Friday, October 26, 2012

Dinosopia Thoughts.

Azteca... My thoughts when I first read the name I thought it would be a side world much like Wysteria. I never imagined that Kingsisle would release almost 3 main worlds in a 14 month period along with another game. In the age before Celestia this was unthinkable because it was almost 2 years before we even saw Celestia. Anyways, back to Azteca. From the pictures itself, it intrigued me just a little. I decided to look up on some information at your regular Central and Twitter and saw many tweets and posts from several players about this new world. Level to 90, new spells, and the rest of the entire packet. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy that KingsIsle is still being active and updating Wizard101, but I just don't feel that dumping more and more content for players to grind through is what makes the game fun. I don't know, I don't want to be the one that says that "This update is horrible! Take it back" because it's not and I have a feeling that some of the hardcore players have been asking for more content, but what about the casual players? Wouldn't it be better to just fix the issues at hand and making the current game funner to the rest of the players? Maybe add extra fun "out of battle" spells so wizards who don't like battling monsters can have some fun. Or just expanding on puzzles for the home or something like that. Personally, I just feel that maybe having players grind through 30 levels in almost a year time with new spells and quests and furniture and other stuff to do might be a little overwhelming. 

Now don't go knocking on my door with a mob of angry wizards who are saying "How dare you! We've been waiting for this amount of content!" I don't know, after the grind of Avalon I did not want to continue with my other characters. I think the farthest I got is my Ice and Balance to the point of the new spells I just wanted to have. I can't imagine what Azetca would be. The only thing that I'm really interested in was the "mysterious helper" Morganthe has. I like the style of the world too from the pictures and from the videos I really like the music they had. The spell animations look nice I just, I don't know, I would of loved that they did something different than just do damage. Maybe new spell effects? Please don't take this as me complaining about this new update. I do like that they're updating the game just, well, I just don't know. Sorry this might not be the "formal blog posts" that you guys might be expecting from me, but I'm just not like that so you'll just have to suffer lol.

I related news I received my P101 map with the clues and puzzle codes... Yeah, I'll leave that to my younger sister to solve and when she does I'll give her the code for whatever it is. I still haven't looked up what it is. I think I'll quest in the Spiral once again when I have time when there are no Pandas running around (Some will know what that is) until then all! 

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