Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dragon Palace Summer Gala.

This post may contain CassSpeak!

You've been invited to the Dragon Palace, by the order of the princess!

Come help out around the Dragon Palace and discover the secrets inside!

The gates will open on: 
Saturday, July 2nd
 6:00pm Eastern
5:00pm Central
4:00pm Mountain
3:00pm Pacific

Port bus will be in the Fire tower, Phoenix realm area 1.
Look for Angel FireHeart.
*Port bus will pick up at the same time that the party starts*

There is no cussing, arguing, or trolling allowed. If caught doing so you will be banished to The Commons.

There will be 2 contests that will be posted on the party date at *6:00pm* Eastern. So stay tuned! Also, make sure to study the pictures of the house on Paige's blog: Here. They may contain some clues as to what the 2 contests are!

More details will be released if there there will be a live commentating of some sorts.

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Sword is Missing!

Click to enlarge:

You go the the Dragonrider campsite and find a torch, a coffee pot filled with pure Marelybonian Coffee, but no Dragon Sword.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Ravenwood Ball!

Let me just tell you it was AWESOME! Thanks to Fallon Shadowblade for hosting this event to celebrate the great Wizard101 community and happy birthday Diary of a Wizard and congratz for gaining over 2,000 members! Whether you're from Central or Youtube or a Twizard or anything in between you were all invited to this humongous party and hope you had loads of fun! I was invited to commentate with Kevin Battleblood on his Livestream channel with the ever-so cheerful Paige Moonshade and the glorious Cassandra Dragonheart. Even though I rarely spoke (first time commentating = nervous me) we had a blast and later in the evening we were joined by Cassandra Hexthorn, Fallon Deathslinger, Stephen Spritcaller, Icywiz, and Ronan Dawn! It was pretty packed in the Ravenwood ball but we all managed to get into Vampire area 1 and just had so much fun! I'll never forget this Ravenwood ball and hope the next Ravenwood ball will be better and hope I'm around for it! Now to share some pictures of the ball I took when no one was looking ;)'

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Spiral Mission: Protector of the Lore [Chapter 6]

Party time!

I stood in my dorm looking at the ratty old clothes draped over the chairs and desks; it was just a complete mess. The fact is I had nothing nice to wear for the Anniversary of Peace. I opened my bank and gathered some gold from extra quests I got around Central City, 94 gold, I hope that’s enough. I closed my bank and picked up my backpack and slung it over my back and walked out the dorm room.  I walked down the hallway of the dorm tower and then a hand gripped my shoulder I turned around and saw a familiar face.
 “Hiya Jermy!” Matthew shouted as though he hasn’t seen me in a long time. “How’s Nightchant’s class?”

                “It’s been fun,” I lied “We just learned how to cast Regenerate,” I looked down to the blue rug so he couldn’t look directly at my eyes because they tend to turn light green when I lie. Mother said it was a family trait, but I hated it.

                “Yeah, sure, I heard you slept again.” I looked at him and I could tell he saw that my eyes changed colors. He laughed and took out a box. “This is from my grandfather, Angel, he sent things for both of us.” Matt handed the me the box with my name on it and I struggled to open the box Matt took out his wand and pointed it toward the box and the top flew off. Matt was always better at magic than I was even though Angel both taught us the basics he went beyond what Angel taught him and dabbled with advanced Ice magic while I was learning basic life magic. Angel said that I had no motivation but I just think I’m horrible at it. I looked at the contents of the box and it contained a nice white and gold hat robe and shoes. The hat and robe were made of soft silk and the robe has a cape with a checkered pattern on a part of it and the hat was enchanted to when you put on the hat a feather would appear on it, and I’m a big fan of the feather hat. 

                “Looks snazzy don’t it, Jermy?” He chuckled.

“It’s Jeremy, Matt.” I answered. “Yea it looks nice; tell old Angel I said thanks.” He nodded and waved his wand he poofed out leaving a few snowflakes behind. He was always the show off, but a very good friend. I walked back into my dorm room and put the gold on my desk and laid out the clothes that Angel got me and got ready for the celebration.

I walked out of the dorm tower, put my spell deck in my pocket, and walked to the front of Bartleby where they were giving free treasure cards. “Jeremy!” I heard while something slammed into me and gave me a giant bear hug. “It’s so good to see you!”

                “It’s so good to see you too Alexis!” I said back. Alexis is a member of the Moonshade family. Her family runs all of the housing centers in the Spiral and they specialize in wonderful decorating, and extravagant master pieces that people always love to go see. 

                “So, what are you doing, Jeremy?” Alexis said while fixing her hair.

“Just trying to enjoy the festival maybe win something this time,” we both laughed. I have never won anything at the festival before and I hope this time I will.

                “We’re waiting in the commons at the Wu stand, we heard there was some trouble over there so we decided to just stay there and keep it under control, and you should come too!” She said while pulling my arm.

                “Ok, ok, you’re going to break my arm!” I told her while going through the Ravenwood tunnel to the commons. It was the busiest day ever, like always, everyone was here at the commons you could see trading going on and magic demonstrations and selling of course, plus the occasional beggars asking for free stuff. We darted past the crowds of wizards and found our group of friends sitting by a table near the Wu stand like Alexis said. They were all there and talking and laughing as usual, like a family.

                “Hey there, big bro! I thought you were stuffing yourself with popcorn at the popcorn stand?” She snorted and the rest laughed with her. Caroline’s laugh was contagious almost like a domino effect you couldn’t help but just laugh with her. She was in the afternoon life class and she had already learned the Centaur spell so she was obviously more talented, but her last name is Dragonheart which made me wonder why she wasn’t fire. Caroline’s sisters were just as funny as her or sometimes even funnier.  Sierra Blade and Mary Hexcaster; they were both adopted by Caroline’s mother and those 3 are inseparable.

                “Heyo, Jeremy!”  Isaac shouted as he was finished laughing. Isaac was enlisted in the Dueling classes at the Arena along with Aaron Dawn. They were at the top of Diego’s class and are expected to go to Professional dueling in the summer.  

“Where are the others?” I asked looking around.

                “Alyssa and Aaron are getting food, and Blake is at the Library returning some Grizzlehiem Mythology books and then coming here. Michelle is… I have no idea. She said she would be here before the Headmaster gave her speech.” Isaac answered.

                “Oh,” I sat down “How’s the dueling going?” I asked Isaac.

“Mr. Battleblood is doing fine. I watched him the other day beating down some guy who tried to gather as much boost as he could” Said Alyssa sitting down next to Isaac. Alyssa was a fire student who has an interest in magical melodies; I’m surprised she’s not a life student.

                “Where’s Aaron?” Alexis asked.

“He’s with Michelle and Blake, they’re getting some drinks,” Alyssa informed us. We started talking about random stuff occurring in our lives and then saw a flash in the sky and it started getting darker. We looked at each other and I gripped the spell deck that was in my pocket tight.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Player vs. Player (PvP) Section 3

Do’s and Don’ts 

- Do try and say good game (gg) after every match. I usually say gg after every match unless I'm up against chain stunners or someone who was just down right rude. Good game to me means that you leave the match as equals and that both sides had a fun time dueling.

- Do not flee unless you absolutely have to. Fleeing,  another way of saying "here take my points." It's best to play out a match rather than just give up no matter the odds. If you flee, you will never know how it is like to face that kind of person and whether or not you could of beaten him/her. 

- Do make sure you have enough time to duel. An average 1v1 match can last from 15-45 minutes (depending on the opponent), and sometimes even longer. Plan a head of time. If you need to go somewhere in 20 minutes don't join a queue. Garden or talk to some friends instead.

- Do not use foul/inappropriate language. Using foul language will not grant you access to Warlord rank or the awesome look gear and pets that Diego sells. Also, it's against the rules. If you see anyone using it in The Arena report them!

- Do try and ask your friends if they'd like suggestions on improving their deck build, especially if you're familiar with it.  Maybe they may reinvent something challenging and interesting down the road, and there will be new styles for you to fight. -Kevin Battleblood

If you have any other do's and don'ts please email me at angelwinterbreeze at

Friday, June 17, 2011

Are you ready?

I don't want to give away too much but I will be hosting a party in the near future and I hope you can come on  the date I haven't thought of yet and there will be a contest. Here's a little sneak peak.  Click to enlarge

I will be releasing more quest dialogue the closer we get to the party date :).

P.S. The Dragon princess is not an actually dragon.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Things going on in the Spiral

Working around in the spiral from finishing up Wintertusk and Grizzlehiem on all my wizards while collecting for reagents to craft the items for my wizards and getting the new spells and pets. Just as I finish Nastrond there is another wizard who hasn't even touched a Grizzlehiem related quests. It's a lot of gaming time and patience but it's fun :). Pet-a-palooza is still going on but not for long so make sure to take advantage of the sales and the KIFreeGames mini games and those mega snack packs that they give.

They have recently released two awesome items which I know you all know about. One of them is the new Mega Bundle which you can buy at your local Gamestop for only $39!
Directly from the Wizard101 site:
This Double Card comes with:
  1. 1 Month of prepaid time or 5000 Crowns
  1. Sultan's Palace
  1. Additional Castle Space Elixir*
  1. Random Minigame Kiosk Housing Item
  1. Magic Carpet Permanent Mount
  1. Charmer's Mystical Flute
  1. Sultan's Attire Clothing Set
  1. Snake in a Basket Pet
*If you already have three houses on your character, you must claim this elixir before you claim the Castle! 


The other is the awesome new Dragon's Hoard pack! Many people have said that this is a gamble. That they will spend tons of crowns to get somethings that they didn't want. Now let's see you could buy 5 packs for almost 2000 crowns, but a normal mount would cost 5 times that. It's a really good deal even if it doesn't seem like it at first.  399 for 7 random items that sell good at the bazaar and a chance at getting some of the rare items that come with it!

Now the best news of all is the Ravenwood Ball that will be held on June 25th! Make sure to check out for more details and to enter in some awesome prizes they are giving away to celebrate their 2 year anniversary! Last year it was loads of fun and was packed with some very interesting and amusing wizards and hope to see more of them this year. Also make sure to register for DiaryofaWizard Connnect X and add me while you're there! :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Twizard Yearbook page draft.

Just a quick post on what the Twizard pages will look like in the Community Yearbook :) Any suggestions and feedback is appreciated.