the quest you will receive 800 Arena tickets, the Overlord Rank & badge, 2 Elucidate treasure cards, 500 gold, and one training point.
Once you complete this quest you will have access to the advanced gear, which includes: 

Diego's Overlord Helm: 900 arena tickets
+200 health
+7% power pipchance
+6% accuracy
+9% damage
+12% resistance
+5% incoming heal
+3% Pierce
+70 Crit
-100% Mana

Diego's Overlord Armor: 1200 arena tickets
+300 health
+8% power pip chance
+7% accuracy
+12% damage
+18% resistance
+7% incoming heal
+5% pierce
+50 Crit
+50 Block
-100% Mana

Diego's Overlord Footgear: 700 arena tickets
+100 health
+6% power pip chance
+6% accuracy
+9% damage
+12% resistance
+4% incoming heal
+2% pierce
+70 Block
-100% Mana

The total stats for wearing this gear would be: Total cost: 2800 arena tickets
+600 health
+21% Power pip chance
+19% Accuracy
+30% Damage
+42% Resist
+16% Incoming heal
+10% Pierce
+120 Crit
+120 Block

The gear would look like this on boys:

Sorry I don't have the equivalent for girls.

Next on the list is the Wands. I'm only going to do the lvl 75+ wand for now. There are two version of each wand, one for the offensive wizard and one for the defensive wizard. They both look the same. Each costs about 800 arena tickets.

Overlord's Frost-Fire Blade
+Power pip
+White pip
+4% Resist
+9% Incoming heal
+75 Block
+20 Crit
Gives 4 Cards of Fire's Fury (130 fire damage)
Gives 2 Cards of Snowdrift (Steals one Heal over time)

Overlord's Magma-Chilled Blade
+Power pip
+White pip
+8% Damage
+5% Pierce
+35 Block
+60 Crit
Gives 4 cards of Frozen fury (130 Ice damage)
Gives 2 cards of Steal Charm (Steals one positive blade)

Next is the Overlord Pet. Oh yes, a pet! This pet will be overloaded with epicness that you truly won't believe! The cost of this EPIC pet will be 1800 Arena tickets. I have heard a copious amount of people talking about a Piggle in a suit of armor so....

The Warrior Piggle

Note: You cannot get this from hatching. If you hatch with this pet you will receive a regular Piggle instead of the Warrior Piggle.

Diego also needs new trainable spells, but not for only Overlord!

0 pips
Star spell
100% accuracy
Description: -15% accuracy & +30% Pierce for 4 rounds.
Must be at least Veteran to train this spell

3 pips
Storm spell
100% accuracy
Description: Removes all negative charms from target.
Must be at least Knight to train this spell

Fortress Shield
3 pips
Ice spell
100% accuracy
Description: -80% shield to self
Must be at least Knight to train this spell

0 pips 
Star spell
100% accuracy
Description: -15% damage & +30% resist for 4 rounds
Must be at least Knight to train this spell

0 pips
Sun spell
100% accuracy
Description: Lowers the pip cost of a spell by 1.
Must be at least level 60 and a Veteran to train this spell.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Needed Update

Hey guys! Sorry about not posting much of anything for the past few weeks/months. I have been very busy with Finals and such. Anyways, I just wanted to let you guys know what I have been doing for the past couple months.

Bienvenue à SorcelleVille! I tried Wizard101 France and let me tell you it was awesome! I knew only half of what they were saying to me, but still. I had lots of fun in W101(FR) even looking at all the name changes was fun. Wizard City was called SorcelleVille and Marleybone was something so outrageous that I can't even remember right now lol. My name on Wizard101 France was Cyprien Sage. No idea what that means, but it sounds cool. The voice acting was done nicely and I really enjoyed myself. I should of taken pictures of the spell cards because their names were odd too. I recommended to the die hard Wizard101 fan to check out Wizard101 in another language it really changes your views and it's also a great way to learn another language. Go on a try it out! Here is the Link and scroll down to the bottom where it says International Players and check out the other versions of Wizard101!

The Myth Wizard Returns! Dun dun dun! I decided to do something I thought I would never do, to *gulp* quest on my myth wizard, Mark Giantcaller. My myth wizard was locked at level 49 for almost two years. Yep TWO years. I think I can hear all the myth wizards already forming a mob right outside my house. I really wanted Basilisk so I logged into my myth wizard and dusted off the cobwebs and dust, and I was in the middle of Dragonspyre. "Oh great," I said with boredom seeping in as Dragonspyre was my least favorite world to quest in until a beacon of shining hope and amusement pierced right through. I found out that my friends and family were questing through an area that was near mine. After a few gasps of surprise that I was questing on my myth, they let me into their questing group and now my myth wizard is happily sitting at Legendary status. I think I would have once again gave up on my myth wizard if it weren't for them. I won't say any names, but they know who they are because of one occasion that THIS happened: 

Our makeshift Balance wizard was very tired and did not know the difference between the myth and fire wizard. We still love our balance wizard though! This is also when I got introduced to the elusive "Fairy Moo Wizard" a rare beast indeed. Afterwards I logged onto my Ice and did some PvP with some very good friends and I just had to share this screenshot with you guys since it cracked us up. We all chose these cards at the same time it was hilarious. 

The nerve of someone people to call me Mr. Breeze. I felt like I was the the Febreeze equivalent of Mr. Clean lol.

Avalon Awaits You! Questing in Avalon has been so much fun! I love the medieval feel of it all. I especially love the Lady of the Lake. She's powerful, mysterious, cunning, and pretty. What's not to like? I really liked this part of Avalon when my name appears on the Stele of Nicole. I'm guessing Nicole is the mermaid's name. My other favorite character is Old Green Beard, he looks like a humanoid version of Bartleby. He's HUGE and funny sometimes. Well, I thought so... 

I had no idea Weirwood was in Avalon. I thought it was going to be a completely different world filled with Fairies, unicorns, and imps, but no. We learned a lot from Avalon. We learned where most of the creatures come from and that Falmea was probably from Avalon as well. I also want the Winter Wyrm to be a pet or mount. It's just too cool to not be a mount or something! I also did not enjoy being constantly hit with Basilisks left and right.

W101Moments & P101Moments. No, I have not forgotten them, in fact, I've been working on them quite a lot. I've been working on new pictures, backgrounds, avatars, and content for them and planning to update them during the summer. Pirate101Moments will be full speed ahead when the game actually comes out, but I have been reading all of the Pirate101 blogs and have added a few of them to the blogroll over at P101Moments. W101Moments will still be active and there will be more quotes, memes, and funny moments coming your way so stay tuned!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Enter The Dragon

Click to Enlarge

Yep, it's that time of year again. Some day in the summer you can explore the Dragon Palace and all its wonders. I haven't decided on what day yet, but I'll let you know!  Last year was a great turn out and lost of wizards showed up to explore the palace and were hunting for the items hidden throughout this house. Here is a sneak peak of the house if you've never been here before, but I warn you that some things have changed around the house ;). The Dragon Palace Summer Gala 2012 will have Tag, PvP, Scavenger Hunts, Foot/Mount Races, and much more! Stay tuned for more information.