Monday, October 31, 2011

My Spiral Mission: Protector of the Lore [Chapter 12]

Classroom 14B

“Hey, what class are we going to?” Jeremy questioned his friends while walking down the hallways packed with several other wizards of about the same age as him.

“It says Spiral History 101 with Professor Ravensinger.” Matt answered. They looked at Blake who had the same last name.

“What?” Blake asked, “He’s my uncle Alric.” They all let out an ‘oh’ and searched for Classroom 14B.

They opened the door to a spacious classroom with books and papers flying haphazardly around the room. The strangest thing was that there were no chairs only a desk in front of the chalkboard. There were several students already in the room talking to themselves and always looking up when the door opened to see if their professor would come in. Jeremy and his group of friends filed into the room scanning it to see if they knew anybody here. Jeremy was watching the flying books when he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around to a girl with brown hair and eyes to match. Her appearance gave off a cheerful attitude and her robes were uniquely adorned.

“Yes?” He said to the girl.

“Hiya!” She greeted.

“Hi, um, do I know you?” He asked while trying to pry open his memory.

“Oh! Haha,” she laughed nervously, “Um, the password is rawr?”

Jeremy’s eyes grew wide as he finally remembered this stranger. “Heather!?” He gasped.

“Yup, Heather Raven, the one and only.” She smirked.

“Wow! When was the last time I saw you? 5 years ago?” He chatted.

“I know right?! Did you hear tha-“ She stopped when the door opened and a man with a long robe that reached his ankles, silver hair, and grey eyes strolled to the single desk in the room. The class went silent as they watched the man that they assumed to be their professor. He placed his books down on the desk and took out his wand.

“I’m sorry I’m a little late class. I was held up in a meeting. I’m Professor Ravensinger, and I will be teaching you all about the History and mysteries of the Spiral. You may take your seats.” He waved his wand, making the chairs and desks appear. The students took their seats, and of course next to their friends. “Wonderful. You all know how to sit.” He chuckled then waved his wand again and rearranged the entire class randomly, “These will be your assigned seats.” The whole class looked around and groaned as most of them were away from their friends now. Jeremy sat directly in front of the teacher’s desk. He gulped when the professor looked directly at him, “What an interesting bunch I have this semester,” He remarked,” Let’s see how much you know. Raise your hand and introduce yourself if you know anything about The History of the Spiral.” Several people raised their hands a couple rows back. 

“You there, in the funky purple outfit and the purple hair.” He pointed to Michelle who sat almost in the back left hand corner.

“Hi, I’m Michelle Deathslinger,” She introduced herself, ”Um, what I know is that Bartleby had children, the Titans, they fought each other, and they destroyed the world. Grandmother Raven and Bartleby created the Spiral to save the pieces of the first world.”

“Hmm. Basic history, ok.” He mused. “Let’s delve on that then. Can anybody tell me who the Titans were?” Many people raised their hands as the Titans were common knowledge. “Eerrrm. How about you in the oddly colored straw hat?” He pointed to Isaac.

“Sup!  I’m Isaac Battleblood. The Titans were Bartleby’s children. I think there were three of them. The Frost Giant, who is the Titan of Ice. The Fire Dragon, who is the Titan of Fire, and the Storm Lord, who is the Titan of Storm.” Isaac finished and waited for the professor’s approval.

“Very good Mr. Battleblood.” He assured. “The Titans are powerful beings that were so powerful that they had to be put to rest with the Horn of Tranquility that Grandmother Raven is now personally guarding after Morganthe’s attack ages ago.”

“Um, mister Ravensinger?” Jeremy asked.


“There are the Elemental Titans.” Alric nodded for Jeremy to continue, “Well, are there any Spiritual Titans?”

“Aahh. Very interesting question. Well, technically there are Spiritual Titans,” Alric answered making the whole class look to their teacher as they have never heard of the Spiritual Titans, “you see, the Spiritual Titans are not Titans at all, or should I say they don’t take a physical form. In the beginning, there were such things as Spiritual Titans. You may know some as ‘The Grim Reaper’ or ‘Cronus’. The Grim Reaper was, in fact, the first Necromancer, and Cronus was the first Conjurer. You all must already know about Rutena.” The class gave a blank face on the unfamiliar name. Alric sighed and continued, “Well, I shouldn’t be surprised. She was the first Theurgist. She has many names throughout all cultures, but her most popular name is Mother Nature.” The whole class oh’ed. “It is believed that the Spiritual Titans are reincarnated, and their power is transferred into those that they see fit to handle that power. However, in the case of the Elemental Titans they have physical attributes which means that, that mass of power must follow a bloodline and the youngest of that bloodline is granted their power. This is what some call the 7 Hakates. These 7 are granted enormous power and are revered as the strongest of their respected schools.” Alric finished his answer.

“What about the Balance Hakate?” a random wizard asked from the back.

“The Balance Hakate never dies as that would endanger the harmony of the universe. The Balance Hatake is believed to be a mass of magical energy, thus it never dies. However, it is said that if you release that energy from its space it will gain a physical form.”

“What about the Astral magics?” Blake asked.

“Hmm. The Celestian’s didn’t believe in Astral Titans. According to the Archivist, the Celestian’s believed in the three Deities of Magic. Ayas, the Deity of the Body, Morpheas, the Deity of the Mind, and Zephyrus, the Deity of the Spirit. They believed-“ He was interrupted when a bell like sound rang through the entire building. “Well, I guess that’s the end of class. I’ll see y’all tomorrow!” He hollered and with a wave of his wand he disappeared.
The students got up from their chairs and were baffled on how fast the time flew by.


“I will agree to this alliance that you are proposing. Under one condition, you must send one of your Hatakes on a recruitment mission with one of our Hatakes. The mission is simple: we are venturing into The Arena to recruit the militia that has formed there. Are you familiar with Kathyui?”

Friday, October 21, 2011

New Stuff in the Spiral! Has want!

It's been an exciting Hallowe'enfest this month! They've introduced the customize-able housing signs that you can put almost anywhere in your house. There was supposed to be the Panther mount, but I guess that wasn't ready for us just yet. Plus those interactive game maps! By interactive I mean when you hover over a portrait of a character their name pops up and makes it easier for us to see the actual map. Thanks KI!

 On to the BIG news! Earlier this week a new bundle was released, oh yes, I'm talking about the Super Bundle! It comes with the following items: Massive Sun Palace, Giraffe pet, Cheftain attire, Great Hornocerous, Dancing Blade, Additional Castle Space Exlixer, and your choice of either a one month subscription or 5,000 crowns. I have to say the house looks AWESOME! This is, by far, the greatest house. Why? It's beautiful of course! That and it has a Giant Gorilla ;) I took some pictures of the house just to show.

In other news... Kingsisle leaked some pictures to Massively about new content coming soon to Wizard101! AH! I can't wait! Judging from the picture it looks like a world inspired by African culture and scary looking elephant dudes. In the picture there was a secret message which was deciphered by Kathrine Light and Kevin Battleblood. The message was "Down in the Depths". Depths of what I wonder... This might be the homeworld of the Helephants. Do you remember in Grizzlehiem that the Coven used a Helephant as their guard and when you set him free he says that he could return to his home finally? No? Well I remember, I think. How about in the Tower of the Helephant, when the helephant talks about his homeworld of Yago? This world could also be called Empyrea, Weirwood, might be Mirage? So many questions, but I have one answer to all of them. I can't wait to continue the Morganthe storyline and see what Kingsisle has up their sleeve! 

Friday, October 7, 2011

My Spiral Mission: Protector of the Lore [Chapter 11]

Contact Central City

“Hey guys,” Jeremy called out to his friends. He sat down at an empty chair and watched them wolf down several ‘ugly cupcakes’

“Yo Jeremy!” Aaron Dawn hollered. The others said their greetings as well, but they had their mouth full and they weren’t understandable. They were all wearing sweaters that had a star on the left shoulder and each a different color.

“How did you guys get here?” Jeremy asked after they were all done eating. They looked up at him like he was crazy or delusional.

“Teleporting. How else?” Mary Hexcaster answered. They all chuckled and they eyed the last ugly cupcake in the middle. Jeremy couldn’t care less for the ugly cupcake.

“That’s not what I meant… What happened?” He continued. Some looked back at Jeremy and shrugged others were thinking, trying to remember while a few stayed fixated on the ugly cupcake. Jeremy got up, took the cupcake and took a giant bite of it. The ones who were fixated gaped as their last snack was devoured.

“No one told us anything,” Sierra Blade finally answered while others nodded, “they said we could stay here for the time being and work on our magic.”

“Speaking of working on our magic, we need to get to class guys.” Matt chimed in.

“Class?” Jeremy asked.

“Yes, class. You know, where you learn things?” Matt taunted, “come on! We’re going to be late!”

They agreed and got up dumping their trash. They walked off to their assigned classroom Matt still taunting Jeremy while the others laughed.

“Now that we got that settled,” Fallon chuckled as Cassie threw away the last of the popcorn, “we should contact Central city.”

“Ugh, I hate dealing with Lord RettSej.” Angel put in.

“We know, Angel.” Cassandra answered, “But there’s no denying the fact that we need to join forces if we want to succeed.”

Angel huffed a “fine” and watched as Alric typed in some keys and a projection of a dark haired woman with emerald eyes appeared in the middle of the table.

“Hello Lady Aivil,” Kevin greeted.

“Hello there, Mr. Battleblood,” Lady Aivil answered and she noticed Angel sitting on the other side, “and hello Sir Winterbreeze.”

“Hi,” Angel huffed, and looked away.

“You know, the offer still stands.” She affirmed, her eyes stayed in his direction still with her smile plastered on her face.

“I know, and my answer remains the same,” He replied. With that her smile faltered and returned her attention to Kevin. Kevin cleared his throat and spoke.

“We would like to speak to Lord RettSej,” Kevin asked.

“What for?” She questioned, “You do realize we are in the middle of being under siege. He is busy with other matters.”

“This is also about the siege. It’s just as important.” Stephen insisted. Lady Aivil scoffed and replied “I’ll see what I can do.”

The council waited all looking at each other for about 5 minutes until the projection flickered and up came on image of a man with shoulder length dark hair, and yellow eyes. He was dressed in a long dark robe with a few stars and moons decorated on it.

“This is Lord RettSej, Commander of the Union Army of Central city. What do you want?” Lord RettSej boomed.

“Greetings Lord RettSej,” Katherine started, “we have gathered to ask for the status of the situation and to ask for an alliance. It seems that other worlds of the Spiral have also been attacked and it would be in our best interest to work together.” The room stayed silent as they waited for his answer, but when none came from him they urged on.

“We offer our assistance and our expertise in these matters for an alliance. With both our forces combined we can help rid the Spiral of whatever is attacking it.” Alric proposed.

“And what makes you so sure that we need your help?” Lord RettSej questioned.

“We have gotten reports that a few of your citizens have been captured. It is to our knowledge that those that were captured were one of the seven…” Autumn stated while giving a quick glance over to Angel who wasn’t even paying attention. Lord RettSej looked down and pinched the bridge of his nose as in deep thought.

“So, what is your answer, Lord RettSej?” Christina asked, trying to get to the point and not waste any more time.

More silence filled the room. Lord RettSej looked up, his eyes wandered around the room until they landed on Angel for a brief moment and looked back at Kevin. “I’ll get back to you on that…” was all he said, the call ended, and they all gave out an aggravated sigh. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Spiral Mission: Protector of the Lore [Chapter 10]

The Council
Jeremy looked around the lunch room filled with twenty or so wizards about the same age as him. He noticed there was a popcorn machine, cotton candy maker, and various other snacks and meals throughout the large room. The door closed behind them and they walked forward towards the many tables.
“This is Apprentice Lunch,” Angel explained, “We have everything here that you could possibly need so please make yourself at home Jeremy.” Angel ruffled his hair and chuckled when Jeremy smacked his hand away, “Oh your friends are over there,” he pointed at a table in the corner.  Jeremy looked in the direction he was pointing and it was true, all of his friends were sitting there eating including Matt. Sierra Blade looked up and spotted Jeremy and waved at him catching the others’ attention and they waved at him too. Jeremy smiled and looked at Angel as if asking ‘Can I go?’ Angel of course noticed and answered, “sure, go on ahead,” while pushing Jeremy forward, “save me some Fizzle sticks! I’ll be back soon. I need to talk with the others.”
   “The others?” Jeremy questioned.

“You’ll meet them soon,” and with that Angel left Jeremy there and walked upstairs to the council room.

Angel entered the council room and closed the doors behind him. The council room was a large circular shaped room with a large circular table that has 13 chairs surrounding it and a projector of The Spiral in the middle hovering above. Each chair was occupied except one until Angel sat down in it.
“So nice of you to finally join us,” one of the council members said sarcastically. Angel looked up and smirked at the one across from him who said this.

“Sorry, I was kind of busy,” Angel explained.

                “We know,” the one a few seats away blurted out.

The one across from Angel cleared his throat as if asking permission to speak. “So, this Jeremy kid. Is he one of the-“

“Yes,” Angel stated before he finished his question.

“Does he know that he’s-“

“No…” Angel interrupted again in a weakened voice.

The one right across from Angel placed his arms on the table and rest his chin in his hand thinking on what to say without causing a scene. Finally he took a deep breath and sighed. “When are you planning on telling him then?” The council room stayed silent. The other members looked back and forth between Angel and the one across from him. Finally, someone shifted in their chair and spoke.

“Kevin, I don’t think…“

“It’s ok Autumn,” Angel assured her.  Autumn Fireblade sat back in her chair worry still evident in her eyes. She didn’t like when personal issues got in the way of their missions, but she couldn’t help but feel like she needed to help resolve this. She looked back at Kevin who was contemplating something.

“Angel… you can’t keep this from him forever,” Kevin said calmly, “it’s his destiny and he should have the right to know. I know you feel attached because you are one of the seven too but don’t let it cloud your judgment.” The room was silent again as they all waited for Angel’s answer.

He looked back up to look at all his friends studying his every movement. He let out a heavy sigh. “Fine,” he sighed again, “anyways, have you contacted Central city yet?”

“No, not yet. We were waiting for you big bro,” Cassandra smiled. Angel smiled back until he cringed at the pain on his arm. He looked to his left and saw that Cassie was standing next to him.

“Cough it up.” She said while extending her hand.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about..” He answered looking away to the other side.

“The popcorn, give it here,” She retorted. Angel sighed once more and hung his head in shame. Food wasn’t allowed in the council room for various reasons. Kevin Battleblood, Dee Hexcaster, Katherine Light, Alric Ravensinger, Fallon Deathslinger, and Ronan Dawn laughed while Angel was given the “no popcorn in the council room” lecture for the 3rd time this week. Hannah Dawn, Stephen, and Christina just chuckled while playing WizardBlox on their Kingsisle Communication System or KCS. Autumn and Cassandra were snorting causing the others to laugh even more.