My Spiral Mission Story

[Discontinued Until Further Notice]

Takes place 150 years since Morganthe's defeat. The current Ravenwood teachers have since passed, and new ones have been put in their place, yes even Merle has passed. Wizard city has been renamed Central city due to the new Headmaster's orders. Morganthe tried to make herself immortal with a forbidden spell but backfired thanks to a group of wizards who stopped her and they became immortal. A new generations of wizards have risen and now must step in and follow in the footsteps of their elders. However, what happens when things don't go as planned? Discover the ancient secrets that Bartleby, Merle, and Grandmother Raven wanted to remain secret. Follow the story of a young wizard and his journey to defend the Spiral and protect the lore.

Chapter 6: Party Time!

Chapter 7: Family

Chapter 8: Where am I?

Chapter 9: Home

Chapter 10: The Council

Chapter 12: Classroom 14B

Chapter 13: The Note

Chapter 14: Mission

Chapter 15: Fire & Ice

Chapter 16: Enter the Arena

Chapter 17: Hatakes vs Angels

Chapter 18: On With the Hunt

Chapter 19: Lord Raidon

Chapter 20: The Truth

Chapter 21: Hard Goodbyes

Chapter 22: Chance Encounter

Chapter 23: Mothers

Chapter 24: From Apprentice to Knight

Chapter 25: Life vs Death