Wednesday, May 30, 2012

PvP Update

I'm not sure if I'm the only one that noticed this, but the PvP system needs a big update! Ever since Celestia the PvP gear has been obsolete. There are people taking advantage of the points system and right now Ranked PvP is a joke to most wizards. How do we fix this? Well, that is no easy task. First, you'll need to reset everyone's rank. Yes, yes, I know you've worked hard to gain your rank but it'll be worth it, trust me! 

There are really great threads over on W101C that discuss the needed PvP update:
Nesogra's "Fix for Puppet Teams"
azoresdog's "Is KI aware of Puppet Teams?"
Ivanna's "Matchmaking 101"

What got me into PvP in the first place is the awesome looking Commander Gear, which is now obsolete. There is no doubt that we need new Arena Gear, but first we need a new Arena rank, Overlord. To achieve the rank of Overlord you must have at least 1100 arena points and must have completed the quest "Diego's Challenge". Once you have at least 1100 points you will receive a notification from Diego the Duelmaster saying: "Young wizard, come meet me at once in front of the The Arena in Unicorn Way. I have a challenge for you!" Once you arrive where he is he will say: "Ah, yes my most promising student of the dueling arts! It is time for you to transcend upwards to achieve new power. Power greater than you have ever had before!" ->Next-> "However, to achieve this power I must know that you are ready to obtain it. I shall test you myself! Meet me inside The Arena and show me your skill!"
*You go inside the Arena*
Diego: "Welcome to your final test! I will not go easy on you just because you are my student."

This is where Diego varies since there are Warlords of every level however I'll go into more detail for some of them:
Levels 1-9
Diego the Duelmaster
Rank 4 Boss
1,500 health
10% resistance to all
Power pip chance: 10%
Spells: Scarab, Scorpion, balance blade, elemental shield, spiritual shield, infection, hex, spectral blast,locust swarm, sprite.
Cheats: He will cast a tower shield on himself and use a fire elf on you first round. If you cast more than two blades he will use Enfeeble and say "No Bladestacking!" then cast a another Fire elf on you that does 120 for each of the three rounds. If you heal he will cast a 100% sanctuary up and say "Good job staying alive!"

Levels 10-19
Diego The Duelmaster
Rank 5 Boss
2,500 health
15% resistance to all
Power pip chance 20%
Spells: Scarab, Scorpion, balance blade, elemental shield, spiritual shield, infection, hex, spectral blast, locust swarm, sprite, helping hands, tower shield.
Cheats: Casts a 60% tower on himself and uses a Storm Shark on you first turn. If you cast more than one blade on yourself he will use Enfeeble on you and say "No Bladestacking!" and casts a Kraken at you. If you attack without a shield he will say "You need more defenses!" then casts a 500 damage Vampire. If you heal he will cast a 100% Sanctuary and say "God job staying alive!"

Levels 20-29
Diego The Duelmaster
Rank 6 Boss
4,000 health
20% resistance to all
Power pip chance 25%
Spells: Scorpion, balance blade, elemental shield, spiritual shield, infection, hex, spectral blast, locust swarm, sprite, helping hands, tower shield, sandstorm, hydra, fortify.
Cheats: Casts a 65% tower on himself and uses a Frostbite on you first turn. If you cast more than one blade on yourself he will cast Enfeeble and say "No Bladestacking!" and use a Stormzilla on you. If you attack without a shield on he will say "You need more defenses!" and uses a Phoenix on you and then places a tower shield on you. If you heal he will use a 100% Sanctuary and say "Good job staying alive!"

Levels 30-39
Diego The Duelmaster
Rank 7 Boss
7,500 health
25% resistance to all
Power pip chance 30%

Levels 40-49
Diego the Duelmaster
Rank 8 Boss
10,000 health
30% resistance to all
Power pip chance 35%

Levels 50-59
Diego the Duelmaster
Rank 9 boss
12,000 health
35% resistance to all
Power pip chance 35%
Critical 100
Block 150

Levels 60-69
Diego the Duelmaster
Rank 10 Boss
13,000 health
40% resistnace to all
Power pip chance 45%
Critical 150
Block 200

Levels 70-79
Diego the Duelmaster 
Rank 11 Boss
14,000 health
45% resistance to all
power pip chance 50%
Critical 200
Block 250

*Level 80*
Diego the Duelmaster
Rank 12 Boss
15,000 health
50% resistance to all
Power pip chance 55%
Critical 250
Block 300
Cheats: He will start the fight by casting a 90% tower on himself and using a Basilisk on you. If you put more than two blades on yourself he will say "No Bladestacking!", use Enfeeble, and put a 70% trap on you. If you attack him with less than 1,000 damage he will say "Let me show you how it's done!" and use an Efreet that will do 1,500 base fire damage. If you attack without a shield he will say "You need more defenses!" and use a Leviathan on you then put a tower shield on you. If you attack without a blade he will say "What? No Blades!?" and use a Deadly Ninja Pig(adds -25% weakness) that does 1000 damage. If you heal he will cast a 100% Sanctuary and say "Good job staying alive!"

Now when all is said and done and you've beaten Diego he will tell you to meet him outside again.
*You go outside*
"My wondrous student! You have surpassed the many that I have taught. You truly deserve to transcend into the next rank of Overlord!" ->Done->
For Completing the quest you will receive 800 Arena tickets, the Overlord Rank & badge, 2 Elucidate treasure cards, 500 gold, and one training point.
Once you complete this quest you will have access to the advanced gear, which includes: 

Diego's Overlord Helm: 900 arena tickets
+200 health
+7% power pipchance
+6% accuracy
+9% damage
+12% resistance
+5% incoming heal
+3% Pierce
+70 Crit
-100% Mana

Diego's Overlord Armor: 1200 arena tickets
+300 health
+8% power pip chance
+7% accuracy
+12% damage
+18% resistance
+7% incoming heal
+5% pierce
+50 Crit
+50 Block
-100% Mana

Diego's Overlord Footgear: 700 arena tickets
+100 health
+6% power pip chance
+6% accuracy
+9% damage
+12% resistance
+4% incoming heal
+2% pierce
+70 Block
-100% Mana

The total stats for wearing this gear would be: Total cost: 2800 arena tickets
+600 health
+21% Power pip chance
+19% Accuracy
+30% Damage
+42% Resist
+16% Incoming heal
+10% Pierce
+120 Crit
+120 Block

The gear would look like this on boys:

Sorry I don't have the equivalent for girls.

Next on the list is the Wands. I'm only going to do the lvl 75+ wand for now. There are two version of each wand, one for the offensive wizard and one for the defensive wizard. They both look the same. Each costs about 800 arena tickets.

Overlord's Frost-Fire Blade
+Power pip
+White pip
+4% Resist
+9% Incoming heal
+75 Block
+20 Crit
Gives 4 Cards of Fire's Fury (130 fire damage)
Gives 2 Cards of Snowdrift (Steals one Heal over time)

Overlord's Magma-Chilled Blade
+Power pip
+White pip
+8% Damage
+5% Pierce
+35 Block
+60 Crit
Gives 4 cards of Frozen fury (130 Ice damage)
Gives 2 cards of Steal Charm (Steals one positive blade)

Next is the Overlord Pet. Oh yes, a pet! This pet will be overloaded with epicness that you truly won't believe! The cost of this EPIC pet will be 1800 Arena tickets. I have heard a copious amount of people talking about a Piggle in a suit of armor so....

The Warrior Piggle

Note: You cannot get this from hatching. If you hatch with this pet you will receive a regular Piggle instead of the Warrior Piggle.

Diego also needs new trainable spells, but not for only Overlord!

0 pips
Star spell
100% accuracy
Description: -15% accuracy & +30% Pierce for 4 rounds.
Must be at least Veteran to train this spell

3 pips
Storm spell
100% accuracy
Description: Removes all negative charms from target.
Must be at least Knight to train this spell

Fortress Shield
3 pips
Ice spell
100% accuracy
Description: -80% shield to self
Must be at least Knight to train this spell

0 pips 
Star spell
100% accuracy
Description: -15% damage & +30% resist for 4 rounds
Must be at least Knight to train this spell

0 pips
Sun spell
100% accuracy
Description: Lowers the pip cost of a spell by 1.
Must be at least level 60 and a Veteran to train this spell.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Needed Update

Hey guys! Sorry about not posting much of anything for the past few weeks/months. I have been very busy with Finals and such. Anyways, I just wanted to let you guys know what I have been doing for the past couple months.

Bienvenue à SorcelleVille! I tried Wizard101 France and let me tell you it was awesome! I knew only half of what they were saying to me, but still. I had lots of fun in W101(FR) even looking at all the name changes was fun. Wizard City was called SorcelleVille and Marleybone was something so outrageous that I can't even remember right now lol. My name on Wizard101 France was Cyprien Sage. No idea what that means, but it sounds cool. The voice acting was done nicely and I really enjoyed myself. I should of taken pictures of the spell cards because their names were odd too. I recommended to the die hard Wizard101 fan to check out Wizard101 in another language it really changes your views and it's also a great way to learn another language. Go on a try it out! Here is the Link and scroll down to the bottom where it says International Players and check out the other versions of Wizard101!

The Myth Wizard Returns! Dun dun dun! I decided to do something I thought I would never do, to *gulp* quest on my myth wizard, Mark Giantcaller. My myth wizard was locked at level 49 for almost two years. Yep TWO years. I think I can hear all the myth wizards already forming a mob right outside my house. I really wanted Basilisk so I logged into my myth wizard and dusted off the cobwebs and dust, and I was in the middle of Dragonspyre. "Oh great," I said with boredom seeping in as Dragonspyre was my least favorite world to quest in until a beacon of shining hope and amusement pierced right through. I found out that my friends and family were questing through an area that was near mine. After a few gasps of surprise that I was questing on my myth, they let me into their questing group and now my myth wizard is happily sitting at Legendary status. I think I would have once again gave up on my myth wizard if it weren't for them. I won't say any names, but they know who they are because of one occasion that THIS happened: 

Our makeshift Balance wizard was very tired and did not know the difference between the myth and fire wizard. We still love our balance wizard though! This is also when I got introduced to the elusive "Fairy Moo Wizard" a rare beast indeed. Afterwards I logged onto my Ice and did some PvP with some very good friends and I just had to share this screenshot with you guys since it cracked us up. We all chose these cards at the same time it was hilarious. 

The nerve of someone people to call me Mr. Breeze. I felt like I was the the Febreeze equivalent of Mr. Clean lol.

Avalon Awaits You! Questing in Avalon has been so much fun! I love the medieval feel of it all. I especially love the Lady of the Lake. She's powerful, mysterious, cunning, and pretty. What's not to like? I really liked this part of Avalon when my name appears on the Stele of Nicole. I'm guessing Nicole is the mermaid's name. My other favorite character is Old Green Beard, he looks like a humanoid version of Bartleby. He's HUGE and funny sometimes. Well, I thought so... 

I had no idea Weirwood was in Avalon. I thought it was going to be a completely different world filled with Fairies, unicorns, and imps, but no. We learned a lot from Avalon. We learned where most of the creatures come from and that Falmea was probably from Avalon as well. I also want the Winter Wyrm to be a pet or mount. It's just too cool to not be a mount or something! I also did not enjoy being constantly hit with Basilisks left and right.

W101Moments & P101Moments. No, I have not forgotten them, in fact, I've been working on them quite a lot. I've been working on new pictures, backgrounds, avatars, and content for them and planning to update them during the summer. Pirate101Moments will be full speed ahead when the game actually comes out, but I have been reading all of the Pirate101 blogs and have added a few of them to the blogroll over at P101Moments. W101Moments will still be active and there will be more quotes, memes, and funny moments coming your way so stay tuned!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Enter The Dragon

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Yep, it's that time of year again. Some day in the summer you can explore the Dragon Palace and all its wonders. I haven't decided on what day yet, but I'll let you know!  Last year was a great turn out and lost of wizards showed up to explore the palace and were hunting for the items hidden throughout this house. Here is a sneak peak of the house if you've never been here before, but I warn you that some things have changed around the house ;). The Dragon Palace Summer Gala 2012 will have Tag, PvP, Scavenger Hunts, Foot/Mount Races, and much more! Stay tuned for more information.