Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wintertusk BABY!

I'm sure as many of you have already heard that Wintertusk (WT) has arrived in the Test realm. Many of you would of thought that this world would take a while for it to come out on the test realm, like in the summer, BUT KI surprised many of us by releasing it into the test realm when we least expected it.

I love Wintertusk! So far, it is my favorite world in the Spiral. I especially love how they made Grandmother Raven.

You can read more about the updates here: Introducing Wintertusk!

I'm just going to highlight some of the updates that I like--
Roaming mouts! --
Bouncing kitty

Ice Dragon! He was deciding if he should eat me or Piggly O_o. I love questing in Wintertusk!

New pets and new Spells! Loving all of them and their mixes! Although they should of gotten NEW talents, but I guess it's ok :)

At the Final instance in Wintertusk. Ymir, the Ice Titan, was behind me. I was kind of nervous that he would wake up from the flash of the camera and Piggly was getting ready to run. Thanks SorceressMiklai and Alric Ravensinger for letting quest with you through the last instance. Ymir is HUGE! Thank you Kingsisle for making Wintertusk my FAVORITE world so far, keep it up! :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Spiral Mission: Protector of the Lore [Chapter 3]

Chapter 3
Arctuno Aluminus Mundos

“Whooo are you?” said the figure. I stayed silent in fear as the shadow became clearer. I stared at it and rubbed my eyes to confirm what I believed to be a very large owl. I opened my mouth as to say something but the owl interrupted me “You have no business here, go away.”
    “But, I don’t know how. I just fell through that wall and-“

“What is your name, wizard?”

                “Jeremy, uh Jeremiah Wildred” I nervously answered.  “Wildred huh, you’re a Life student correct?” The large owl said while he pondered. I nodded and then the owl spoke while he was gazing into the glowing crystal above “Interesting.”

                “Um, excuse me, but I don’t remember you saying your name”

“My name is Gamma, the owl, I was Merle Ambrose’s pet and longtime friend”

                “Wait Ambrose, as in the legendary Headmaster Ambrose? “

“Correct young wizard. Merle and I would guide other wizards in Wizard City. However, since Merle has passed magic is not as graceful as it used to be. Magic in essence is a gift that we must all cherish, but these are dark times and the meaning and understanding off all life and magic is at stake.”

                “What are you talking about? There hasn’t been any evil going on in the spiral for 150 years! My teacher says that the Spiral has not experienced this type of peace in centuries.”

“That is where you’re wrong young wizard. A very powerful dark force shall gain power, and I fear not even Headmaster Falmea can stop it.”

“Dark force? Gamma, what dark force? Tell me!”  Gamma didn’t answer my question, he was just staring at the glowing crystal up in the ceiling. “Do you see that crystal Jeremy?” He said. “Yes, I can” I answered. “Well this crystal used to show the entire map of the spiral, only one other map of the spiral exists, and that is in the District of the Stars in Celestia, the only thing that could make the crystal show the map is an ancient relic of the Knights, an ancient spell deck that they would bestow upon an apprentice.”

“Wait, this thing?” I took out the box out of bag and showed it to Gamma. He looked in awe at the box and then into my eyes and back at the spell deck. “That is it. How did you get it?” He said still in shock. “My friend’s grandfather, Angel, gave it to me”

“Angel, Angel Winterbreeze?”

“I think that’s his name, yea” I said while Gamma was still looking at the spell deck. 

“Very interesting, in any case we must turn on the map. Jeremy, go use the book behind my, the BIG one.  There should be spell there recite it and concentrate on the spell deck” I nodded and went to the book, one problem is I had no idea what was the name of the spell , and I didn’t want to ask Gamma. Suddenly the pages turned at such a speed that I couldn’t keep track of the page numbers, then it stopped an there on the page was a spell called The Light of Knowledge, I concentrated on the spell deck and spoke the incantation 

“Arctuno Aluminus Mundos” Suddenly the spell deck started shaking and glowing I let it go but it stayed floating vibrating faster and the glow became stronger. Then, streams of light exploded from the spell deck flying around the room as if they were alive and they were lighting the torches and candles one by one after all the torches were lit the streams of light crash into the giant crystal above and it glowed and spun faster. Then, it spit it all kinds of glowing light and orbs and as the crystal spun so did the glowing clumps of lights and orbs forming some sort of spiral shape. “You’ve done it young wizard, or should I say young Knight”

Monday, April 18, 2011

Old Ideas

I was just shuffling through my old spell ideas and what not and just decided It would be a fun thing to do on a Monday morning. I hope you like them :).
Some quick Ideas on Level 54 spells meant to be added later on the trainable spells from current main school teachers.


Fortress: Shields all team mates from a -60% tower shield (2 pips)
Valiant Shield: a -80% tower to only one person (2 pips) [Looks like Golden Tower shield]

Re-balance: Gives Balance blades to all friends and weakness to all enemies (4 pips)
Adjust: Switches position of battle for 3 rounds (5 pips) [Switches who goes first in a Duel]

Reincarnation: Takes 450 damage and heals all team mates by 350 (5 pips) 
Instigate: Makes Target attack you and heals you by 600 over 3 rounds (4 pips) [Target cannot attack anybody else even in PVP also applies to AOE's]

Friendly Gift: Removes all Negative Charms and Wards from all friends (4 pips)
Stepping stone: You can view the hand of a Team mate for 2 rounds (3 pips)

Gift of Life: Heals target by Half of current health (4 pips)
Shine of Light: Gives 2 guiding lights ((40%) 2 pips)

Emission: gives -70% accuracy to opponent (2 pips)
Combustion: 450 damage to all and heal 390 over 3 rounds (5 pips) [Stronger Link]

Strength spike: Gives +30% trap on opponent and +35% blade on caster (3 pips)
Flood: Removes 2 Positive wards from all opponents (2 pips)

I think we need new spells that would make the game more interesting when Celestia comes out.....

When we beat Dragonspyre/Briskbreeze:

IceFortress- Gives Tower shield to all friends- 2 pip spell- 90% accuracy

FireInferno- Take 600 Damage to deal 450 to all enemies- 6 pip spell 75% accuracy

StormBombarment- Deals 500 over 3 rounds to all enemies-6 pip spell- 70% accuracy

LifeWildvine- Deals 560 damage to all enemies- 8 pip spell- 90% accuracy

BalanceInvisibility- takes -50% damage for 3 rounds- 4 pip spell- 75% accuracy(This spell would be like adding to your resist 50% for three rounds)

DeathReincarnation- Takes 700 damage and heals all friends 300- 6 pip spell - 85% accuracy(Its like sacrifice but reversed but you heal everyone on your team)

MythFriendly Giant - removes all negative charms and wards - 4 pips spell- 80% accuracy(Reverse Earthquake)

My friends and I always debate on wether or not we should have "Better" Minions. I told him what is so bad with the Minions we have now. He responded. " Most of our minions dont do anything but waste our traps and take out shields". Sadly I had to agree with him. And we also came up of ways to make them better cause at 3-4 We should be able to get better minions.

Ice Minion 3 pips: 450 hp
Spells:Frost beetle, Fire Elf,Ghoul,Ice Blade, Ice trap, Storm Shark, Tower shield(so instead of passing like it always does it would use Tower Shield)

Fire Minion 3 pips: 400 hp
Spells:Fire Cat, Fire elf, Fire Blade, Fire Trap, Link, GHoul

Storm Minion 3 pips: 700 hp
Spells:Elemental Shields, Taunt, Absrob, Ghoul, Spiritual Shields, Blade Storm

Life Minion 4 pips: 400hp
Spells:Imp, Sprite, Fairy, Unicorn, Guiding light, Satyr, Life Blade

Balance Minion 3 pips: 450hp
Spells: Balance Blade, Elemental shield, Donate Power, Weakness, Black Mantel, Fire Elf, SandStorm, Spectral Blast

Spectral Minion 3-4 pips:
Fire: 450hp
Spells: Fire elf, Sun Bird, Fire Blade, Fire shield, Fire Cat, Weakness
Spells: Ice snake, Ice wyvern, Ice blade, Ice shield, Weakness
Spells: Lightning bats, Storm Shark, Storm Blade, Storm Shield, Weakness

Myth Minions: 
Golem Minion 0 pips: 95hp
Spells: All lvl 1 Spells
Troll Minion 1-3 pips: 100-450hp
Spells: Blood bat, Troll, Cyclops, Myth Blade, Absorb
Cyclops Minion 1-4 pips: 120-575hp
Spells: Blood bat, Troll, Cyclops, Pheonix, Humongofrog, Absorb
Minotaur Minion 3 pips: 750hp
Spells: Elemental shield, Taunt, Tower Shield, Humongofrog

Death Minions X pips: 85-1600hp
Spells: Dark sprite, Ghoul, Banshee, Vampire, Poison, Weakness, Plauge, Blizzard, Death Blade

Sword of the Everfrost ( gives 1 power pip and one regular pip )
Gives 3 cards of Over Frost and gives 3% all Defense
Deals 120 and turns same damage to Absorb

Staff of Wild Forest ( gives 1 power pip and one regular pip )
Gives 3 cards of Gift of Life raises healing by 10%
Heals all friends 110

Graveyard Blade ( gives 1 power pip and one regular pip )
Gives 3 cards of Steal Blow raises Death attack by 5%
Deals 120 turns half to Hp

Staff of Judgement ( gives 1 power pip and one regular pip )
Gives 3 cards of Random Crusade raises power pip chance 5%
Deals 120 of Fire/Ice/Storm

Mythical Blade of Orthrus ( gives 1 power pip and one regular pip )
Gives 3 cards of Double Hit raises Myth attack 5%
Deals 20 then 100 again
Click the image to open in full size.
Molten Staff of Fire ( gives 1 power pip and one regular pip )
gives 3 cards of Smolder Burn raises Fire attack 5%
deals 11+ 119 over 3 rounds

Divining Blade ( gives 1 power pip and one regular pip )
gives 3 cards of Super Charge raises Storm attack by 5%
Deals 115 to enemy and removes charm from opponent

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wabbits Wabbits Everywhere!

Happy Easter! Or soon to be Easter. The new items in the Test Realm have been transfered to the Live game in case you have been living under a rock :). The new items include new Secondary school amulets which let you use your power pips for one other school. I think these amulets bring some different strategies into play that were thrown out before because of the lack of pip efficiency.

Many arguments have been made against these amulets in both PvP and PvE. I've seen that some people complain that these amulets make PvE too easy. Well, isn't that the purpose of crown gear to make the game easier and more efficient? Then there is the other argument of slapping on the 'NO PVP' tag on it, this one I am not against it, but I'm not for it. I've tested and watched their effectiveness in PvP, and Balance by far benefits more from these amulets because they are so 'flexible' which means Balance benefits from any school it chooses as a secondary school with these amulets. HOWEVER, those Quad ice teams pose a bigger problem.  They could chain stun WHILE stacking blades for the one hit KO with Frost Giant or Snow Angel. I think Vaporize will come in handy now(Dispels next outgoing Myth spell).

They also released something else in the Spiral, yes Mini Game Koisks are now in the crowns shop BUT I'm talking about the awesome Bunny suit! Some Twizards had some fun yesterday in the bunny suits :) and again, THANK YOU FALLON! for my Bunny suit!  Here are some pictures yesterday while we were dancing yesterday, unfortunately some Gobbler and Trolls were hanging around in that area so the wabbits had to take care of business.

Monday, April 11, 2011

My Spiral Mission: Protector of the Lore [Chapter 2 part two]

Chapter 2 Part 2

 Once I stepped inside I could feel some sort of overwhelming energy in the room, almost took my breath away. This was the first time I have ever been in the Headmaster’s office and I was kind of nervous. There was a crowd on young wizards in his office and books flying everywhere. I took off my hood and looked in awe as his office was just filled with all sorts of magical artifacts and spell books. I could see that he was busy so I was looking through some of the books when one of them fell revealing a small key hole of some kind. The hole seemed to be in the shape of an old spell deck with an indent shaped like a star, like the one Angel gave me. I searched through my bag and found the spell deck; it was an old box like thing with a coating of silver and purple symbols and big blue star in the middle. I looked back to check if anyone was looking and reached to for the key hole trying to put the box in. Slowly, reaching towards the hole and feeling like it was a mile away I finally sensed the box making contact with the key hole and quickly took my hand out and looked at it. I kept staring and nothing was happening, I stood up straight and let out a sigh out disappointment I took back the spell deck and put it back in my bag and leaned against the wall. Then, the wall twitched backwards and as if I was a ghost phased through the wall and tumbled on the floor. I looked up and saw that I was in a room with a bunch of books and scrolls and in the middle of the room there was this giant crystal floating still the only thing that lit the room were some torches around the walls. I stand up and try to get back through the wall but it’s solid as a Colossus. I walk into the middle of the room and hear a rustling noise in the distance. I turn my head and see a shadow run pass me and one of the torches go out. Then I hear the noise again then to other goes out. There was only one torch left and I run to get it but it is blown out too. I stood in total darkness looking and twisting my head side to side trying to see the person that was in here. After a few seconds the crystal above in the ceiling starts to glow and I can see a shadow in front of me with eerie glowing eyes.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

About Me

So where do I start? Hmm. Well, I guess I could start on why/when I started playing. I was sitting on my couch during a snow storm on December 19th 2008, and while I was flipping through the channels I happen to come by something about magic and wizards (I'm a big fantasy fan) I was actually one of the first commercials I think..

So I hop on over on my desktop and type away and I see this awesome site I said "This looks fun!" Me being a noob at MMOs, I have only played Runescape before W101, I download the game and I thought it took FOREVER. I didn't realize that other games take close to days to download. Anyways, the day I started playing I just thought the graphics were amazing and it felt awesome to play this. At the time they gave us 101 crowns to spend on what ever we felt like, and me without any know how on what was going on spent it on a crown wand that gave 50 ice damage instead of buying a beetle. So many months went by until I finally had my first grandmaster wizard, Angel Winterbreeze. This was my biggest accomplishment and I was very excited. After I reached grandmaster I got my brother and my mother to play this game as well, they both loved it but my mom didn't want to spend money on the game kind of like she does on Farmville, hehe. After a couple weeks 
I joined as spiritmaster1 then Arctic Wolf and then finally to Sir Winterbreeze. Sir Winterbreeze will be my FINAL name change because it's a contradiction, as some people know I don't act like a SIR I'm more of a sit back, relax, chill kind of person. I sometime think differently and want to go the opposite direction most people are going just to be open minded. I really didn't "fit in" with some of the Central members, most of them liked to bash me because I was lower posting rank. Anyways, one day while I was searching through some central tabs I go to the front page and looked to find other Wizard101 fansites and I see one called Ravenwood Radio. I actually thought this was a real radio station btw. So I click on it and I just see this play button and of course I click it, who wouldn't? Then I start hearing the "Oh no dear it looks like you've been defeated in battle song" and hear Leesha and Stephen talking about Wizard101 and I just thought it was the coolest thing ever! 

Then I hear them talking about Twitter and their Twitter accounts and I start to think "maybe it's like another Central" OH boy was I wrong. Speaking of Twitter, I am so blessed to be part of the Twizard community and part of the Blogsphere. I didn't know anyone on Twitter and just started following people I knew or heard of on RR (Ravenwood Radio) or I was kind of alone at that point and then Ditto said he would give a shout out  to his 100th follower and at this point I was ArcticWolf123 then changed to ArticWolf_ and then to SirWinterbreeze. So,, I was Ditto's 100th follower, and I was EXCITED and very happy to hear my name coming from Ditto. Made my day. The next day my followers jumped to 7 to about 25, I was still just tweeting about random Wizard stuff :).

 Then I heard about some PvP parties.... Me being a PvP person myself since I started exactly 2 years ago. I jump hop on over to my Ice and run to the Ice tower little did I know that I would be meeting some very inspirational people. On Central, if you didn't follow the Arena curriculum in the guides and follow the standards they set you were not a good PvPer, unfortuantly I had to follow those and brought that into one match at these parties. After it failed I tossed that whole deck build out the window, and started making a new deck for surprises and game changing "just in case" cards. I remember because with this deck we were stuck in a 3 hour long match. It was Me, Fallon, Diana, and I think Natalie on one team and Kevin, Cass and 2 others whose name escapes me right now. Correct me if I'm wrong because I don't remember. Then Fallon text chatted me saying that I was doing good and we we're making some strategies/combos and she was saying that she might fall asleep, lol Fallon. The aftermath of the match was being able to meet some very good people who became very good friends and I wouldn't be anywhere without them, not that I'm anywhere now! LOL.

Thank you for reading, and I love this Wizard101 community so much! Although there might be a few dark corners we all truly enjoy each others company, somewhat.  I love all of the #twizards and WAC rocks and just enjoy how much we all can come together and make this a great game for all to have fun. 

And Sarah the Sunshine Pony says HI!

Friday, April 8, 2011


As Many of you have already heard it's Mount-a-palooza! Which basically means a continuation of #Mountweek2011. A few new mounts have been released in the crown shop and mostly all of the mounts are ON SALE!! So if you're looking for a new ride head on over to the Crowns shop to test out a new ride!

Speaking of Testing, TEST REALM IS ONLINE (Thank you Kevin Battleblood)!

Test the new Amulets!

We're putting the Test Realm up for a few days to test some new Amulets! We're very excited to introduced these Amulets that will let you use Power Pips for a school outside of your main school of focus!

These Amulets can be purchased in the Test Realm Crown Shop only, and we invite you to test them in regular duels and player vs player duels. Purchase the Amulet that corresponds to your secondary or tertiary school (not your primary school) so that Power Pips can be used for those spells. 

We realize many of you will want to respec your Training Points for this purpose, and we have reduced the cost of Training Point respect at Mr Lincoln on the Test Realm. 

Let us know what you think on our Test Realm section of the Message Boards.

It's going to be a fun weekend for sure! Friday, Friday, gonna log into test on Friday!

Monday, April 4, 2011

My Spiral Mission: Protector of the Lore [Chapter 2 part one]

Chapter 2: part one
Over the bridge and through the Commons

As I stepped out of the library I looked up and saw the beauty of the sky and the evergreen trees of the lush Commons.  As I pass the entrance of the Pet Pavilion I can hear Old Mr. Barker up to his old tricks and giving the new players the Worms-in-a-can toy that the Headmaster gave him.  I got off the bridge and I dashed for the Headmaster’s house when I tripped on an old box laying on the road. “What the heck?” I murmured while looking at the box and where it came from. There was an old wheel cart stand thing just off the side of the road. It was completely empty except for a doll and a sign that said “Zeke & Eloise’s Spiral Goodies.” I examined the sign and tried to remember who Zeke or Eloise was. I stood there for 5 minutes and just gave up and walked to the Headmaster’s house, I didn’t want to trip over something again. I finally reached the steps of the Headmaster’s house when a cold wind picked up. The hair on the back of my neck stood up, I shivered as the tingling feeling swept throughout my entire body and for a split second I could see my breath. As I froze there I could hear a faint whisper “Careful… In there…” Then all of sudden it stopped, back to the normal warmth of Central city. I looked around and I didn’t see any Ice wizard at all nearby, they were all helping the Wintertusk Glacier meltings. I took a deep breath, and entered the Headmaster’s house, still with that warning given to me.